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  1. We have 12 computers at home with two separate networks including two separate servers, double routers and a DMZ. I am the "lucky" sysadm. The grownup network is now phasing out XP which thus becomes my LAST Microsoft OS... I've worked with MS products (at work and at home/own business) since 1987 - and the first thing that comes to mind when I think of MS is a classical one-liner: "Microsoft - makes the grass grow green" :bandhead2:/> . In the grownup net we have two PC with XP SP3 that drive legacy equipment; one of these drives my Oki DP-5000 and the other one a peculiar kind of scanner. ALL servers and DMZ are Linux-powered; laptops too. Tablets & phones are Android. The second net has two Win7 one's my daughter's gamer watercooled monster and the other my partner's terminal. Both of them have been schooled into GNU office- and graphics applications. :thumbsup:/> Why pay Crapsoft for badly written software when you can replace it with far better written equivalent GNU applications for free?!?? If it wasn't for the huge size of the corp ("too big to fail" comes to mind) and the maffia business tactics they use they would have gone away a LOOONG time ago. "Free market"?... HA! :soapbox:/> Cheers, Moggy the techno-fetishist
  2. Hi! The "strakes" on the vertical fin are antennas - light grey dielectric material with a slightly lighter grey border :)/> Picture from the web - not my picture only here for study purposes ;)
  4. Mmmm... just the thing for my Il-76 in 1/72! A-monster strikes again... I'd rather have this GB during 2015 - my dance card is already full for this season :woot.gif:/>
  5. The Iraqi govt. (Shi'a) probably gets the Su-25 drivers from the Iranian (Shi'a) GIRC - that fly... Su-25s! Instant attack squadron ;)/> The "califate" fighters are hard-core Sunni; it's a muslim internal religious war (think Reformation vs Catholic in European history).
  6. Battlestar Galactica - Commander/Admiral Adama builds a ship of the line early 1800's in traditional materials...
  7. I have two Mi-35 kits waiting for BRAZILIAN and VENEZUELAN decals... Oh Plastic Gods great and small hear our cry!! :worship:/> :worship:/> :worship:/> :worship:/> :worship:/> :woot.gif:/>
  8. All of them! :woot.gif:/> Since I never know how long a project will take to completion - own mix colours need to keep as long as the hangar queen :rolleyes:/>
  9. There are two obvious shills with zero buys and no activity afterwards... :P Silly money - nasty trick... Again: decide in advance how high will you go and stick to it! :thumbsup:/>
  10. What a terrible thing to happen! You are in my thoughts; I wish there was something practical I could do for you. :(/> I hope your insurance takes care of the practicalities. I hope this fire doesn't hamper you too much in your studies. Take care
  11. Cool project, great scratchbuilding skills shown AND in the Gentleman's scale I'd love to see it live! Looking forward to see this project complete!
  12. NOBODY!? Funny - you must live in a strange place... Today 1/72 scale subjects are created by makers in a 50-1 proportion. Surely they wouldn't produce kits nobody would buy and build, right!? The range available in 1/72 is HUGE; in 1/48 is VERY limited - mostly ol' boring stuff as 345 kits of 109's and 190's and spits etc. WE build 50 1/72 models per 1/48... AND it has NOTHING to do with space - it has to do with all subjects in the same scale! I LOVE multiengined subjects; I build by themes. The size aspect is just a bonus; BTW my other scale is 1/32 You can get as much detail in 1/72 as in 48... It just takes a BETTER modeller with better skills. It's called modelling ;) We have this little piece about scales: "The REAL Braille scale is 1/32 - because the bits are so big even blind people can put them together; 1/48 is the DUPLO scale - for those with fingers too fat for Lego; 1/72 is the Gentlemen's scale - SIZE doesn't matter but finesse, skill and execution DO; 1/144 is the BONZAI scale - for those who like torturing trees in miniature..." :D Cheers! (with tongue firmly in cheek)
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