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  1. Thanks. I tried there and it says their PayPal portal is down. I emailed with no reply.
  2. If you were in the US maybe a Lav25 but shipping from Canada would be steep. Rob
  3. I’m looking for 1/35 Stryker kits. I’m not looking for a specific kit. I’m just looking to build a stash. Let me know what you have in kits and aftermarket. Rob
  4. I'm looking for aftermarket PE sets or cockpit sets for the Trumpeter T-38A and C kits. Let me know what you have what the cost is. Thanks! Rob
  5. Rob T

    1/48 SBD-3 Midway

    Thanks for the tip. Rob
  6. Rob T

    1/48 SBD-3 Midway

    Thanks for that info. Rob
  7. Rob T

    1/48 SBD-3 Midway

    That looks great. I will definitely get the metal barrels as they are too prominent to have clunky plastic in my opinion. I would actually be ok with small inaccuaracies such as the mount and armor. This will be a shelfer and as long as I get the twin guns, I think I will be happy. Finding my decals will also be a bit of a challenegs I believe. Rob
  8. Rob T

    1/48 SBD-3 Midway

    So if I were to get an AM SBD-5 kit or the guns from it would that work? Rob
  9. Rob T

    1/48 SBD-3 Midway

    Thanks. That’s not the info that I was hoping for but it confirms my research. Rob
  10. Rob T

    1/48 SBD-3 Midway

    I believe this is my first airplane post here and definitely my first WWII build. I am researching the needed items for a build of Richard Best's SBD-3 from the Battle of Midway. I have the Accurate Miniatures SBD-3 kit on the way. I know it includes the early, single rear gun and by Midway, most if not all -3's were changed over to the dual rear guns, including Best's. Is there a source for the dual gun setup for an accurate build that is reasonably easy to find and afford? I also need a set of decals if anyone has some to sell. Thanks! Rob
  11. Thanks for the tip Dutch. I emailed Chris and he said he didn't have the Monogram but would add it to his to do list. He said he thought that the Testors set would be close with a couple of cuts but he is out of town and can't confirm. Rob
  12. Thanks for the info. I'll have to do it the hard way. 😂
  13. I'm in need of a set of canopy masks for the 1/48 Monogram F-4C. If no one has a set would one of the sets for another manufacturer work? Thanks! Rob
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