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  1. Saw the those pictures last night, but doesn't say if they are one piece or if the fins are separate. Have you seen these in the flesh to confirm? Cheers
  2. Hi all, Just wondering if the above missiles by Renaissance are cast as a single piece? TIA Scott
  3. A lot of the 480FS airframes have HG4, which gives the overall appearence a dark and dirty metallic look.
  4. Where on Earth does that even start to resemble a MiG-19, I hope the contents were slightly better.
  5. Are you planning on finishing it like in the photograph or as it would've looked whllst in service? Is that photo taken at Agrinio?
  6. I’m of the understanding that the AIM-54 was phased out in 2004.
  7. It'll be fine, I've not had any problems with my one.
  8. The odds of catching it and dying are low, however the odds of catching it alone are somewhat higher and believe me it can be a very nasty and debilitating virus to get, which can lead to a very long and hard road to recovery which may even cause permanent damage. You don't want to take the chance.
  9. I'm currently building the M2K-5F version of this kit, second time round and agree with Rodney that it's a pain. I had an early release kit(light grey plastic), to start with and the fit was so bad it was unbuildable and ended up in the bin. The second kit(darker grey plastic), is the newer release and although a lot of the faults have been rectified, it's still a pain in areas like the wing root, intakes and spine insert. Another thing that I find really annoying about this kit is you can build several sub versions from several different air arms out of the box, but there is no references wi
  10. Not my scale so not sure what’s available kit wise, but the recce pod is the Vinten DJRP recce pod which is available here https://www.scalemates.com/kits/air-graphics-models-airac-052-vinten-djrp-reconnaissance-pod--1196490
  11. Great eye for detail, this is going to be something special.
  12. Hi all, Wondering if anyone has had any experience or insight using Black Dog resin detail sets? I've seen them advertised all over the interweb, but don't think I've seen any "in progress" or "finished" builds incorporating them. I'm particularly interested in the F-16 sets in 1/48. MTIA Scott
  13. I've never heard of anyone succumbing to our hobby? The warnings on paints/thinners and putties etc .... are there as we have now become a nanny World where common sense no longer seems the norm and law suits ready to fly around everywhere. Obviously don't go drinking or eating the stuff and the only advice I would give is, when using an airbrush then basic ventilation(open a window) wouldn't go amiss. I build in 1/48 and maybe build two kits a year so the amount of paint that I actually spray onto my kits doesn't in my opinion warrant a mask or spray booth, but I can see the benefits if you
  14. For someone that’s new to the hobby, that’s some seriously impressive work.👍🏻
  15. At least on the AMK thread they finally have the product to cast doubt upon.
  16. This saga has been ongoing since 2008, when he first announced the Egyptian and a Hellenic RF sheet....................... however other options are out there.
  17. Trailing edge and rear stabs can be found either up or down, depending on where the pilot left the stick. I think they remain in that position due to it being fly by wire and won't bleed off and droop over time? note that the leading edge flaps are just slightly raised above the fuselage LERX
  18. What scheme are you planning on doing? I personally like the 222ATS 115CW Orange scheme.
  19. I’ll get some photos up later today showing flaps/stab positions, but basically they can be either up or down.
  20. Yellow, the shot with the Grey “RESCUE” arrow still had the snakes eye to be applied so obviously taken during application.
  21. https://theaviationist.com/2020/05/08/heres-venom-the-new-special-painted-jet-of-the-f-16-viper-demo-team/
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