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  1. Hello, just some words to tell "thank you" to Chris. My A7 correction was ordered a few days ago and delivered today from Chris' small town in Idaho to my small town in France. Best regards to Chris and ARCers
  2. The new Furball sheet is advertised to be sized to fit Tamiya's F14. I remember I had to trim 1/72 Cam decals sized for hasegawa's to fit fujimi's cat, both are 1/72...
  3. That´s good news there is nothing like a gull grey over white hi vis Tomcat.
  4. Found this : http://www.brookhursthobbies.com/Product-Detail.cfm?P=SKUCAM32074&N=100 But 1/32 only... 1/48 please
  5. Thanks to all for your help. Since I have a fairly high stockpile, I think I'll be patient and wait for a new sheet from Furball or Figthertown if I cannot find an Italieri spare sheet or the old supercale one. The problem with the Italieri sheet : the yellow stars on the rudder are printed on the blue background. I'd prefer separate stars on a painted rudder. I'm pretty sure that Cam decals made an early 1976/77 black lion, but I'm unable to find this one on the internet (Even in 1/32 or 1/72 scale...) Tomthegrom : thanks, I've never seen this
  6. Thanks Brian and Phantom. I guess I should be patient... edit : just checked Microscale website this morning, no more VF 213 sheet...
  7. Hello modeling friends and cat lovers Tamiya's F-14 A is here for a few weeks now and the aftermarket community has already made some interresting stuff like new decals sheets for those early cats, I think about furball with it´s 76-79´ colorfull time frame recent sheet, but not a single VF 213 cat. I'd give two often seen jolly rogers for a rarely seen single black lion... Does anyone know if there is some mid to late 70' VF 213 sheet on the drawing board of a decal maker for a near future? I think CAM decals made one but it is not avaible now. best regards
  8. Ok I have a lot to learn about the huey. The squadron Walkaround is really disappointing. Thanks a lot again
  9. Thanks a lot Rotorwash all the pics I need ! I did not know that both XM-21 and XM-5 could be instaled at the same time.
  10. Thanks a lot, the very blueprint I was seeking. ;-)
  11. Hello gentlemen, i'm looking for good pics of the 40 mm "thumper" grenade launcher aiming device of the UH-1 c heavy hog. I've read all the books I have (mainly squadron signal in action, special and walkaround) but I've only found the M-134 minigun sigths wich seems to be different. Thanks a lot for help.
  12. This is the first time I see a complete picture of War Lover, Thanks Eli
  13. Thanks Eli, I will wait for a slated E from Tamiya at 1/32...
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