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  1. Here is my MiG-29G Fulcrum-A with ZactoParts. The MiG-29A Correction kit, Missile Pylons and the MiG-29 Wheels were used. Canopy Corrected This Correction kit is awesome and highly recommended! Also the Missile Pylons and the Wheels Thank you Chris and Alexander! Keep up your fantastic work! Cheers, Stephan
  2. Thank you guys for your tipps and comments! Hi Alexander Congrats to you for your brilliant job! Close-ups? OK! BTW..these are some pics (with flashlight) of my finished WIP at the German Flugzeugforum.
  3. Hello guys, i want to show you my just finished MiG-29G '29+10' in 1/32 scale. Basically i used the Correction set from Zactomodels. I can say..the fit of these parts is excellent and i can absolutely recommend this set! ;) In addition to this built pylons and resin wheels also from Zactomodels, CAM-Cockpit, the In- and Exterior Sets from Eduard and a lot of scratchbuilding (e.g. ladder, wheel chock, main gear doors, cockpit, exercise missiles a.s.o.). About 80% of the OOB panel lines were corrected. For the special painting i used the decal set from Cutting Edge. But only the decals for the wings and tail because the stripes for the "flaggs" on both sides were painted by myself. But see for yourself.. and finally.. I hope you liked these pics!
  4. Hello Alexander A very interesting project you've started! I can tell you, the fit of the Correction Set from Zactomodels is excellent! Very well done! How do i know? My MiG-29 with the correction set is finished! I wish you good luck with your project and look forward to the final result! Have fun! B) Cheers Stephan
  5. Hello guys, thank you all for your comments! The cockpit tube fits good with the Hasegawa fuselage and the radome. No major problems. The biggest problem is inside the tube. You have to remove a lot of resin to create space for the cockpit. And this is no fun! Thank you! It's been a pleasure! About the MiG-29. Yes, of course. I considered about that. But i'm sorry, time is not on my side for two reports simultaneously and it should be added that my english is not very well. BTW: Where is your F-15E? I'm still waiting! The Display Cabinet? Do you mean the Gallery on ARC? Thanks again to all Greetings, Stephan
  6. Fantastic work, Darrell! The splinter scheme looks great! <_< So welcome to Club of the "1/48 Viggen Twoseater Owners". :D btw..you're welcome! :D
  7. Hello guys A promise is a promise! And here they are.. I hope you enjoy it Cheers, Stephan
  8. Thanks guys! I used for the gray Humbrol 126 brightend with white between 10-15 percent. Good luck for your paintjob! :lol:
  9. Hello guys First i have to say thank you very much to all for your comments! I'm pleasently surprised! About the questions to more pics..Yes. I've been waiting for better weather to take outdoor pics from the model because there's only snow at present. And a Italian TF-104 with snow in the background is a little bit unreal and not my taste too. Sad to say sorry, no in progress pics. I didn't think anything of it. Come on! You know it! :P That's just standard techniques like pre-/postshading, washing and so forth. No specials. Not forgetting..practice, practice, practice. Greetings, Stephan
  10. Thanks a lot for your comments guys! :D http://www.candhaerominiatures.com/catalog/tf104-32.htm This kit gives you just the basic to a TF conversion! You have to give many and very good nerves if you want to complete your model! Stephan
  11. Hello guys this was my latest project of the year 09. I used the C&H Conversion-Set, Aires-Nozzle, AirDoc's underwing tanks and Decals from Tauro. The scratchbuilt intake-covers and a opened hydraulic-bay were a must for this "manned rocket" ,-) Greetings :P
  12. Hello guys, thanks a lot for your commendation! I am glad that you like it. Now, here are two last pics about my try for a small diorama with the Sk-E in it. With it (all scratch built) a APU-trailer, access ladder, fire extinguisher, wheel chock and the obligatory little bucket at the bottom fin of parked Viggens. Very helpfully to built this equipment was AirDOC's publication 'Swedish Viggens'. :) Cheers, Stephan
  13. Hello Guys! Thanks a lot for your comments! :) Yes, i can say..i'm very happy with the conclusion of this build. This link shows target dates of conventions in Erding and Oberschleißheim ( Flugwerft Schleißheim). http://www.plastik-modellbau-club-erding.d...stellungen.html I'll try to visit one of the conventions next year with my 'Dio-Viggen'. Regards to all, Stefan
  14. Now complete finished! I made today a few pics on a sunny day and the 'right environment'! Looks like active, not retired! :) Cheers, Stefan
  15. WOW! Looks very nice! Well done! :) Cheers, Stefan
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