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  1. hello friends, Meng Models announces a new Merkava MK.IIId kit developed in partnership with Desert Eagle company... more informations here www.kitmaniac.com hugs,
  2. Nice job... great looking bird... cheers
  3. Thanks my friends, I'm so happy that you like it... thanks
  4. Great job... the chilean markings are pretty cheers
  5. Awesome Work my friend... This Fat Boy are amazing cheers
  6. Love it, the camo and weathering looks great... cheers
  7. Excellent Vitor... cheers
  8. As I said in another place... Amazing... cheers
  9. Nice work, I get this kit sometime ago, your inspire me to start it... cheers
  10. Wow , A really great work, in all details...
  11. love all, but specially the Mentor... cheers
  12. Excellent works... very inspirative... cheers
  13. You do a great work on this legend... cheers
  14. Nice work on a unusual plane. Love it... cheers
  15. Continuing... The canopy tinting are made using he Tamiya's Orange Clear, I like the result, is my second attempt in this Tinting Technique: After Aplication of primer from Mr. hobby... ...Start the Paint Job: The first color has the underside grey FS36375, after this I Applied the Upperside grey FS 36320, dark blue(midnight) FS 35109 and finally light blues Fs 35190... we have a accident on the current paint work... my Midnight Blue bottle fall from the table, a big dirty on the floor.... paint job finished: After this, Starting Decals application: the decals are from Fightertown
  16. Hello friends, We have some Progress, the nozzle are painted with Tamiya Titanium Gold and detailed with Mr. color Gun metal paints, the results are this: The actual Situation of the build is this: Kit ready to paint, but before the paint job I have another challenger... Tinting the Canopy with clear orange to represent the gold layer on the real one... I confess, I'm fear... because :shithappens: lets wait the result... Best,
  17. thanks for your coment Darren... this camo maskings will be more than welcome... detail edited, realy a mistake from Kinetic box... cheers
  18. nice progress my friend... love your display... cheers
  19. Hello Friends from ARC, Is time to start a new project, the first of 2012... For this starting project I decide to build a U.S. Navy F-16B from NSAWC(the famous TOP GUN) home based at NAS Fallon, Nevada. The model is the new Kinetic Viper on 1/48 that permits to build both single and two seater. I choose the Flanker Adversary paint Scheme, see below: for a complete Review see Here The kit: The paint choosed: F-16B NSAWC 04 is finished in the Top Gun 40th Anniversary blue scheme camouflage of FS36375 lower surfaces and FS35109/FS35190/FS36320 upper surfaces. Starting: First thing to d
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