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  1. In all the photos the ALCM’s look very much like 36270 to me. You have different lighting conditions on all photos, some in shadow and some not, however there is nothing to suggest to me that we are looking at different Greys.
  2. Happy Birthday Steve🎉 and thank you for everything you do to keep ARC running.
  3. Jet Provost Mk1, reminds me of Crazylegs Crane from the Pink Panther show.
  4. Personally I would wait until the guy in Mexico pays for kit and shipping before contacting the Ebay buyer, then explain.
  5. A ship is a ship and needs to be structurally sound regardless of whether it’s a training ship or a deployable asset. Looking at various photographs coming out of the ship, I cannot see the BR setting sail again. The damage to the ships systems alone will outweigh any economical repair, and it would probably be cheaper to build a straight replacement.
  6. Looks like it’s stolen a couple of CFT’s off a F-16.
  7. The error is easily seen on finished builds which have a Matt finish. Also if the problem wasn’t there, then why would Raymond admit to correcting the error on the TF and A/C mouldings?
  8. I would imagine that the vertical pipe is some sort of vent, another wise the bladders would create a vacuum as they emptied.
  9. Also be aware that the undercarriage, the inside of undercarriage doors along with air brake wells etc... will be gloss finish, whilst the main airframe will be matt.
  10. What version of the Mirage F1 are you planning?
  11. Do you think it could be an option to redo the G fuselage on it's own, at the same time as you start to produce the A/C version. Even if it was sold separately from the kit itself and involved extra cost to the buyer, I for one wouldn't mind paying to get the correct shaped parts. I don't know how much it would cost to tool a corrected mould so it might be a non starter. Do you have any plans to redo the F-5A/B in the future?
  12. 1/ Can you please clarify 2/ You don't think the largest part of the kit the fuselage, is equally important if not more so. You'll find that with most kits the areas you have mentioned are more often than not corrected by means of aftermarket items, your own Mirage2K-5 being one with wrong radome and exhaust which has been addressed by KASL. I cannot think for a minute that any AM producer will market a correct shaped fuselage to rectify the G's shirt comings and any modification to correct the shape by 99%of modellers(including me) would be a non starter. I don't k
  13. They weren’t day-glo, it was more of a Peach colour.
  14. The Euro1 scheme was used on USAF Phantoms ie: C D E G and RF. The EJ was used by JASDF and never wore Euro1. The JASDF did have a two Green /Grey scheme of their own with Lt Grey undersides.
  15. Yes but unfortunately the G version which I would imagine will be the most popular out of all the possible variants, will not be getting rectified. Despite what some say it is not an easy fix.
  16. Raymond, with the imminent release of the TF-104, are you able to share some sprue shots of the new fuselage?
  17. Sweet........... Stay safe while here in the UK.
  18. Raymond I appreciate you coming on and providing your input, something that other manufacturers don’t tend to do, so respect where it’s due. However and in all fairness, Thomas has merely pointed out a major flaw in the ‘G’ that is there, nothing else. I noticed this problem when I first saw the CADs and noticed it again when the first sprue shots were made public, so Thomas didn’t make me aware of it I already knew the issue was there. How the person/s that looked over your CADs managed to miss it I don’t understand? This issue is enough for me to consider my other opti
  19. Thomas, I’m inclined to agree with you regards the fuselage shape. From the first CADs and sprue shots the shape issue stuck out like a sore thumb, however Raymond from Kinetic said it was a trick of the light whilst photographing the sprues and was done intentionally( why would you do that, and doesn’t explain why the CADs show the same flaw?) I’m waiting to see some actual builds of the kit/s to see if the issue is there, but to date I’ve only seen the one build over on BM and unfortunately I can still see the issue.
  20. Is the Kinetic kit really that good? I’ve built 4 Kinetic kits, two have been very poor and the other two were nothing to shout about.
  21. What would be the best way to build a credible F-104G in 1/48? Cost isn’t really an issue but if I can get off from spending a small fortune all the better. I think I’m right in saying that one of the options below would be best. So weighing up cost against quality which would you suggest? 1/ Hasegawa with AM cockpit/exhaust etc...., 2/ Hasegawa with full DACO set 3/ Kinetic with or without AM
  22. Just to confirm what MoFo said. The missiles are cast as a single piece, with the exception of the IR version which comes with a clear resin seeker .
  23. Well from where I'm sitting that looks pretty spot on👍 Good result.
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