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  1. giacomo

    Revell's 1/72 Super Hornet

    My willingness to get some new kit is too strong, but I have ten unbuilt aircrafts in the stash, so it's time to give it a go. I bought Revell's 1/72 Super Hornet a kit when it was issued a couple of years ago. When I saw the postman coming with that big box from Hong Kong's Lucky Model containing this very model and Revell's F-22 I was soooooooooooooo excited, but my expression suddenly changed when he told me I had to pay a €10 custom tax in order to get the package. Lesson learned: NEVER get big things from extra-EU countries if you live in Italy as the risk of being taxed is very high :_| Anyway, today I started cutting the parts from the sprue. There are not many parts, it will be an OOB build and I hope to finish this model in a reasonable time as I have three aircrafts waiting to be finished since 2010. The kit is substantially a scaling down of the German firm's 1/48 product and as you may have read it shares it's bigger brother's same accuracy issues. I've never built the Hasegawa model, but I've read a review comparing it with the Revell offering on modellingmadness.com which you can read here http://modelingmadness.com/reviews/mod/previews/revell/04298.htm To sum it up: * The Hasegawa models are more accurate in terms of shape but don't have ordnance and the cockpit is totally bare. * On the contrary, Revell offers a detailed cockpit and more ordnance despite some shape and accuracy issues inherited from its 1/48 brother. Nevertheless, it looks like a Super Hornet. As for the cockpit, the detail is quite good and decals for the instrument panels are provided, and the ejection seat - made of three parts - has harnesses moulded on. Also the control stick looks nice. As for the fuselage, the panel lines and rivets are nice, although not as crisp as other productions. The decal sheet is a Cartograf one and is very big and nice, allowing one to depict the old VFA-137 CAG bird and a VFA-105 aircraft in low visibility livery, which will be my marking choice. The decals are matt and the film is quite visible, we'll se how they behave once applied. My only worry is that I already have a bad experience with this kind of decals which didn't resist the Mr. Mark Softer treatment. Today I started cutting the parts from the sprues and dry-fitted the main components. They fit quite well, especially the two main fuselage halves. Care must be taken when aligning the four parts of the nose area, but everything should look ok when glued. A bit of Mr. Surfacer will be helpful to belnd it all. As for the rest, it looks very promising. I'll let the images speak in my place! PS. I knew the Super Hornet was a big beast, but not so big!
  2. giacomo

    Your First Kit

    Italeri's 1/72 Tornado Marine, bought at the Italian AF Museum way back in the early nineties http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10061406
  3. giacomo


    The italianized version is "Gheddafi"...
  4. giacomo

    Hong Kong Post delays

    You're welcome! Another thing that might be encouraging: just keep in mind that Serbia is not directly connected to Hong Kong, so your package will definitely stop in some big European cargo hub (Frankfurt or Vienna) before being finally shipped to you! It would be nice to see which flights transport our packages, isnt' it? Good luck!
  5. giacomo

    Hong Kong Post delays

    Well, I can understand, also when I started buying online I was hesitating, but in the end I got used to it! Believe me, I prefer being a little more patient and wait some time for the items to arrive instead of getting them at the shop, where they are sold at a higher price: for example a cople of years ago I could choose between buying Tamiya's F-16C Block 25/32 at €55 at my favourite shop and have it in my hands at once, or getting it online at €35 postage included... what would you do? I preferred waiting for a month for the package to arrive (Christmas period) and saved almost half the price! BTW, good news: my package is finally "being processed for delivery to the addressee"! It took longer than usual... we'll see when it leaves!
  6. giacomo

    Hong Kong Post delays

    Guys, I don't think the problem is related to LM, but on Hong Kong Post. I don't want to defend anybody, but check the link some posts above. I think is all depends on the fact that prices are lower in HK, so people orders from the webstores and HK Post has more packages stocked and waiting to be shipped. After all, we all payed for our orders and the packages are also registered, so they MUST arrive! AFAIK, the Italian Post are COMPELLED to deliver registered mail so also HK has to!
  7. giacomo

    Hong Kong Post delays

    I just ran a search and it seems we are not alone http://www.dealextreme.com/forums/Forums.d...threadid.821881
  8. giacomo

    Hong Kong Post delays

    I just hope I won't have to pay some bloody custom tax when the package arrives!
  9. giacomo

    Hong Kong Post delays

    I hope so!
  10. giacomo

    Hong Kong Post delays

    Well, I don't think they are useless: all the purchases I made i the past could be tracked within a couple of days from the shipment using the code provided until departure from HK, and above all I could track the orders with the Italian Post website, which followed any passage of the shipment in my country. It took a bit more days to track only with a purchase I made in November, but it eventually left HK in one week.
  11. giacomo

    Hong Kong Post delays

    Mine is a Tamiya 1/72 Razorback plus a metal Pitot tube for the F-16... fingers crossed! :)
  12. giacomo

    Hong Kong Post delays

    Any news? I retried to enter my tracking code but the item status is not yet available...
  13. giacomo

    Hong Kong Post delays

    Thanks for answering Raymond! You don't need to apologize, it's not your fault, nobody can control the weather! B)
  14. giacomo

    Hong Kong Post delays

    Thanks for the answers! Yes, I do have a tracking code, but the item has not been coded yet. I'll try tomorrow and let you know!
  15. giacomo

    1/72 MQ-9 Reaper

    Excellent! Any chance to include some Italian AF decals too?