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  1. After a long time, I wanted to post another one of my works here. Recent comission built model. 1/32 scale A-10 from Trumpeter is a bit weird kit. Details like rivets and panel lines are rather nice, however building this kit was NOT fun at all. A lot of putty and sanding is required, decals are not the best really, but the end result can be nice. I used Mr color. paints for camo, FS36320 without mixing and FS36375 with a bit of RLM76. Medium weathering, mostly done with airbrush as postshading. Anyways, here is the model so hope you like it! BRRRRR
  2. Hi guys, I understand this is not regular post because most of people here are also scale modelers but just in case you know someone interested in this or any of you guys are interested, i`m building scale models on request. I can build almost any type of aircraft, vehicle and ship on your request. Here are some of the photos of my works, if you dont have Facebook or need any more photos please don`t hesitate to send me a message and ask for them :) https://www.facebook.com/Eagle-Models-487954174629882/ Also, if you have any additional inquires or need info about price
  3. Well known Academy Su-27 + resin cockpit + Begemot decals. I chose to paint absolutely everything and not use the decals from the set which gave better result but was a harder way and i wouldn`t do the same paintjob for a good period of time again. AKAN paint were used for dark and light blue but Akan red for Russian knights looks a bit too light so i used Mr. Color instead for red and white areas. Exhausts and bare metal were painted with Alclad and AK Xtreme metal paints. All in all, i`m satisfied with the result and it`s a beautiful bird so here are the pics.
  4. Thank you all, really glad you like it! @compressorman I always use oil colours for washes since i paint everything with Mr. colour acrylics. I use brand Louvre, i guess there are better out there on the market, but i found these to be pretty good, so i stick to them. Here`s how they look. http://www.violtan.com/articles/datinp/LB_LOUVRE_OIL_M.JPG I mix black and white to get tone of grey i need for different surfaces and work with it. There is also set of washes made by Mig Jimenez, also bought that recently and it`s pretty good (haven`t used it on F-4J but on one other model), has co
  5. Hello My frist 1/32 model, F-4J from Tamiya i famous Showtime 100 livery from Vietnam war. Model is built with a lot of aftermarket, Eduard cockpit, seats, exhaust, arresting hook, RBF and PE set, Quickboost intake covers and additional Mk.20 bombs. Decals are mix of tamiya decals and Yellowhammer set for this plane. Model is painted with Mr. colour paints as always. Yellowhammer set says that this F-4J had mostly loadout as it`s displayed on the model, 2 AIM-7 in the back, 4 AIM-9 and 4 Mk.20 with centerline fuel tank. Weathering is light, tried to keep it as clean as possible as i like.
  6. Unfortunately i don`t believe i`ll build this beauty any time soon so i decided to sell it. This is really nice package for anyone who wanted so bad that Su-33 in 1/48 like i did. So, here`s what i`m offering Su-27 1/48 Academy (don`t mind the box, it`s single seater inside) + Wind mark new and complete resin conversion for Su-33 + Neomega resin cockpit for Su-27 + Unknown resin exhausts for Su-27 + 3x R-27ER sets from Miniarm + 1x R-27ET set from Miniarm All together $115 + $25 for worldwide shipping. I would prefer to sell it as a set without parting anything.
  7. Fantastic F-15I, real inspiration to build one.
  8. First of all, you should know this is totally what if build so don`t mind numerous version mistakes. Unit markings and camouflage are for HH-60, but model was built on order and guy who ordered it made mistake and bought MH-60 kit and HH-60 decals so this is the result. Anyway, model is old Italeri kit, really bad one too, but with Eduard PE it looks decent and cool camouflage also gives nice effect on whole model. Hope you`ll like it
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