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  1. Thanks. To clarify, I was wondering if the tricolor scheme was applied to the Devastators that ended up stateside. I have never seen any photographic evidence. I do agree, it would make a nice change of pace from the Yellow wIng and Blue/Gray birds. Andy
  2. Greetings, I recently purchased a builder's lot of 1/48 Monogram TBD's. (5 mostly complete, probably can create 4 total). Anyway, I am thinking about building one of the examples that were returned stateside after the Battle of Midway. I came across this tricolor (Dk Sea Blue, Blue Gray, and White) example from the Wings Palette website. I am looking for any more information on this example. Supposedly BuNo. 1517, NAS Corpus Christie, or perhaps NAS Miami. I am wondering, is this a real camouflage or just conjecture? What other markings would be present, etc.?
  3. A few more from http://www.aerofiles.com/buzz-tails.html FB - Bell P-39, McDonnell F-101 FC - Curtiss P-40, Convair F-102 FD - Curtiss XP-42, Republic F-103 FE - Republic P-47, Convair F-106 FF - North American P-51 FG - Curtiss XP-55, Lockheed F-104 FH - Lockheed XP-58, Republic F-105 FJ - Bell P-59 FK - Northrop P-61 FL - Bell P-63 FM - Fisher P-75 FN - Lockheed P-80 > FT FP - Convair XP-81 FQ - North American P-82 FR - Bell XP-83 FS - Republic F-84 FT - Lockheed F-80 < FN FU - North American F-86 FV - Northrop F-89 FW - North American F-100 FY - North American YF-93A, North American YF-95A < YF-86D
  4. I have one that from my younger modeling days that has some paint "outside the lines" in two small areas of the frame. It is salvageable if you have a way to remove 20 year old enamel paint without clouding the plastic. I didn't do it myself because I was able to contact Revell and get a replacement at that time. It is for the F-106. Dimensionally it appears to be identical to the F-102 windscreen.
  5. Greetings, I am currently building an old ESCI Mirage 5. I bought the kit second-hand, the decals are long gone. This would be the camouflage colors similar to the USAF SEA scheme. This kit has been re-boxed as the Italeri Kit #2721,and included many decal options in addition to the Belgian option. If anyone here purchased the re-boxed Italeri kit and built the non-Belgian options, I would like to purchase the left over Belgian decals. Thanks, Andy
  6. Hi, I recently purchased a 1/48 monogram 0A-4 that was missing the landing gear/wheels and gear doors.. I already contacted Revell and obtained the gear doors (5 part limit). I am wondering if anyone has built a 1/48 A-4 with the gear up and has a spare set of landing gear/wheels. It does not have to be Revellogram. Thanks in advance, Andy
  7. Beginning work on a Brazilian AF-1A. I have been researching colors and have found the following contradictory information. The three color camouflage, according to A4Skyhawk.org is 36187 Medium Gray 36314 Flint Gray 36515 Voodoo According to Hobbycraft, the colors are: 36270 Neutral Gray 36495 Light Gray 36622 Camouflage Gray Any thoughts? I do understand that the FS numbers are likely approximations.
  8. This is my first participation in a group build. I plan to complete two builds, both 1/48. One is a two-seat Brazilian AF-1A, converted from the Monogram 0A-4M. The decals are from the Hobbycraft A-4N, Israeli kit #1430, which includes the Brazilian Navy decals. Interestingly enough, the decals include the serial number for the two-seater, even though the Hobbycraft kit only contains the single-seat version. In addition, the OA-4M kit is missing the landing gear, wheels, and all of the gear doors, so I will be scratch building the doors and purchasing the landing gear. The other will be a TA-4J, using the WarEagle vacuform conversion for the Monogram OA-4. I have never built a vacuform kit, so this will be a challenge. I will be looking for any helpful tips. The decals are TBD. Thanks, Andy
  9. I built the HB F4F-3 early version. It was a nice kit, fairly easy build. I ran into one problem. The clear parts were thin, and I managed to crack the canopy in half. I have also built the Tamiya F4F-4, and I would say the two are comparable.
  10. Many thanks to Xavi84 for coming through on the Bearcat parts. Still looking for/wanting to buy a 1/48, Testors/Hobbycraft F8F Bearcat and engine cowl and propellor. Thanks in advance, Andy
  11. Greetings, I recently made the mistake of buying two- 1/48 scale Testors/Hawk Bearcats from Ebay. Kits were described as "believed complete, but sold "as is". "Believed complete" turned out to be missing so many parts that I cannot even build one out of the two kits. Before I contact the seller, I thought I'd try here. I can scratch build everything but the two cowlings, the clear parts, and the missing prop. Did anybody replace the kit parts with resin or other aftermaket and have any of these things to spare? (see full list below) Thanks in advance, Andy (2) Part #10 Cowling, both missing. (1) Part #11 Propellor (1) Windscreen (1) canopy (1) Part #12, Landing Gear Strut (1) Part #19, Inner Gear Door (1) Part # 20 Inner Gear Door (2) Part #21 Wheels (1) Part #31 Pitot Tube. (1) Part #22 Prop Bearing (1) Part #23 Retainer hub (2) Parts #28 & 29 Drop Tank halves
  12. I am in need of a windscreen for the Testors O-2 Skymaster. Part #44 Thanks in advance, Andy
  13. Regarding the F-51D, does anyone happen to know if the wing seams were filled as described in the pinned topic at the top of this forum?
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