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  1. I concur. If you look on the sprues, you see Accurate Miniatures stamped on them
  2. ******* spammers

  3. Hi guys, Back to the hobby after 10 years away, so excuse my noobness. This is a question for any Aussie modellers out there. Is Future available in Australia? I understand its sold under different names around the world. If its not available in the supermarkets here, is there another acrylic floor polish you guys use or do you just use a clear coat? Cheers,
  4. Thanks for the welcome and quick replies guys!
  5. Hi guys, Back to the hobby after a 10 year sabbatical... Ive started building my first armor kit, a Tamiya 1/35 Challenger. It comes with the vinyl tracks. Is it ok to airbrush acrylics over them, or would you just leave them as they are, and just weather them with a bit of rust and drybrushing? Thanks for any advice
  6. Nice job! Can you take off the fairing so we can see whats under the ninja's hood?
  7. G'day, Do you brush on the tamiya liquid primer or do you use your airbrush??
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