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  1. Kalispera Thanos, Looking good already, hard to believe that you are new to the hobby. You've got some good model shops in Athens Fasma, Kalphakes and Plastimodellismo to meet your needs. Ioannis over at Eagle Aviation was also doing modelling items, not sure if he still is. I built the Kinetic kit a few back and it goes together pretty well, you just need to check and dry fit the parts before applying glue. One area that requires careful attention is the area in front of the canopy where I think there is about parts/panels that make up the nose section. Her
  2. 87-290 is a GE/MCID "Big Mouth" jet. You'll find this link very informative for anything F-16. https://www.usaf-sig.org/index.php/component/content/article/82-f-16-viper-faq-stuff-you-wanted-to-know-about-the-f-16cd
  3. Xtracolor gets my vote. As Jens states quite often the colour on the lids is off from what is inside the tin, but I’ve always found what’s inside is spot on.
  4. I’m confused as to what a “Have Glass” canopy actually is? HG is more or less a radar reflecting paint, why would the canopy be covered in it? Are you by anyway referring to an iridescent canopy, where the colour seems to replicate a spectrum depending on the angle you look at it from?
  5. 501-109 is now referred to as FS*6480, although off the top of my head there is no currently producer of this either. FS*6473 is a good starting point though.
  6. It’s a drawing so why would it be photoshopped?
  7. Yip all ads have now disappeared, thanks for taking the time to sort this out. Have a great Christmas Steve.
  8. Just looking at the site on the laptop for the first time since these ads appeared in their current guise , and it's really really annoying. I've got ads appearing between every post, although the drop down one that I get on the I Phone and I Pad isn't there.
  9. I’m still getting the embedded ads between posts and the very annoying drop down ad at the top of the page every time I scroll. I know it costs money to run a site like this and ads are a source of revenue but if a members fee is all that’s required to rid the site of these , I’m happy with that(within reason). Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2020 to all on ARC.
  10. Getting the same here in the UK, started on Saturday morning. Very very annoying to say the least, somewhat takes away what ARC was/is all about. Can this intrusion be stopped?
  11. Sure hope they put some effort into this one, and hopefully we’ll see the big sponson versions at some stage.
  12. It’s pretty grimy in there so it’s hard to tell between Light Grey or White in photos.
  13. Thanks for the replies, think I'll try Italeri's OH-58D in 1/48 with the Blackdog AM, before tackling Kitty Hawks Z9 done up as a AS365N3 Aegean Dolphin.
  14. Ioannis, I may have the part you require in my spares box. I know I definitely have an Aires F-16 nozzle but can’t remember if it’s a GE or PW. I check later tonight when I get home from work. You’re welcome to it.
  15. Seems like Squadron for whatever reason have made a few bad decisions of late. I've been told the formula has changed yet again(in the last few months) due to the widely reported problems of the putty separating itself inside the tube, is this true? I've also now just found out that Squadron Green is no longer imported to the UK in any form and it's only White and Grey that are available. I can't think of anything worse than Grey putty on Grey styrene
  16. I would as they've sold a product that is unusable and not fit for purpose. I can't send mine back but I'm certainly going to send an email explaining my frustrations and disappointment.
  17. Thanks for the link Dom. Happy Modelling..... not so much these days as it just gets harder and harder to find the materials that I've been using for over 30 yrs. Then the added problem of crap kits etc etc........ binned my second Kinetic kit of the year(F-5A and Mirage 2K5), today as both were just unbuildable and not worth the hassle, time, effort and extra materials required. I haven't finished any builds this year as the two Kinetic kits have totally sapped any motivation from me, however start afresh in the New Year. Not surprised that the hobby is dying
  18. Late to the party here, but found out earlier tonight how crap Squadron Green now is, with the exact same problem as the OP. 😡 Please Squadron if you can please go back to the original formula Looks like my modelling days are numbered as I can't seem to get any of the materials that I've been using for the past 30 yrs, enamel paints and thinners are getting harder to find by the day and when you do find it the postage costs are so extreme you'd think it was Enriched Plutonium you were buying.
  19. What on Earth have they done to Squadron Green Putty??? I've just opened a new tube of the stuff, first one in the new/latest packaging and half the contents have just poured out all over the place. What remains looks like the result of nasal congestion. I've looked on line and it seems that this is a new improved formula, really?? Why on Earth do companies feel the need to alter a product that has proved itself for over 20 yrs with something that is far less superior.
  20. Have I missed something here, I wasn’t aware of any 1/48 MH-47 kit out there? I hope I’m wrong as I want to build a CH-47SD and need the large sponsons.
  21. Thank you very much, I’ll drop them an email next week.
  22. Does anyone know if Kitty Hawk provide a service where you can purchase individual sprues from their kits? TIA
  23. Hi all, Wondering if anyone out there has the Kitty Hawk 1/48 UH-1N and will not be using the parts to build the SAFIRE FLIR turret? If so would you be willing to part with them for a small fee, I’ll cover postage costs to the UK. TIA Scott
  24. Hi all, I seem to recall that there was company thinking of making aftermarket sponsons for the CH-47SD. Is there any further updates on this? Scott
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