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    Modern jets (especially Rafale, M2000, Navy fighters and Su27 family) in 1/48 scale
  1. Wow impressive work, thanks for all your tips ! It may have already been mentioned in the forum but where can we get such small magnets? Best regards nicolas
  2. Froggy

    Got 'em!

    Hello Please check your PM Cheers
  3. Froggy

    Anyone have Replic magazine # 190

    Hi Larry, I have just sent you the article in 3 emails. I hope it will be ok for you Cheers Nicolas
  4. Froggy

    Anyone have Replic magazine # 190

    I am your guy, I'll scan it for you tomorrow. Please PM me your email adress Cheers Nicolas
  5. Froggy

    New Fightertown Jolly Rogers Tomcats

    Very nice!! Is it tailored for Hasegawa or Hobbyboss? Cheers
  6. Froggy

    Italeri 1/48 AH-1W Cobra

    I am starting the same kit and I am very interested in the details you've added in the cockpit especially the rails for the helmet! Do you have any detailed pictures of those (and the cockpit) as I am struggling to find some on internet ? Cheers
  7. Froggy

    Italeri 1/48 AH-1W Cobra

    Hi Phil This thread is really awesome. Any update?
  8. Froggy

    Good shop in Kuala Lumpur?

  9. Hi everyone, I am going to Malaysia for a business trip and I wanted to know if there were some good shops in Kuala Lumpur....just to plan the size of the suitcase I need to take :whistle:/> Thanks for your kind answers Nicolas
  10. Froggy

    Squadron Sale!

    Same for me for shipping to Europe. I know it is not there fault but still, I think the US retailers will lose some overseas customers! That is sad !
  11. Froggy

    KittyHawk 1/48 Jaguar A from the box

    Wow, impressive build!!!!!!
  12. Froggy

    1/48 Hasegawa F-18C 30th Anniversary

    Wow, fantastic start! And thanks for the tip regarding the saw !!! Cheers
  13. Froggy

    1/48th Su-30 MKI Demo Bird, 'Blue 02'

    Veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice!!!!!