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  1. I have bought from Squadron twice. One time was when they had the Hobby Boss HET for $50.00. The second time was when they did an 80% sale and I picked up two Hobby Boss Land Rovers for $10.00 each. Any other time, their prices have been too high. I am subscribed to their emails which seem like spam anymore than they are actually sales. Their sales prices are around most other online source every day prices. I receive their mail catalogs but only look at a couple of pages and toss it in the trash. There just isn't anything that they are doing that motivates me to do business with them. The sho
  2. I have the original and will be buying this one as well. Can't wait.
  3. Here is my stash...a little bit of a theme. 97% of what is shown here is humvee related. Everything shown here is humvee related.
  4. I was in about 8:30 with no issues.
  5. Your best bet would be the M1046. The M966 hasn't been used by the Marines since the early 90's probably. You may hear people talk about an M1121 TOW Carrier. That is an Army M966 converted to provide higher power distribution capability to provide power to the TOW ITAS system. Check out my website for more information.... www.hmmwvinscale.com
  6. If you are wanting a HMMWV in 1/72nd scale, Dragon and Revell of Germany have kits. As Gino stated you could use a M998 as a base vehicle. You might be able to get by with some artistic license on an M1025 HMMWV due to lack of HMMWV reference for the period.
  7. Would love to see more modern armor decal/transfer subjects....Especially HMMWV's. I have a website that I'm documenting HMMWV's on. www.hmmwvinscale.com I have access to various US vehicles as well if you need any photos.
  8. I have in my stash the following catagories of models... * armor * aircraft * ships * sci-fi Anyone else here buy multiple catagories of models? If so, what catagories?
  9. Your scratchbuilding is just amazing Joe!! Great job!
  10. BOOKS ACHTUNG PANZER Series No. 2 Panzerkampfwagen III $25.00 No. 3 Panzerkampfwagen IV $25.00 No. 5 Sturmgeschutz III, Stug IV & SIG. 33 $25.00 Amber Books Ltd Panzergrenadier Divisions 1939-1945 $10.00 Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions 1939-1945 $10.00 ARMS & ARMOUR PRESS Panzer Colours 2- Markings of the German Panzer Forces 1939-1945 (Book is about 80%) $10.00 CASEMATE Publications German Armored Warfare of World War II The Unpublished Photographs 1939-1945 $15.00 CONCORD Publications Modern German Panzergrenadiers (Germanys Mechanized Infantry) $3.00 Panther $10.0
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