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  1. excellent works, the shakleton is great cheers
  2. Hello friends, Finally after 3 months of a hard work I finish it. The Kinetic kit is a beauty, but needs special care on it. I use the Fightertown Decals and work with scrath building for interior. Hope you enjoy: WIP here: http://kitmaniac.com...om-kinetic-148/ Cheers
  3. very nice work, the paintings is great...
  4. Thanks all for your kind words; I'm glad that you like it... cheers ;-)
  5. Hello Friends, This is my last finished build, Academy kit, Pavla resin Cockpit, Eduard Zoom Set, Afterburner decals: Fabulous Fishbeds n°2... this decals are awesome... I used AK interactive products on weathering, excellents too... hope you enjoy: Best Regards,
  6. Thanks friend... :) best,
  7. Hello friends, This is my last finished build, the Meng's Ki-98 is very nice injected and a enjoiable build. I dont need sanding work, the fit is awesome. I use Gunze Mr. Hobby Paints and salt technique for the chipping. The pré-shade made with yellow color and covered by IJN Green. More pictures here: http://kitmaniac.com/site/?p=2244 best regards, Vini Pompeo
  8. Thanks for your kind word friend, I'm really sad about the right side door, because I dont cut it, it comes with the kit, its a mistake from Italeri and I did a thorough research about it. So, in the end its my fault too. Another thing that one friend tell is about the guns cover tape, but it is easy to be resolved. About the chipping in the rear fuselage is not metal is just an detail of the paint that need a retouch. as I say, living and learning, building and growing thanks for your comments, best
  9. Hello Friends, This is my first time here on Critique Corner, so please, be kind. This is my last Finished Model, The Italeri's Hawker Hurricane Mk.I in 1/48, the aircraft represented here is from n° 303 Squadron (Polish), flown by F/O W. Urbanovicz, Northolt, September 1940.I will use this Model in a little diorama about BoB. The Diorama is called: "preparing to test" an for this I use two figures from the set that coming with Tamiya Spitfire Mk.V. Now the Hurricane are ready to flight and I need to work on the ground of the Diorama. Hope you enjoy. Best, Vini Pom
  10. hello friends, thanks for your comments, are very important to my evolution... best,
  11. Excellent Alex.... love the painting and the FCM Decals looks great too cheers
  12. Focke Wulf TA-152C Hobbyboss 1/48 Hello friends, Today I wish to share with you my last finished work, finish him this morning, build Out of the Box. Hope you enjoy... Best,
  13. Thanks for your kind words my friends, Plano Guy, thanks for share your history, Is always nice know about the relations between crews and aircraft, an great huge for you and yours... best
  14. Hi all... Ok, First of all I have to tell you the history of this kit. The kit was from my friend Telmo, he start the build but not conclude it and decide put the kit on your spare box like a scrap. So I get it and try to save him, the result you coud see below. The kit is from Revell in 1/48 scale, painted with Talon Airbrush from Paasche with Tamiya paints... hope you enjoy... best...
  15. Thanks friends for your comments... now is time for another Wulf, the TA-152... cheers
  16. Hello Friends, I wish to share with you my representation for the FW-190A8 flown by Luftwaffe ace Hans Dortenmann in 1944... Paints from Mr. Color, decals Eagle Cals and Eduard Seat Belts... The build was easy, the Tamiya is a great kit. hope you enjoy, best,
  17. Hello Friends, This is an Old Heller Mirage IIIB 1/48 kit that I find on the scrap box from my friend Julio. The kit have no Cockpit, Landing gears and Canopy, I work hard in Scratch building, as I dont believe in a good result I dont take pictures of the progress, but the result is this: Hope you Enjoy,
  18. Hello Friends, We have good progress since my last update... Landin Gears are finished and placed on the Viper, that now is over your own legs... The ACMI Pod Weathered and placed on the right wingtip pylon... hope you enjoy... now just finish antennas and small details on the body of the Viper. Cheers
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