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  1. That would probably be the hand crank for the inertia starter. Edit: Had a quick look in the instructions, it is indeed the crank for the starter.
  2. If I remember correctly and am not mixing up my Vs, Is, the nose of the XVII is short in comparison to the spitfire XIV because the seafire XVII has the short griffon nose (similar to the spitfire XII) and the spitfire XIV has the long griffon nose. Here is a link to the amazing drawings of the amazing Jumpei Temma: http://soyuyo.main.jp/spit5b/spit5be-1.html#drawing
  3. So I am not going to be a lot of help here, but one thing that I noticed is that the F-16E/F (Block 60) has different nozzle feathers compared to other F-110 versions. The feathers have some sort of rounded extension to the rear making them longer. If I'm not completely mistaken that should be the F-110-GE-132. Hope that helps a bit :)
  4. I have had a look at them on the Eduard site, I don't know if maybe they just show the wrong images for them, but what they show are not D-wheels, those are A and B. That is not to say that there might not have been a few Ds that had those wheels at some point, but the average D did not use those.
  5. Oh, yes, the seat aswell. I think we are in the golden age for scale model Tomcat afficionados 🙂
  6. So my kits just arrived and of course I had to check them out immediately. So I'd like to share a couple of observations. I can't post any photographies since pretty much everything I own is stored away in anticipation of moving next year. I can't speak to accuracy, but I have a feeling that the shape of this kit will compare very farourably to the Tamiya kit. I think Academy took a very long and hard look at the Tamiya Tomcat when making this kit. Panel lines: In photographies they seemed to be very deep. They are not, they look just fine, I think they will look great
  7. It is already out, I have two on the way 🙂
  8. Another interesting thing, though not restricted to VF-1 Tomcats: http://nabe3saviation.web.fc2.com/aF14un.html Look at the first two images, there are panels missing on the exhaust nozzles. At first I thought that might just be maintenance related on the ground, but they flew like that as well.
  9. I think they just glued the HUD part to the fuselage part. I can't see any differences between this and the academy kit.
  10. Hi everybody, I was just windowshopping on the Eduard homepage and saw something interesting. I was checking out the sprues of their new G6 AS and there seem to be parts of the Erla G10 on there aswell. Here the link to the image. In the lower left the part with the gun througs and on the top left the oil cooler. Interesting things are happening 🙂
  11. I am interested in this aswell, This almost sounds like there are two versions out there. Maybe preproduction examples or something like that?
  12. Weren't there a bunch more pages here? I could have sworn we were up to 264, am I mixing up forums?
  13. GW8345, thanks for the explanation, much appreciated! And thanks for the link to the built model not2p, I am getting more and more excited for this kit.
  14. I thought so too, but many years ago someone corrected me on that. There are some pictures that show the GE nozzles in different states, plenty more that show them in the same state. I can't say for certain if the reason for the different states is the same as with the P&W engines, I just like the look of it.
  15. Like Mstor said, sprue D. Seems like the GE version only gets the open nozzle, bit sad since the asymmetric configuration when parked looks interesting. Still, I am quite excited for this kit 🙂
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