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  1. madmanrick

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Martin, my friend! Good to hear from you. I apologize on behalf of the hysterical crowd's reception of you, this hysterical over-reaction is part of the reason I've remained silent for many weeks (months?) of this endless drivel. I am of the belief that once the plastic is in its' box, the pundits can have at it and if the kit is wrong in any area, they can expend many pixels on decimating it. But, until then it is an exercise in futility, as they have nothing but a few test shots to go on. However, it is what it is. In fact, many of the most vocal have NO skin in the game so to speak, as they have self-admitted that they have not pre-ordered, nor will they buy the kit upon release. They are just enjoying their schadenfruede and trolling. I DO have skin in the game as I have 5 kits on pre-order, 2 of which I have actually paid for already and 3 others which I was not required to pre-pay for. I am fine with everything, I am anxiously awaiting the kit and if the unexpected happens, I will do whatever it is I need to do. It isn't a liver transplant after all, it is simply a "model kit," which my wife so loudly tells me I have too many already. So stay well my friend and I wish I could make it to Telford to buy you a pint or two! Rick
  2. madmanrick

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    I have nothing but conjecture to go on, but I suspect that AMK molded that piece on the "turtleback" separately to compensate for the slide molding equipment. I remember a similarly molded piece on their MiG-31 on the top of the fuselage.
  3. madmanrick

    AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    Of course not, but when has Tamiya not been the top? (btw, totally tongue in cheek, as I look at my F4D kits, among others)
  4. madmanrick

    FS/FT - 1/72 USSR heavies

    Ernie, the kits arrived yesterday and everything is in perfect order! Thanks for the great trade and please let me know when your kit has landed? Thanks again, Rick
  5. madmanrick

    Fs: 1/48 and 1/35 kits

    Bob, kits arrived safe and sound, thanks for a smooth transaction! Highly recommend this seller!
  6. Kits arrived today, safe and sound! Thanks for the smooth transaction!
  7. madmanrick

    pics/info for American MiG-29's

    I am not sure that the USAF ever fielded an aggressor Squadron of Fulcrums. I know they completely disassembled the airframes they got from Moldavia. I also know that they (and other NATO forces) flew training missions against Luftwaffe Fulcrums. But, I think there are only two airworthy Fulcrums in the US and both are in private hands that I know of. This article may help though: https://www.airspacemag.com/military-aviation/truth-about-mig-29-180952403/?page=3 HTH, Rick
  8. madmanrick

    FS/FT - 1/72 USSR heavies

    Ernie, I have a 1 72 Hasegawa P-3C (kit #K15), that is complete nib, parts still in bags. I will also throw in some Brassin 72nd Aim-9B missiles, since I only model in 48th. I would like to trade for your two Japanese 48th aircraft (Val & Dinah). If need be I can throw in some cash, lmk? I am in zip 10010. Thanks, Rick
  9. Hello! I am interested in these, if still available: 1/48 Kittyhawk SU-35E 60.00 1/48 Kittyhawk JAS-39 A/C 40.00 Please LMK and I can have payment out this weekend. Thanks, Rick
  10. madmanrick

    SAMI Lancaster article

    Hello, the issue you are asking about is SAMI Vol. 8, issue 11 from November 2002. I have this issue, pm me and we get it sorted out. Rick
  11. madmanrick

    Takom chieftain mk.5/5p

    Hello! I am interested in this kit, what would the total be with shipping to 10010? Thanks, Rick
  12. Hello! I am interested in the following: 1/35th: Eduard M548A1 PE Kit# 35167 - $5 Eduard M977 HEMTT PE Kit# 35162 - $5 Eduard M730A1 Chaparral PE Kit# 35129 - $5 Eduard M49A2C PE Kit# 35124 - $5 Eduard M113 PE Kit# TP 015 - $5 1/48th: Pavla Models Resin Seat for SU-7/-9 Kit# S-48013 KS - 3/4 - $5 Two Bobs - F-14B Red Rippin Muthas Vf-11 - Sheet# 48039 - $10 Do you take Paypal and if so, what is the shipping to 10010? Thanks, Rick
  13. PM sent for A-7K, F-100F, Hawk T.1 and FJ-4B. Thanks, Rick
  14. madmanrick

    HpH Models 1:18 MiG-23BN Flogger - 2018 Release

    Just using it to create the masters, I believe. My question is why 1/18??? We desperately need an accurate MiG-23/27 family in quarter scale and I'd be ALL over even a decent resin model! Especially since building even a somewhat accurate version is going to require lots of resin corrections anyway.