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  1. I wonder how long until they find the other three carriers, it seems the Paul Allen’s team is n a heck of a roll.
  2. Sorry, missed the other thread.
  3. The Academy exhaust nozzle. I think it should be round.
  4. More work on the Academy. Notice the gaps!
  5. Had to start another thread, got the notice that I had exceeded the total allowable attachment size. If anyone knows a way around that, let me know
  6. More work on the Academy. Notice the terrible gaps between the fuselage and wings.
  7. Comparison of Academy and Hasegawa cockpits. The Academy consists of decals, which were very fragile ( the instrument panel part disintegrated. The Hasegawa has raised details that paint-up nice and are reasonably close to a F-16 block 30. Both seats are inferior to the Revell seat. This is the Academy.
  8. Hasegawa instructions, decals. I will be using the Two Bobs Dairyland Vipers sheet depicting the 60th Anniversary for the Wis ANG. One nice touch is two complete canopies, tinted and clear.
  9. Parts trees and decals for the Academy Kit. Appears to be very similar to the Hasegawa. Has a great deal of ordinance included.
  10. I used a wash on the decals to tone them down a bit. Also, the forward panel (not shown) is not so good. The ejection seat is detailed enough.
  11. Photo of the installed cockpit.
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