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  1. Here’s a potential subject, that Caracal could do justice. https://theaviationist.com/2020/05/08/heres-venom-the-new-special-painted-jet-of-the-f-16-viper-demo-team/
  2. The forward vent should be part A3, and is shown in step 24 or 27 depending on what kit you have.
  3. 87-290 definitely has RAM panels fitted for this period. As for wing strengthening plates, I would’ve imagined that both wing and fuselage were done at the same time(someone else will know for sure). Infact I’ve looked again and wing plates are fitted, you can just make out the round part at the rear of the plate, although they’re not as protrusive as the fuselage plates.
  4. The rope is attached to a frame within the cabin that is fixed to the roof, is there another system other than FRIES? https://www.skycoreaviation.com/mission-equipment/fast-rope-insertion-extraction-system-fries/
  5. 💪 Go Eλληνικη πολεμικη Aεροπορια
  6. I would fit the radome before fitting the side inserts, this will allow you get a better profile all round. You may need to add some packing under the inserts to stop them sinking below the surrounding areas(does that make sense?).
  7. You are most definitely correct. I’ve seen lots of people make this mistake, one example was where a guy ordered turf for his garden saying in needed 40 m sq. He did initially think it was expensive to turf a lawn but didn’t know any better, it took some persuading to convince him he had his measurements wrong.
  8. From memory I had the same problem areas when I built mine. I filled all the gaps and sanded smooth before painting. The best way is to tape either side of where you want the putty to go and using a craft knife apply the putty by pressing it into the gap, then run the back of the knife along the entire length of the seam to flatten it off.Remove the tape before the filler dries, then sand to shape and you'll have a perfectly smooth join.
  9. Surely that would be good for business .👍
  10. What a/c unit are you building? MAW decals “Battle Frogs 100”, might be a better solution as you’ll need the numbers to be in 36375 and 35237.
  11. Thanks for the info, I've never heard of them. I had a look at the sheet and although the unit markings look fine the numerals are somewhat off. Think I'll get a sheet for the markings though.
  12. Hi all, I’m looking for two sheets of the Two Bobs 48-224 ‘Hellenic Vipers’ sheet. Will pay above rrp and all postal costs to the UK. Kind Regards Scott
  13. Coming along nicely. I always assemble the airframe in full before painting, only things I leave off are undercarriage, wing pylons(unless the overall colour scheme extends onto them) and small antennas etc etc....... I had a look through the spare decals last and I have relatively few decals left over, I’ve been gradually using then over the years. I need to stock back up myself. If you find that you need anything specific give me a shout and I might be able to help.
  14. Looks like the 343M tail band, it’s hard to make out on my phone, certainly a 343M load out, although don’t know why the artist put an IRIS-T and an AIM-9 on it?
  15. Looking good, the wheel bays especially👍 What picture are you using as reference, the reason I ask is that I've never seen a Hellenic F-16 loaded with both the AGM-88 and the LANTRIN pods at the same time, it's either one or the other depending on which Squadron 340 or 343 Mira. 337 Mira also use the Blk52+ but in an air defense role so wouldn't be seen with either.
  16. The lightest Grey for the small Star and Bar cannot be 36375, as if you look at the split colour large Star and Bars they are split 375 over 320. This would suggest to me that the lightest grey on the sheet is 36495, we can see this also on the colour profiles within the sheet. Therefore you need to match the small Star and Bar to the top colour of the large Star and Bar if that makes sense to get your 36375 I'm starting to think that someone at the print shop has made a boo boo, as the picture you have of the 4 Star and Bars together looks nothing like the picture I'm looking at o
  17. I never said the TPS on A-4’s consisted of 35237, 36320, 36375 as we know that isn’t true. What I said was that the darker Grey markings on the VMFA-211 ‘159780’ were more than likely 35237, which is the same colour applied on the upper surfaces of the F-14 TPS. There would no requirement for Star and Bar decals to be finished wholly in 36320 either( the larger ones are split 375 over 320).
  18. I would've thought that it would be 35237, 36320 and 36375, going by the scheme for VMFA-211 '159780', 1989. The lightest decals look to be for A-4F '155028' VMA-142.
  19. Might be my eyes, but it sure looks like there is Star and Bars ,Danger Jet Intake and common data in 3 shades of Grey, as well as Black and another in Grey and Black?
  20. The F-4F has unslotted rear stabilisers so not an option unless it also comes with the slotted stabs as well?
  21. How does the Tail code stand out against the lighter 36375? I would probably look at adding 35237 to the 36320 in order to give it just enough contrast with the 36375.
  22. Probably better off getting it from the Asian market if you need to buy off the internet, just make sure you don’t buy any of the JASDF boxing’s as I believe they have different wings. The 30th Anniversary box HAPT08 is ideal.
  23. Hasegawa F-4E’s are actually pretty good. To model the a/c in the picture you’ll need to source some extra parts like the DIAS antennas along the intake sides(these are found in various F-4J/S boxing’s by Hasegawa, and can normally be sourced through members on here) the nose mounted DIAS the small triangle under the cannon, you’ll need to make yourself along with the rear one which is next/on the parabrake housing easily done though.(bare in mind not all Hellenic F-4’s are DIAS equipped, so check the serial numbers, I have them but not to hand at the moment) The cockpi
  24. Colours for the Aegean Scheme are FS35237 Blue (X126) FS36251 Dark Grey (X132) FS36307 Light Grey (X134) I use Xtracolor enamels which I've included (X***) above as well. I can't remember if I drilled the CFT fitment holes or just lined them up using the panel lines for guidance. You can now upload directly from your computers own files by clicking on the attachment icon at the bottom of the reply box, or if you have Flickr get the BBCode and copy the link.
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