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  1. The dispensers are called UV-5-08. Seems they are only available in 1/72 and 1/48 from an outfit called A² -squared: https://www.scalemates.com/de/search.php?fkSECTION[]=Kits&q=Mikoyan+MiG-29+Fulcrum+UV-5-08* So for 1/32 you will have to scratch build them. They don't look too complicated shape wise so maybe that's an option for you. Cheers Markus
  2. Cool, I will look forward to a future release then. Thanks, much appreciated 👍 Cheers Markus
  3. Hi Kursad, would you consider to add an option for an 357th FS A-10C? I really like the yellow markings on the gray jet and want to build one badly but no decal manufacturer has ever done these markings Cheers Markus
  4. Best of luck but I fear you will wait forever if you try to get them from GWH directly. I've read a few threads regarding their spare service and bottom line is...there is none. They used to take spare parts request through their Facebook page but since 2015 this page is deserted. So the best advise regarding GWH kits is to check the kit content immediately and if necessary, try to get replacements through the shop you purchased the kit from or the distributor. Otherwise, return the kit. Please, this is not to bash GWH, I have a few kits from them and they are generally gorge
  5. Well, I think we should be a bit more lenient with him. In one of his now deleted posts he talked quite open about his personal situation where I got the impression that he is not exactly on the sunny side of life currently (ill kid, financial hardship (had to sell a large part of his stash), suffers from an older injury) and modelling is one of his few bright spots in life. So I guess that's the reason why he has so strong emotions about anything hobby related. Unfortunately he comes across quite rude sometimes because of it although I'm sure he does not mean it. I just hope his p
  6. Some of my latest aquisitions. I have developed a taste for classic kits lately as some subjects are simply not available as a modern tool and they are often still a good base for a nice build. Cheers Markus
  7. Hi Dave, that is the point I tried to bring across. While I'm sure you and other guys who served have such information they are hardly available on the net (unlike aircraft scale plans). I simply assume (maybe wrongly) that most modellers who read such reviews are not necessarily participating in forums like this and therefore do not have access to such knowledgable people. And maybe it is different in the US but in my little corner of Europe most people in modelling forums and clubs are just enthusiasts and not (ex-)service members. Therefore most of them never had (or have) the chan
  8. From time to time one reads about inaccuracies of Eduard weapons on forums but for most of the time they get "waved through" in reviews. I guess the reason is that there are almost no dedicated scale plans for weapons like it is the case with aircrafts or tanks (if you are lucky, weapons are part of aircraft scale plans). Therefore it is not as easy to detect errors with them except you really take your time hunting down references. If reviewers would take the same amount of scrutiny like on aircraft/tank kits or at least would check the basic dimensions I guess we would see a lot
  9. Hello Dai, your T-Bird came out great, glad you got replacement markings. Would have been a pity if you would have to switch to other markings as Royal Lybian aircraft are seldom seen built 👍 Cheers Markus
  10. Unforunately my T-33 is on hold since more than 2 year and at the moment I simply don't have much time for modelling (sometimes it feels like I'm the only one with this "problem"). Regarding the flaps, you could spray them aluminum without much effort. The flap interior on the upper wing could be left as is. If you look at the linked colour photo one can see that it seems to be zinc cromate green while the flap itself is aluminum. Cheers Markus
  11. Hello Dai, really nice progress on your Shooting Star. I'm building one too and found the fit very nice overall. One really needs to test fit some parts (especially the intakes) and maybe one or two swipes with a sanding stick on the contact areas but then the fit is almost Tamiya-like. The cockpit came out great. Just if you are interested, the interior colour of the flaps could be very well aluminum. This colour picture shows it (Link 1) and on this it looks aluminum too (Link 2). Cheers Markus
  12. Hi Dai, the early boxing should be correct. In this photo (link) of your subject you can see the pitot on the lower fuselage, in front of the nose gear. This points to an "early" machine, "later" ones had the pitot relocated to the fuselage sides (see the end of this article for the differences between "early" and "late" T-Birds). Looking forward to your build. Cheers Markus
  13. Hi Rafael, I did some research into this topic some years ago because I wanted to build some Fitters used during the Afghan war and came out with the following: Recce-config: Outboard wing stations: Fuel tanks or empty Mid wing stations: APU-62 launch rails only or nothing Inner wing stations: empty or bombs/rocket pods (to attack targets of opportunity) Belly: KKR-1 recce pod Here are two articles in russians about the recce Fitters in Afghanistan: Link 1 (describing the loadout of KKR-1 pod and fuel tanks) Link 2 (showing a pi
  14. Hi, GWH won't answer you regarding spare parts via e-mail. They handle(d) all spare requests via their Facebook account. Otherwise, if you bought it in a shop, contact them or try with the distributor of Great Wall/Lion Roar in your country.
  15. Unfortunately the Wayback machine approach doesn't work. As soon as you click on a thumbnail pic you get nothing, the original pic is lost. Odd is the right word. It seems the problem originated as the media linked the registry of the aircraft with visits of the Russian Foreign and Prime Minister at that time (via RP.net). I can only imagine that the words "drugs", "smuggling" and "Prime Minister" in one article was too much and made some people nervous. Maybe the owner of the site saw that coming and decided to shut everything down before he got "visits" from certain people.
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