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  1. So those of you that have the kit in hand have been mostly silent, except commenting on how stuffed the box is with sprues. Can we get some first impressions or more? Give us your take on the actual plastic. Inquiring minds want to know?
  2. I agree with it probably being an F-105 seat: This is an ESCAPAC seat: And this is the ACES II as fitted to the A-10:
  3. Totally off topic, but Zoukei Mura is a class act in terms of customer relations, they go above and beyond with the little details! They also seem to ship on time and quickly. Now I've never had to order spare or replacement parts, but I hope that aspect is at least equal to the rest of their operation. I know their kits have reportedly had some errors, but their Phantom II's are great kits regardless and I am quite happy with them. In fact, I can't wait for the long nose Phantom's to be released.
  4. I may just take you up on that, it would have been difficult explaining to Wife 2.0 why I needed 5 Tomcats. 6 will be a real bear to explain! lol
  5. Oh and I decided to forgo the weapons sets. Turns out I ordered 3 Tomcats, not two like I thought. I surely don't need 6 of them, since I am still waiting on 3 from Victory. Plus I didn't really want to pay the extra postage for something I would probably end up selling or trading anyway.
  6. No thanks needed brother! I'm happy I could play some tiny part in helping to get this debacle resolved.
  7. I sent a number of messages through the links on Sincere's webpage and received NO response from either link. However, using the email address I posted above, I received a response within 24 hours. Therefore, again I HIGHLY recommend that anyone waiting to hear from Sincere, email them at that address asap.
  8. Glad it worked for you my friend! Hopefully your kit(s) will arrive quickly!
  9. I have now received (this morning) an email from Sincere Hobby stating that my kits are on the way, so I am "personally" satisfied. However, the others that are still waiting for the kits they paid for (Indiegogo, etc.), need to be satisfied as well. For those that ordered from Sincere Hobby, I can confirm that I was able to receive confirmation by using this email address: continental.skc@gmail.com. I recommend you use it and not any of the message links on their actual webpage. As far as the Indiegogo scheme goes, if there is any way I can assist those of you that went that route (I am a member of both of AMKs FB groups), drop me a message here. I will do whatever I can to help get what you paid for, although I can't make any promises.
  10. +1000 At first, I blamed Sincere Hobbies for this debacle. But, in trying to track down my payment information, I reviewed many messages from that time (May 2017) and Sincere Hobbies was AMK's choice for pre orders AT THE TIME and they stated they would need 5000 pre orders to move the kit into production. Therefore, just like the Indiegogo scheme, they bear major responsibility for this and although I can't claim that AMK owes me the money (since technically I paid a third party vendor), they surely should be putting a good faith effort into ensuring that those that paid money 2.5 years ago on good faith, should be receiving their kits. I WILL take this into account when faced with the purchase of any other AMK kits, rightly or wrongly. Just as I suspect that those burned by the Indiegogo scheme will as well.
  11. Has anyone here gotten ANY AMK F-14D kits from Sincere Hobby? I am referring to preorders and recent orders, if any. I have sent them 4 emails and heard nothing back, just want to know if they are shipping to anyone?
  12. Nothing from Sincere and NO response from the email I sent to them a week ago. So they will not be seeing any more of my money going forward.
  13. Thanks for that, that does help. Did they charge you additional shipping recently?
  14. Question? Is there anyone else here who preordered AND paid for the kit from Sincere Hobby? If so, have you heard anything about your preorder at all? The two kits i paid for way back when (In May 2017, as fortunately I posted in this thread (page 55 lol) that I had done so!) don't even show up in my account record. I guess I better try to locate the cc purchase.
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