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  1. Wow nice collection! Love the A-7 Were did you get tiger those decals from? Home made? Greetz Rick
  2. HI everybody. Back from the death I would say. After the completion of the airshow season I can finally proceed with my modeling. My Eagle is as good as ready, I just need to glue the canopy to the canopy frame and varnish my AIM-9X. But I'll try to do my best to put up a little overview. We finished with the cockpit last time so it's time for the airframe now. Some additional hydraulic lines were added, the scissors were hollowed and everything received a little paint. The Regenerative Heat Exchanger was deleted, this is no longer installed on my Eagle. I also chose to rework the sc
  3. Some of these are already available or will be in the near future. ACMI pods ===> see TwoMikes F-16 parapack vertical fins - both A and C model ===> See PWMP Greetz Rick
  4. Hi guys, I'm currently doing a 1/32nd F-15C from the 65th Aggressors and I have a question about the MSIP II upgrade. Did the Aggressor F-15's receive the full MSIP II update? I've ordered the new wolfpack-d update set but its hard to tell from the available pictures on the net if all of the stiffner panels are installed or not. Do the Aggressor Eagles have any other special features or reinforcements that I need to take care of to be accurate? Things I've already done are the rescribing of the starter vents, the removal of the rudder bulges, changed the starter exhaust and I closed the
  5. Thanks for the info guys! I'll try to find isopropyl alcohol somewhere around here and give it a try. Greetings Rick
  6. Hi guys, Maybe a very stupid question but what do you guys use to degrease your model before you paint it? Whats best? I just want to be sure I don't use anything that would damage the model. Thanks Rick
  7. Hi everyone, Long time no see I know but hopefully thats gonna change. Last month I bought myself a new desktop and I must say my flightsim addiction took over for a few weeks. So were did we end last time? Right, the cockpit. As you've noticed in my first post I've decided to use the Aires cockpit set for the late F-15C. I must say I'm really floored from the detail they've put in this set, its a real piece of art on its own! If I were to compare this set to the one I've used on my Crusader project I must say this one comes out as the better set. The buttons and switches one the IP's are o
  8. Thanks for the very nice comments guys! The basic paints I used for the cockpit ( the gray & the black ) were painted with Mr Color laquers. I really like to work with the lacquers for the base layer. Its very strong paint that sticks wonderfully to resin. The smaller details and the drybrush are all done with acrylic paints. I found my maskol in my local hobby shop but you can get it quite easely on most online hobby shops. Thanks for watching. Greetings Rick
  9. Hi guys, Today the Belgian Air Force unveiled the new livery for the 2010 F-16 Demo Team. After years of grey tones we finally got some colours approved! THE NEW DEMO BIRD Greetz Rick
  10. I'm planning to do the brown Eagle as you almost never see those. I've seen quite some blues in the past but the brown ones are more eyecatching for me. This is the one provided by Afterburner on their sheet. http://img339.imageshack.us/i/117506111024.jpg/ Thanks for the comments! I'm currently tackling the Aires pit. A magnificent piece of resin but not that easy to install. Greetz Rick
  11. Hi fellows, After building quite some Trumpeter & Academy kits in a row I really wanted to taste the quality of Tamiya again. So what did I find in my stockpile? One of Tamiya's big F-15C Eagles . I don't think I'm the only one obsessed by the colorfull aggressor birds but as I don't have a single one of them in my collection its time to change that. Finding the kit was one thing, finding the decals was way harder as the decals are out of production now. In the end I found an example of it at a e-store in Australia. The first things to start with was to fill al the ejection holes. I mus
  12. The hole in the 1/32nd F-4 aftermarket stuff is just crazy. Since long I've been looking out for an F-4G conversion in 1/32nd. But maybe there is a little hope. About a month ago on Z5 I asked Gustav from wolfpack-d if he wasn't interested in some F-4 updates. This is his answer : Maybe Aires could make a nice cockpit set? So lets keep our fingers crossed. Greetz Rick
  13. Hi guys, I'm kind of confused about the colour of the F-15 pit. According to Squadron the front part of the cockpit shoud be painted Dark Gull Gray (FS36231). But it looks like a lot of people say that Dark Gull Gray is to dark for an F-15. Can anybody clear this out? Thanks in advance! Greetings Rick
  14. Hi fellows, A few months ago when I posted my big Flanker I've told you I was going to do the same with some of my other kits. This time up is my big Aussie Hornet. I was sold from the first picture I saw from this Hornet. The Australians really applied a magnificent painting on this bird to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the F/A-18. And when I found myself a copy of the decals for it the game was on. I've based myself on the Academy F/A-18C kit but this kit needed some modifications to present an accurate F/A-18A from the RAAF. This involved the removal of some of the tail & fuselag
  15. Hi Guys, I just finished up my 1/32nd F-8C Crusader from the Jolly Rogers. Greetings Rick
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