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  1. Stretching sprue means heating it, releasing toxins, probably such as dioxin. You need ventilation and an organic vapor respirator, we do this for decades.
  2. Our 2nd maine coon, electra, she is less than 3 months old. She has brown eyes, which is rare. Here is our first maine coon cat, Kirby This one was actually a Norwegian Forest cat, thought to be the predecessor genetically to the Maine Coon cat.
  3. This could be done relatively easily in fact, with a product called Frisk (dixieartdotcom). It is a self-adhesive backed clear film, it comes in a roll backed with white paper, and is cut out into shapes for airbrush masking. The adhesive is not very aggressive, so it won't pull up paint, but is only good for one shot. You could make some 'Tetris block" forms to cut around for repeatability. I tried cutting it free hand for some digi camo, here are results of the test.
  4. What color would the fuel tanks be on this jet?
  5. This would have to do with the way a group of the specific atoms arrange together or what?
  6. You know tungsten is the metal of choice for the frag part of blast/frag type weapons, everything from A2A missiles to man-portable devices of all kinds.
  7. Fair enough. In retrospect it's not going to do anything as far as keeping people involved in scale modeling as an enjoyable activity, sorry about that.
  8. I love that H&MS-31 Aggressor, the one with four grays.
  9. I see your point...however, I doubt in this case that someone would have taken a stand on behalf of the pharm companies, but I would love to hear the logic which does so...
  10. I think you misunderstand, I was railing against pharm ads. I am not affiliated with advertising, nor did I specify any particular product, if I recall correctly, so I don't think that was the reason, unless the mod didn't actually read the post and misunderstood what it was. I have read the rules BTW, but I will check them again.
  11. I was just curious as to to the mistake I made, so as not to repeat it. I was earnestly trying to cultivate a conversation, and was curious as to peoples opinions or counter-points. Thanks. Joe
  12. I actually expected to find a 1/32 Mirage...no such luck :)
  13. Personally I have only tasted flat black, not so yummy, but this is what happens when you try to scratch your head with one hand with an uncapped bottle in the other. I started with MM acryls due to less toxicity, now I use MM enamels with a respirator with organic vapor cartridge filters. I am not crazy about the acryls, like was stated previously, they are too sensitive to the various parameters and settings, not to mention how quickly my Iwata's nozzle would 'pack up' with solidified acrylics.
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