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  1. Hi all, Does anyone know what colour of Grey the French use on the Mica missiles . I’ve looked around the ‘net but can’t find any definitive answer? MTIA Scott
  2. In some sort of digital restoration effort the image has been altered to a point where the Grey has washed out rendering it useless for comparing colours. We know that the AIM9 is 36375, but in the picture it looks more like 36270 and the White portion is totally obliterated. The whole contrast of the picture is shot. The links I posted(thanks for pointing out they weren't working), show a colour that is nowhere near "near White" and certainly not Boeing Grey(which is different to FS36515). I was merely pointing out that 36307 was referenced to by Armycast on it's she
  3. That first picture of the F-5 is so over exposed on the airframe it's useless to use that to compare anything. https://www.the-northrop-f-5-enthusiast-page.info/Pictures/USAF/00881SideA.jpg https://abpic.co.uk/pictures/model/Northrop F-5F Tiger II F-5B in what appears to the same colour https://www.the-northrop-f-5-enthusiast-page.info/Pictures/USAF/00441.jpg
  4. The Armycast 1/48 ‘Tigers’ decal sheet has a Light Grey NASA bird on it. You can’t quite make out the colour call out but to me it looks like FS36307, which when compared to photographs of the actual a/c looks right. This is the same colour as the lightest of the 3 Greys on the Aegean Ghost scheme and depending on the light can look from off White to Medium Grey to the eye.
  5. Nice work on the missiles, hard to believe that you're a recent newcomer to the hobby👍. A-7 looks good as well, you kept that one quiet.
  6. The Dark Blue roundels are only found on F-16 Blk 30's of 330 Mira. For the 343 Mira jet you might get off with using the Light Blue roundels from the Kinetic sheet, however the Blue on the unit band is too light, although it might be passable. I used the Two Bobs sheet for mine, but that is probably too dark. I'm pretty sure the serial numbers on all jets are the same Grey, just that it blends in more against the Have Glass finish of the 340/343M jets(some 330M jets have Black serials). From memory the Kinetic serials are too light and more or less disappear once appli
  7. Hey Thanos, great to see you back👍🏻 How are you coping with all that snow? It was weird seeing pictures from Athens today with the Acropolis and Filopappou Hill covered in it, not often that happens. The only difference from a modelling perspective on the AIM -120C is the colour of bands on the missile body( training round 3 Blue bands, Live round 1 Yellow 2 Brown). Remember to use the short finned AMRAAMs with the fairing on the side of the body. As for pictures, there was a F-16D 52M at the A-7 retirement event loaded up with AIM-120/AIM-7 and GBU. Unfortunately
  8. This whole crazy saga has set our hobby back 25yrs in the UK, struggling to get any kind of supplies shipped here now, whether from the US, Japan or Europe.
  9. Really wish they would consider resurrecting the 1/48 AB212-ASW, that was planned a few years back .
  10. I think I might be able to supply these from a Kinetic kit I have, if you’re interested. Only other option I know of is Renaissance Resin RF48043, which I would be interested in sharing the cost as I need the outboard pylons from this set. PM me if interested.
  11. The Hasegawa F-16D builds up into a nice model out of the box, by adding some aftermarket parts you can make it special. Aires cockpit, exhaust, Steel Beach details/intake FOD cover
  12. Can't remember if I sold it or not, I'll have a look and get back to you.
  13. None of the above are even remotely close to being correct.
  14. If you use enamels then I highly recommend Xtracolor, not sure if a US distributor was found after Roll Models.
  15. In all the photos the ALCM’s look very much like 36270 to me. You have different lighting conditions on all photos, some in shadow and some not, however there is nothing to suggest to me that we are looking at different Greys.
  16. Happy Birthday Steve🎉 and thank you for everything you do to keep ARC running.
  17. Jet Provost Mk1, reminds me of Crazylegs Crane from the Pink Panther show.
  18. Personally I would wait until the guy in Mexico pays for kit and shipping before contacting the Ebay buyer, then explain.
  19. A ship is a ship and needs to be structurally sound regardless of whether it’s a training ship or a deployable asset. Looking at various photographs coming out of the ship, I cannot see the BR setting sail again. The damage to the ships systems alone will outweigh any economical repair, and it would probably be cheaper to build a straight replacement.
  20. Looks like it’s stolen a couple of CFT’s off a F-16.
  21. The error is easily seen on finished builds which have a Matt finish. Also if the problem wasn’t there, then why would Raymond admit to correcting the error on the TF and A/C mouldings?
  22. I would imagine that the vertical pipe is some sort of vent, another wise the bladders would create a vacuum as they emptied.
  23. Also be aware that the undercarriage, the inside of undercarriage doors along with air brake wells etc... will be gloss finish, whilst the main airframe will be matt.
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