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  1. Can’t believe my AB-212ASW suggestion, a widespread used airframe didn’t make the cut, but the F-16U, F-15XX and F-104 VTOL did🤷‍♂️
  2. For the purposes of modelling I would be surprised if anyone would notice if there were indeed any differences. I can’t remember how I installed mine without looking at it, but I think it was just a wedge in the bay. Important thing is that the LITENING pod doesn’t sit flush on the adapter there is a noticeable gap between the pod and adapter My own pictures
  3. I thought Eduard provide a placement jig in photo etch. Should be with the RBF tags. https://www.super-hobby.co.uk/zdjecia/0/8/4/2798_3_edu648028_instruction_sheet.pdf
  4. As far as I know Transport Wings https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/TWC48028 and the Revell EF Typhoon are your only options for Meteor in 1/48. Just to reiterate that the MICA missile on the wing tips in your picture is the IR version not the EM.
  5. MICA IR (and Meteor) surprised India were sold Meteor
  6. 36270 is commonly referred to as Neutral Grey as well as Haze Grey, Medium Grey and Grey, forget the name it’s the numbers that matter
  7. The cut line is below the Red line in your picture above, flush with the wing. I think the LAU-129’s you show are meant for the Kinetic kit, with the notch on top, but they’ll fit the Hasegawa kit you’ll just need to put an insert in there.
  8. The Tamiya kit is the go to kit for a F-16, however there isn’t much wrong with the Hasegawa either, it’s just not as good as the Tamiya. Throw some AM at the Hasegawa kit and you’ll end up with a decent build. IMO if you’re planning on building two F-16’s, I’d build one of each.
  9. Don’t know why the hostility towards CFster, he’s only giving his opinion which is EVERYONE’s entitlement on here. He wasn’t rude, he wasn’t abusive🤷‍♂️
  10. I’ve procured kits from The US, The Far East and within Europe, all sent to me in the UK with no problems what so ever.
  11. TISEO- Target Identification System- Electro Optical Just noticed I had it mixed up in my initial post😳
  12. They look pretty spot on for a freshly painted and clean aircraft.
  13. By the time you pay for sprues/parts/ decals and then postage, you’d just be as well buying the correct kit to start with 🤷‍♂️
  14. All Polish D variants have the dorsal spine, so you’ll need one of those as well, along with the para pack, all the various antennas, strengthened forward undercarriage gear and probably some more bits I can’t currently think of…. or buy this https://www.emodels.co.uk//kinetic-1-48-lockheed-martin-f-16c-block-52-48076.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAiJSeBhCCARIsAHnAzT96dS9bTVZ1N3Yu5TGdw2Y6QzeEOVcHR8lcLh_ZjKVGjY3Fxi9cqmsaAv9LEALw_wcB
  15. Wow, didn’t realise that these existed. Things have certainly came a far way with 3D printing. I’ll be ordering up some of the PHR A-7 pylons for sure👍🏻
  16. In my experience missile rails have always been overlooked when it comes to AM products. I guess most people always think about loading the aircraft[model] out with a max payload. I’ve not seen any photo etch or resin pylons that show the detail you describe. If there is such a thing I’d be very interested to hear as I tend to build my models with a normal day to day training load.
  17. I did wonder with the date, as I thought Future as discontinued years ago.
  18. This is what I now use. It’s probably better than Future, although I’ve not tired dipping canopies in it yet.
  19. That’s an interesting link, as they have you doing it back to front. I spray the hub colour first, then using the capillary method I paint the tyres(or am I doing it back to front🤷‍♂️). Not the best of videos, but you’ll get the idea
  20. @jens It’s still there, go to the last item under the F-15, “The next generation”, select options, and it will then let you choose sub set option SG.
  21. Thanks for the suggestion, but I’d only be clarifying what I already know, and it’s not like me or anyone else is losing sleep over it.
  22. This is lifted from a LM press release back in March 2009 from the delivery ceremony for the first PXIV airframe The Peace Xenia IV purchase program raises the total fighters ordered by the HAF to 170. The aircraft rolled out today is the first of 30 Block 52 Advanced F-16s being produced in the newest lot. So LM did recognise and use the “Advanced” designation, probably wasn’t commonly used Stateside as as you say all Blk52+/Advanced jets are FMS, however it was commonly used by Greece, Poland, Iraq and Singapore and has been used in countless official documentation.
  23. The Blk52+ and Blk52Adv are different,I cannot put it any simpler. The Blk52M is a local Greek designation given to their Blk52 Adv, which were delivered approximately 10 years after the Blk52+.
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