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    Who am I? Well I'm me of coarse!<br /><br />Hi from Middle Earth (NZ), my name's Bradley and I'm an avid modeller that's been making the plastic fantastics since a young age.<br /><br />My hobby was the bain of my parents existance when I was younger due to the fact my homework took 2nd fiddle to researching aircraft & models, but don't worry I graduated.<br /><br />It was only about 8 years ago that I actually started taking modelling seriously instead of treating them like toys. Started using proper paints & markings, masking tape and weathering effects. Brought my first airbrush in 2005 and now own a nice Chrome Tamiya HB airbrush.<br /><br />I own my own home so my garage is my model workshop after my son Edge Curtiss (P-40 :p) White was born recently and I was ejected from inside, but works well since I have my ping pong table out there and good ventilation.
  1. I've used it and works pretty good all in all, although I've only got thin superglue on hand. Thick stuff would be easier. Because of this I fill the recess with talcom powder and drip some thin CA in. It dries nigh instantly and is much easier to sand. Some people also use weathering powder so it's colored and you can see where you've sanded.
  2. The airfix Spitfire was the only one I finished last year.
  3. Now that's taking personalisation to a whole new level. Brilliant idea.
  4. I too fall into the shameful empty year catagory.
  5. I always wondered if those Easter Island heads were actually tombs for previous chiefs. That or they were giant mugs turned upside down once finished.
  6. You shouldn't look a great leader in the mouth, but can he eat a snickers in one bite?
  7. Have to be honest, I was expecting a TBF Avenger lol
  8. Oh now this is impressive. I have this in my stash waiting to be built but want some different decals. Don't suppose you want to part with a couple markings?
  9. Roger that Milly Vanilly Chilly Willy! Topper Out! I must rewatch that movie, it's such a dag.
  10. *sings Paint it Black* A good neutral wash helps to break up the starkness of a black coat. Try Mig Pigments neutral wash or make a light grey wash when doing panel weathering.
  11. Tamiya laquer thinner works pretty good but is more expensive. I use hardware brand thinner but it's pretty aggresive and flashes off quick, but that suits me as it dries faster. You become accustomed to it.
  12. So it wasn't just mine huh? Random. Buying some small clear jars could work, make sure you mark them accordingly.
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