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  1. Curt, if you or anyone else is interested, I have a NIB Kitty Hawk Su-17M3/M4, along with the Cold War Studios resin belly correction & p.e. engine bay doors, as well as a KASL splitter cone correction set, that I am looking to sell. I will let it go for $45 plus domestic U.S. shipping. Just the resin and p.e. sets will set you back $31 dollars and some change (exclusive of shipping), if you buy them from the shops. So I am letting the Su-17 go for $14! Let me know if anyone is interested by a pm here and I can ship as soon as payment is confirmed. I accept Paypal.
  2. 👆👆 All good points and well said.
  3. You know for someone who has NO skin in the game, you surely spew A LOT of vitriol. I get it, you hate the kit, the company and any of their spokespeople. Your dime, your choice. But, if you think your arguments are persuasive and will help to educate people on the "evils" of this kit, you need to get a grip on reality.
  4. You bring up a very good point here, with this line of thinking. I have seen SO many people point to this statement with such disdain and hatred, that it's beyond belief. For me the reality is what matters, if I believed every claim a company or shill made, I would have shot my wad years ago on Seamonkeys, Rogaine and Pen** pumps. The truth is you are exactly right, a company can and does claim all sorts of things, but some of us let the products speak for themselves. I didn't buy this kit on the strength of some dubious claims by a company spokesperson. I obviously chose to preorder and to ultimately (many years later) to buy this kit based on my previous experience with their kits and because I liked the subject matter. I get that people are upset with the fact that this kit is not accurate and not the greatest thing since sliced bread. But, (God forbid) a little perspective is in order here, this kit is build-able and for many it will make a pleasing build and model. I chose to keep my kits, just as I chose to keep my HobbyBoss and Hasegawa 'Cats. I will build them all, hopefully before I die, although that becomes less and less likely as the stash continues to grow. They may not end up being the perfect kit, but they will provide ME with relaxation and fun. And THAT is what I expect out of a model kit. Nothing more and nothing less. I am NOT satisfied with the customer experience that I received from AMK, which I believe is understandable. But, I also believe that I received what I paid for and the case is closed for me.
  5. The answer to your question is that Tamiya has been in business since 1946 AND they are a recognized leader in the industry. I.E. they have very deep pockets. The issue isn't really why AMK went with the preorder scheme, I think it is pretty clear they needed the money to get the kit out. The operative questions in MY mind are why did it then take another 2 plus years for AMK to bring the kit to market. The other operative question is why did they not use the intervening 2+ years to make corrections to the kit, in an attempt to make the kit live up to their self-inflicted hyperbole. That last question I assume, can simply be answered by this; because the molds were cut and they were not going to spend more money, when the kit is going to be "good enough" for 90% of the modelers out there. Remember most modelers do not live on these forums and the further they are away from the Western world, the less likely they are to be influenced (good or bad) by these forum comments.
  6. Let me preface this by saying that I did not participate in the IndieNOgo scheme. As I have made clear on this forum, I did preorder from Sincere Hobby. I am sure that my experience with trying just to get a status from Sincere, is indicative of the issues folks who did participate in the Indie scheme, would have had. I sent multiple emails to Sincere, just trying to determine if they had record of my preorder (since for some reason my account on Sincere's website didn't show the prepaid preorder), with absolutely zero response. In fact, I didn't get a response from Sincere until I sent them a threatening email telling them I was going to dispute my preorder purchase with my CC company (which due to amount of time that had elapsed, I am not even sure would have been successful) once I knew the kit had been released. I received a response within I think 24-36 hours then, but it may have been more a function of FINALLY locating the correct email address to contact, I went through like three or four. Either way I received my kits within a few days of that email. Now consider the lack of response and caring attitude that AMK has shown the Indie folks and imagine just HOW difficult it would have been for those folks to cancel their orders, when they can't even get a cohesive answer as to the status of their preorders. Again, they could dispute the order, but since it was made over two years ago, the CC company might not even allow the dispute. It's a crap shoot. I think the lesson in all of this is, stay far away from preorders. Being a LONG time wargamer, I should have taken that lesson to heart long ago, for there have been many companies that folded with preorder money, while the game was never to be seen. Ahh, but we live and learn or at least that is the way it is supposed to be! Once bitten, twice shy.
  7. It is my understanding that British free-fall bomb nomenclature depends upon the casing/tail, fusing and explosive, so it is almost impossible to know the exact name of those shown in the picture. Those are normally just called 1,000lb H.E. bombs, in absence of the exact nomenclature.
  8. Sorry to disagree. The U.S. Government classifies model kits as Toys both by the Consumer Product Safety Commission and by U.S. Customs. Here is an article that discusses age determination in toys and model kits are listed on page 61 under Interlocking Building Materials, as well as on page 201 under Arts and Crafts: Toy/Product Toy Subcategory Page Model kits ...........................................................Interlocking Building Materials ................... 61 Modeling kits/materials ......................................Arts & Crafts ................................................ 201 If one chooses to browse further, I am sure you can find a great deal more information on the Consumer Product Safety Commission's website: www.cpsc.gov Also, the age listed on kit boxes is to dissuade people from buying a kit and giving it to their 5 year old (for example) and it does not change the designation from a toy. It simply gives a guide as to what age the toy is appropriate for. At least in the U.S. ALL toys have an age designation on their boxes, regardless of what it is.
  9. Actually, whether one perceives scale models as toys or not, isn't up to the individual. They are technically defined as toys, no matter how much they may command on the secondary market. Just as a watercolor knocked off by a novice is technically classified as art right up there with the Van Gogh's et al. Classic Mercedes Gull Wings are still considered automobiles, as are Yugo's and Ford Pinto's. Value is another kettle of fish altogether and still doesn't impact them being designated as toys or not. Now you or others may not view them as toys, but they are classified and defined as toys, no matter how much they may mean to an individual or not.
  10. So according to your timeline, you should get your kit about two months after those of us who preordered? Shameful! 😔 You will probably receive it around the time the first retail kits arrive in stores here in the US. Lesson I take from this, NO more pre-ordering or Go Fu** Me/IndieNOGo schemes for this boy.
  11. What baffles me is how AMK can have one side of the model exhibit something and the other look like it was preliminary at best? If one wing was engraved properly, wouldn't you just transpose those details to the other side (assuming those details are the same)? I can't imagine the details differ from the left wing to the right. The engine nacelles? Perhaps those details do differ from one side to the other? But, again what we are seeing is an example of sloppy work in the design stage AND not indicative of a quality kit. Although the shape errors are vexing, I can at least understand how those could be a function of whatever drawings, etc. AMK may have used. But, the difference in the panel lines is just pure sloppiness and more indicative of a HobbyCrap kit, than something molded in 2019. You also can't justify those kinds of mistakes, since it isn't a problem of interpretation or aesthetic. I always said judge the plastic and the first votes are in and it ain't good for the incumbent.
  12. The only time this forum was locked or people banned is when the discourse devolved into name calling, personal attacks and outright nastiness towards others. I am not a moderator (nor do I ever desire to be one), of this forum or any other, but I think the discourse if confined to the actual plastic and what is or is not wrong with it, is perfectly fine. If the personal attacks, name calling etc. are kept out of it we should be good to go.
  13. Glad to hear that the kits for the IndieNOgo are (finally) being shipped.
  14. Just a WAG, but perhaps they removed it from preorders and are putting it in the "just arrived" category? Although it doesn't show up at all on their page under any category.
  15. So this was saved in my cookies, so here ya go! Also I believe the loss was due to a conspiracy to prevent us from reaching the mythical 300 page mark and someone from earning the promised two kits from Sio. (actually I really don't, I am being facetious)
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