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  1. nice job my friend cheers
  2. Stunning models, I love the SUFA cheers
  3. nice models Benner... 2011 was a great year for your builds cheers
  4. Hello Friends, A Happy New Year For all, many kits to build in 2012... This is my last finished in 2011, finished at 31/12.... thi kit is a very enjoyable model... with no problems in the build... hope you enjoy... cheers
  5. Dont Forget That U.S. Goverment are very interested in win the FX Program to sale the F-18E as the new Brazilian Air Force Fighter, Brazil wants to buy 36 fighters to substitute the F-5 and Mirage 2000 in the first line. The competition is very close to the sign with Dassault Rafale, but now with confidence vot from USA in Brazilian Industrial park the things could change. The FAB officers wants the Superbug, but the politicians in favour of the french because his financial lobby... Its a new time guys, the world change, the ancient poor countrys grows and the biggers need of him... now is tim
  6. All criticism against the A-29 comes of people that not know your real capacities... This is a combat tested aircraft by Colobian Air Force and Brazilian Cheers...
  7. You right boys... the seat is not accurate, the pavla models release a correct in resin... and unhappily is not possible build the M variant OOB... we have to do many changes... Ok friends... I back with new updates.. the paint job are finished... I use the Mr. Hobby paints the decals aplications are started, now I have to finish the walkways aplication... cheers the OBB decals are excelent... easy to apply on the model and not apresent silvering cheers
  8. nice build and paint job... love it.... cheers
  9. awesome job... looks realy great cheers
  10. nice jobs... but i love the Stuka specially cheers
  11. excellent job on the british's... love all, but specially the Lightning... cheers
  12. excellent job on the british's... love all, but specially the Lightning... cheers
  13. excellent job on the british's... love all, but specially the Lightning... cheers
  14. here goes some photos of the last progress... the Nozzle section have to be sanded, and the rest of the airframe have a very nice fitting... the pré-shading was made with red-brown to leave a impression of the dirty and oxide metal cheers
  15. Hello Friends, Just more one project, but in this case I just paint this one for a friend, he build and I paint it... A little history about the plane: The Me 262A-1/U3 was an interim reconnaissance variant. The most distinguishing feature of this model are the bulges over the gun bay area which were necessary to provide clearance for the RB20/30 cameras mounted in the nose. An arrangement of one RB 20/20 and one RB 75/30 was also used. A glass window located in the cockpit floor allowed the pilot to view what was being photographed. A few Me262A-1a/U3s were fitted with a single 30mm MK 10
  16. Thanks friend, continuing with nose section, seat and some details, hope you enjoy... cheers
  17. nice Air force display my friend, love your flight line the phantom looks awesome, cheers
  18. POMPEO

    Big "5"

    looks great,love this plane ;) cheers
  19. nice weathering my friend
  20. Thanks boys, nw I'm working on the airframe.... coming soon I'm back with news
  21. thanks Rocat... you words are important to my evolution cheers
  22. great progress on a really great project... cheers
  23. the work started by assembling the wings and painting the cockpit. wings had good fittings, no need putty. The cockpit was painted with a mixture of blue gray with light blue from Mr.hobby and details with various acrylic paints. Let the result: continues... best regards
  24. Hello friends, this is my new project, one of the few Russian planes that I always want to build, I hope to do a good job. For those interested have a full review here: http://kitmaniac.com/site/?p=1173 este é o kit: continues...
  25. thanks guys for your kind words cheers
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