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  1. Hi all, Anyone on here built or have info on the above kit ie, recessed panel lines, fitment of parts, level of detail, quality of decals etc etc.... Also what aftermarket mods are available namely cockpit, decals. I have never built a helicopter before so not sure whats out there, any help much appreciated. Happy New Year to all and Best Wishes for 2009 Scott
  2. Nose looks ok, I think it's just the angle on the first shot and makes it look odd. This is extreme modelling, I 'd hate to see the size of the saucer for the decals haha...
  3. scotthldr

    f15 c eagle

    I use the spell checker on my Google tool bar which comes with manual and automatic checks. I'm not the best speller in the world either but I take a couple of minutes to check and rectify my mistakes so other don't have too.
  4. scotthldr

    f15 c eagle

    How far behind the cockpit is this panel? As the way you describe it as lifting up by the edge furthest from the cockpit would suggest this is not the airbrake. There is an avionics bay directly behind the cockpit(bay5). Photo of the airbrake deployed on landing http://www.aeroflight.co.uk/types/usa/boei.../f-15_eagle.jpg Photo of the Avionics bay 5 http://www.craigcentral.com/models/f-15c/images/f1508.jpg I have seen the airbrake deployed loads of times when the a/c are sitting on the ground No offence meant, but could you please run a spell check before posting.
  5. This is quite correct, I think it's just the later built C/D and E's that this applies to. The problem is you won't find many photos of open panels on an Eagle Try these for some reference http://www.33fw.acc.af.mil/shared/media/ph...F-0000P-003.jpg http://www.craigcentral.com/models/f-15c/d...asp#Const081505 http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/lofive...php?t74648.html
  6. I cut strips about 3mm wide from Electrical Insulation tape which will stretch into the curved shape, however with the tape being a lot more adhesive than masking tape I always allow the paint to cure for at least 3 days before applying and take extra care when removing.
  7. The actual build is spot on, however the runway lighting layout is completely wrong. The runway sidelights should be white. Green indicate the runway threshold(start of usable runway) and red are used in the stop bar(end of usable runway) both of which run across the width of the runway. The centre line lights are White except for the last 3000ft of runway when they alternate Red/White and are completely Red for the last 1000ft.
  8. Cannot find the 1/48th Yellowhammer decals anywhere, I can however find them in 1/32 which you could then scale down if you are desperate for them. Another alternative is to choose another squadron as I can get decals for most of the other UK squadrons.
  9. For the Phantom, I'm sure the only one on the go is the Yellowhammer 48-014 sheet. I'm having a look for you but these went pretty quickly and are now OOP. Will get back in touch to let you know. Scott
  10. All the Phantoms I have seen the Brake well is the same as the surrounding colour
  11. Just been searching the net for exhausts and the only one that keeps coming up is the Aires 4133 which is a Pratt and Whitney version for the A/B models probably a F100-220 maybe even a 200 version. Would this suffice for a 229 if the feathers where Carbon fibred or is there more differences between them? Scott
  12. The Isracast resin conversion kit comes with an intake so would obviously use that one rather than the Hasegawa ones. The conversion also comes with IP's so these would again replace the kit ones. Suppose I would just be as well to replace the whole cockpit with the Aires one and be done with it. Is there any good resin exhausts out there, and is there an issue with the undercarriage being bigger or would this already be covered with the DJ kit? Scott
  13. Hi, I'm planning build a 1/48 F16I Sufa in the New Year and was wondering what all I need. I have the Hasegawa F16DJ on order and was planning on using the Isracast Sufa conversion. Do I still need to use the Aires F16D cockpit to bring it up to date as I notice that there is Consoles in the Isracast set. What about the exhaust are the ones in the kit suitable. The weapons and drop tanks I already know about and can get these ordered closer to time. Thanks for any help Scott
  14. Hi F16, I can get you a set of these decals Carpena 48029 Etendard SEM/IVMP. If you want them let me know and I will work out the price/postage. Scott
  15. I have recently used the Cold intakes and can say nothing but good about them. The fit is prefect, engraved panel lines, detailed compressor face and good depth to the intake itself. If you can find them, then I would recommend these. As far as I know I got the last set a few months ago and the supplier didn't expect to receive anymore in the near future.
  16. Thanks for the comments guys. The Orange panels are recognition markings which were first applied to the Migs and Mirage 5's during the boarder skirmishes with Libya during the short lived Libyan Egyptian war in 1977 to avoid the Egyptians shooting each other down as the Libyians also flew Mig 21's. The markings spread across all fast jet types with the exception for some reason the Mirage 2000's.
  17. Finished today Academy 1/48 Mig21 MF of the Egyptian AF. Aires cockpit set, Quickboost correct shape spine and tail and the Quickboost air scoops. Decals Gekko Graphics. Thanks for looking Scott
  18. It would seem that all the info from the sheet has already been posted earlier in the topic. But I will throw in my views. I'm in the process of finishing a Mig 21 in the first scheme (with Orange panels) with a slight variation on the camo pattern which was taken off a photo I found o the web Anyway the colours that I used were Xtracolor Enamels Tan= X808 Afrika Korps Tan Yellow RAL8020 Light Green= X148 Israeli Green FS14227 Dark Green=X110 Forest Green Vietnam FS 14079 Light Blue(undersides)= X802 Russian SU27 Flanker Light Blue. As said before with paint codes, throw them out the
  19. Why has a 2 year old thread been resurrected, thought I was going to see something exciting? If someone is interested in this, I can post up information from the Gekko Graphics Aarbian Migs Pt3 Decal sheet which I have just used.
  20. Resin sets be it cockpits, engine exhuasts, wheel bays and so on are more highly detailed tahn the kit supplied items. They add that extra bit of wow to kits that sometimes lack detail. Good makers are Aires, BlackBox, Cutting Edge, QuickBoost, True Details, Neomega, Paragon to name a few. For the F/A 18D I think BlackBox do one maybe Aires as well. Google search F/A 18 Resin cockpit and see what comes up.
  21. The Mig 21 is the Academy MIG21MF in 1/48. Again getting finished in the markings of the Egyptian AF. I have used the Aires cockpit set and Quickboost spine and tail correction set, along with the QB air scoop set. Decals are Gekko Graphics Arabian Migs Part 3 GG48006. This kit was started way before the Phantom, and it was while waiting for the Gekko decals that I decided to build the Toom which was originally going to be finished in Hellenic colours, then I thought they would look good as an Egyptian pair and the Gekko sheet came with enough roundels and fin flashes to do so. The Mig on
  22. Not according to post 11 where he suggests that he would buy them if he could find them. Hope you find the picture Manuel
  23. Flightdecs in Canada have them in 1/48 as well http://flightdecs.ca/A_albatros_48.htm
  24. You do know that Albatros decals do them don't you? http://decals.kitreview.com/decals/mig21al...lreviewbg_1.htm Scroll down to Part 2
  25. Hi all, First post in here, so be gentle. Finished earlier today 1/48Hasegawa F4E Phantom finished in Egyptian AF colours, with Aires resin cockpit and seats, wheel bays, exhausts and DMold intakes. Decals are a mix of Gekko Graphics, Aeromaster and Afterburner, painted using Xtracolor Enamels throughout. Scott
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