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  1. Thank you very much John! That helps a lot! 😉
  2. RF-4E Phantom II `501SQ Final Year 2020` (Forest Camouflage) (Plastic model) Images List (1999.co.jp) 😉
  3. Hello together, I´m searching for scale plans, blueprints, 3views etc for the drop tanks (230 Gal & 100 Gal) & the underwing pylons used on the Hawker Hunter (Trainer Variant). I hope someone can help me, I´ve searched already but had not really luck. 😞 Kind regards, Carlo
  4. Guys, I´m interested in good references about the T-1 also. So if someone got something...
  5. Hello together, I´m searching for good references for the paint shemes used on the T-34C Turbo Mentor. I´m not searching for anni paints etc, only for them used in normal operation. Best would be all side views etc... Thanks in advance, Carlo
  6. Maybe a bit off topic, but anyone got good 3 views etc from the Mirage III 2 seaters?
  7. As far as I know, only Brazil had the 2 seat Mirages in blue....
  8. Hello dear ARC forum members, I need for a project good references for the 2 seat Mirages (Mirage IIIB, BS, BJ, D, DS). Anyone got good 3 views, drawings or something like that what he would share with me please? kind regards, Carlo
  9. Hello all, I need some help. Anyone got some plans of the camo version of the IDF Mirage IIIBJ?
  10. I would suggest you also to make it with a centerline tank, both outer wing stations and one mounted with a ACMI pod.
  11. there is nmothing about the Gloster Meteor T.7 :-(
  12. Hello together, I´m searching for detailed infos about the stenceling on the Meteor Trainers. I hope that someone here can help me....
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