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  1. Hello My friends, Here is my Hasegawa's F-14D Tomcat with markings for VF-2. Its for an article about weathering on the Naval Jets. Hope you enjoy.
  2. Another Masterpiece my friend...
  3. Hello my dear friend... Thank U for the kind words... The kit build has easy, nice fit... But the main problem is the mistakes on the project. Hobbyboss did a model based on the Prototype. So, the belly and interior parts are wrong and needs a correction set that you can get from AVM Models or Duarte Models. BTW its a nice model when finished...go ahead and start yours...
  4. Hello mates, I'm back with my last finished bird. Hobbyboss Embraer A-29B Super Tucano 1/48. A full article will be featured on a forthcoming issue of the Model Airplane Magazine.
  5. Thanks my friend, I'm happy with your kind words... Cheers
  6. thanks my friends... I'm glad that you like it...
  7. Hello My friends, Here it goes my 2014 production... 10 models, all aircraft in 1/48, the only Military is 1/35. Hope you enjoy, Greetings from Brazil.
  8. Thanks Let, about the wing tip tanks, I Fix it with a bit of CY Cement and Putty. Easy to be done my friend... The Canopy can be changed its not glued... Cheers
  9. Thanks my dear friends, I'm glad that you like...
  10. Excellent, love the detail of the REVO Pod... Cheers
  11. Superb, very nice build and finish
  12. Supreme build and Diorama...
  13. Hello My friends, This is my 10th and Last of the year build, Kinetic Kit 1/48, Resin seat from Avionix, Decals OOB, Weathering using AMMO by Mig products. Aircraft Homebased at Bien Hoa, 1967. Hope you enjoy...
  14. Thanks my friends, I just started another one, a MIg-23, just to broken my ocidental series ;) I have build so many USA planes that I will try to become a US citizen... :) cheers
  15. My last of the year... a fun build, Academy's oob 1/48 P-47D build... Markings of the Lt. Duane Buholz aircraft. Hope you enjoy, a Happy new year to all... cheers
  16. Always nice to see a Very well done bug cheers
  17. Very nice, what is the paint did youuse on it? my own is waiting for me hehehe... cheers
  18. no problem we keep waiting... nice work on eagle
  19. Wow, nice work, extreme makeover...
  20. well done my friend, weathering is great
  21. very well done my friend, my one just arrives
  22. wow... Jesse, it looks amazing, hope sse your build of the T-45 that you win on the Kitmaniac.com contest be build soon
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