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  1. So, quite a few months after the end of ARC's What If GB I've finally got one of my entries done! I've settled for Westland because, innovative though Martin-Baker were, I think a more established company would have been selected to develop jet fighters in my slightly earlier timeline than reality. Westland could have been ordered to stop work on developing the Welkin, but the Whirlwind would still have been produced in limited numbers to give the RAF experience with 2-engined fighters. As Westland had proposed a jet development of the Whirlwind in reality, maybe Westland could have
  2. Almost done. Should be finished later this week, and then on with the Supermarine Stngray. On reflection I think the Scorpion would have been a Westland product - my logic will be revealed with the final pictures.
  3. Further progress...... Camo pattern is based on that worn by Meteor IIIs and 4s. Tailwheel doors will be added after top coating.
  4. So, very slow progress here but I've made a bit of headway. No amount of ballast got the model to sit on its nosewheel, and the prop I'd fitted to the rear fuselage (Canberras were often seen with them) annoyed me. The solution? Make it a tail dragger! So not very innovative for Martin-Baker, but the Me262 prototype wasn't a nosewheel job either, and the Brits hadthe tailwheel Atttacker, so what the hell! Also bring the timeline forward to 1943 (the British accellerated jet development in the 30's and the Scorpion entered production in 1942 ahead of the more advanced Meteor (which would h
  5. At long last some progress with the Scorpion. The model's assembled, filling's been done and a coat of primer applied. The final shot shows the outline of the camouflage scheme. Undercarriage needs sorting and the whole thing painted and decalled. Only a few days yet and I'm not sure I'll make the deadline, but I'll try my best. No progress at al with the Stingray, I'm afraid. Unless this thread is locked I'll carry on posting updates and will send shots of the finished items to Steve Bamford for posting on ARC.
  6. After quite a gap due to family, work and other committments, some progress with one of my entries. Basic assembly is done, now the joy of filling and sanding. Parts used so far: FROG Me262 - fuselage Airfix Meteor F.3 - wings FROG Hornet F.3 - wing tips, sprue to fill the gap between the fuselage Matchbox Meteor NF.14 - tailcone, fin and rudder Matchbox Ju87 - optional long-span wing tips modified for the tailplane
  7. As promised here are the first photos of my entries into this GB. The first one shows a redundant conversion of an Airfix Spitfire Ia or Vb (I don't remember which) into a Mk XII that's been pulled apart for theis project. The next shot shows the wings from a second-hand Frog Me262 bought at a recent model show. Note that the fin/rudder is being modded to look something like a Spitfire 22/24 fin/rudder to keep that 'Supermarine feel'. The third is a shot of the Spitfire fuselage undergoing a touch of rhinoplasty plus the 262's wings following some filling and sanding. The final picture is
  8. This is my first ARC GB so I hope I can lose my ARC GB 'virginity' in style! 2 items are planned - a Spitfire/Me262 mash to be called a 'Supermarine Stingray', and with what's left over from the Me262 plus Gloster Meteor bits from the spares box will emerge as a 'Martin-Baker MB6 Scorpion'. Building has begun, and as soon as I can I'll post some photos. HJ
  9. I'm thinking of a Spitfire/Me262 melange.
  10. The What If? bunch put on a great display at Telford this weekend. Check it out.......
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