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  1. Very nice indeed and a bit of an inspiration as I have one on the bench at the moment :) !!!!
  2. Thanks dude it's 1:48, it's a cracking kit all round. Can really recommend the hasegawa F8s
  3. I decided on my F8E after Having purchased the cam Decals for VMFA-235 Death Angels ( F-8 VMFA-235 ). So i painted the ventral fins red and made like I was going to do that bird... The first thing that happened when I tried to put the nice red and white stars on the nose the decal fell to bits.. the so did the other side.. The whole sheet was crappy... So I had a ordeal.. the only other crusader I wanted to build and had decals for was a US navy CVA-43 ´Hunters´ 1966/7 (VF162). However I had drilled holes to accommodate the dual Zuni Launcher rails and put under wing pylons on to hang s
  4. Im doing a hasegawa F8E with some Cam decals for VMF 35 death Angels. I have a question !!!! The boxing is PT25 and comes with a set of Navy decals and I am doing a Marine bird. DO i also need to put all of the stencil decals on along side my cam decals for the Marine bird. I have not been able to find enough pictures close up to work it out. Or do I just use what CAM supply and leave the stencils and little bits and bobs off ( other than the obvious walk ways e.t.c) ?? Thanks Alex
  5. Big Hands and small things !!!! but it worked out ok. Still I was not able to use all the part as some of them were just far to small !!!!
  6. Count me in as well. Happy to contribute. Ill keep an eye on the posting to get details on what to build Thanks Alex
  7. When buying I always use my CC. Then to sell I had to open a Paypal account and link it to my bank so I can transfer the buyers funds.. I sold something (HTC) I got the funds from the buyer. ( A person with 100+ possive on ebay who I have spoken to on the phone).. then it all went wrong. Paypal would not release the funds and would not tell me why and started to my mamma hates me up on the buying part as well ( 2 transactions that Paypal have paid for on my behalf and then fail to get the funds from my bank). it got so complicated and i just cant cope with talking to the customer service peopl
  8. I have never had an issue buying.. the first thing I sell is a mobile phone for 250 euros.. so.. the money comes into my account they freeze my account so I cant get the funds for 180 days. ( by the way people there is no such thing as seller protection) more over I make 2 payments locally which they try to take 2 times from my credit card.. both times the amounts are authorised and they don't take the funds.. i call the help desk. . they are rude and unhelpfull and tell me if I dont pay they will pursue other means.... But I tell the the funds have been authorised and all they have to do
  9. Hello All Is it just me or do paypal really suck!. I have never had the miss fortune of dealing with a more unprofessional set-up. They have the manners and customer service of a horses arse. I have closed both my accounts (which they don't make easy) and cancelled my CC as they have it on record........ I even closed my e bay account just in case. I do not trust Paypal being any were near my funds.. I guess I will use other avenues for buying 2nd hand kits. Am I being paranoid !!! these people are bad bad people is it just me !!!
  10. You sir are scholar and a gentleman Thanks Alex
  11. Hi All, I think I may be a sheet of paper missing out of my H.S Buccaneer S2B - interior 48132 set. there are a whole bunch of canopy rails and stuff for the bulk head in rear and copy rails e.t.c but I don´t know where to put them does anyone else have the set and can let me know if there is 1 or 2 sheets of instructions and it there are 2 can some one scan or send me a copy ? Thanks Alex
  12. 49 and most of them have Amerang on the side.. My stash has 1 kit ill never build in it.. and thats the attic F16XL conversion for the tigermeet F16A I have... might Ebay that set off best Alex
  13. Testors 1:48 Blackbird and a steam cooker :). Have been 'um'ing' and 'ah'ing' over getting this kit and the stock levels and the aviation megastore 4 moths ago was 3 and it got down to one.. and I decided to take the plunge and add it to the stash :) looks like a biggy :)
  14. Hi All I come again begging with cap in hand for more help for the ARC community. Question 1 = What is the grey ( FS number) i should use to paint sidewinders on an F15. And Question 2 = is there a website or publication that has all the rockets and bombs and painting guides e.t.c ? Thanks and sorry for the daft question. I once got a great reply on a similar topic from Murph on tomcat load outs but ill be damned if I can find it Thanks again.. ** walks out with cap in hand looking sheepish**
  15. DAMN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 now im gonna have to get some more !! what have you said !
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