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  1. Thanks, it is just the preliminary paint, to identify any problem areas to touch up before final assembly. It also helped that all three are the same scheme. Keeps paint mixing and airbrush cleaning time to a minimum.
  2. The Academy kit also has the missile rails on the wing tips parallel to the wing, rather than angled downward..
  3. L-R . Revell, Academy and Hasegawa. The distance difference is just an illusion of the pic, what you are seeing in the Revell is the ventral stabilizer beneath the starboard wing. Both the Revell and Hasegawa match up identical as far as size. The Academy seems just a tad smaller, like it is 1/49 or so instead of 1/48, not that you can tell from this pic. UPDATE: Upon further review, the distance between the trailing edge of the wing and the front of the edge of the stab is 3/16 “ longer in the Hasegawa than in the Revell., or 9 scale inches (good eyes, Habu!) The Revell sta
  4. Pic showing the MLG bay, with the straight line taper
  5. The Hasegawa. The fit was as you would expect. It needed a little putty around the intake, the nose, and wing roots, about the same as the Revell.
  6. The worst area was the intake. Where the lip meets the intake, there was a gap of almost a quarter inch. Huge amounts of putty to fill it. Still looks terrible, needs a FOD cover.
  7. The Academy. The overall fit of this kit was ok, but certain areas it was terrible. The main wing joints are weak. I’ve had to reglue them 3 times and the seam keeps wanting to open. You can see this in the first pic.
  8. Revell underside showing the hourglass shape in the main gear bay. The arrestor hook is a separate piece on the Revell but molded into the fuselage on the other two.
  9. The Revell. On the plus side, I really like the molded wings, as both the Academy and Hasegawa had prominent seems to deal with. It also has the correct slightly downward angle of the missile rails on the wingtips. On the downside, it has a curious mix of raised and recessed panel lines. Overall fit was not bad. One difference of note among the three is that inside the main landing gear bay, the Revell has a “half hourglass” shape, whereas the other two get narrower front to back in a straight line. I’m not sure which is correct.
  10. After preliminary painting. I used model master enamels, dk gray 36118, Lt gray 36375 and neutral gray for the radome.
  11. I think I will use the Hasegawa decals on the Academy as you suggested.
  12. Well, that certainly didn’t take long!
  13. I wonder how long until they find the other three carriers, it seems the Paul Allen’s team is n a heck of a roll.
  14. Sorry, missed the other thread.
  15. The Academy exhaust nozzle. I think it should be round.
  16. More work on the Academy. Notice the gaps!
  17. Had to start another thread, got the notice that I had exceeded the total allowable attachment size. If anyone knows a way around that, let me know
  18. More work on the Academy. Notice the terrible gaps between the fuselage and wings.
  19. Comparison of Academy and Hasegawa cockpits. The Academy consists of decals, which were very fragile ( the instrument panel part disintegrated. The Hasegawa has raised details that paint-up nice and are reasonably close to a F-16 block 30. Both seats are inferior to the Revell seat. This is the Academy.
  20. Hasegawa instructions, decals. I will be using the Two Bobs Dairyland Vipers sheet depicting the 60th Anniversary for the Wis ANG. One nice touch is two complete canopies, tinted and clear.
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