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  1. Cheers Guys, thanks for the great info. I'm also away so those photo's would be great mate. Anytips for building The has. 1/72 f14B? Regards Crossy
  2. It's the HAS 1:72 f-14, any hints and tips for the build?
  3. What is was the weapon layout for the bombcats during their bosnia cruise? Is there anything else i need to know about the Santa version of these jets? Were they pretty weathered and is there any photo's of them? Sorry about all the questions as i haven't made a model in 3 years and 1st modern a/c in many moons regards Crossy
  4. Great work mate gotta love the ultracast parts Crossy
  5. great work so far mate, you've put a lot of work into it. can'y wait to see em finished Crossy
  6. Great looking 109, interesting to see how it goes together, can't wait to start mine. Crossy
  7. Awesome looking 109. Hope you get the decals mate. looking forward to seeing it done. Crossy
  8. looking really good so far mate, can't wait to see it finished Crossy
  9. Yeah i test fitted em, they fit, however the real test will be when i glue every thing together(touch wood), so in a month or so we will know the truth. will have to fix the starboard side control box as it looks a little half assed . Thanks for the comments guys much appreciated regards Crossy
  10. Finally got some modelling done in the last few days. Havin a go at scratch building some of the cockpit with eduard photo etch. Unforunately i'm going away for a month, then a week back than 2 weeks bush. Don't know if i can finish it in time of the completion of the group . Will try, but i'm trying to make the model to a good standard and get good results. Any comments good or bad a more than welcome Cheers Crossy
  11. Awesome Spit mate. love the weathering underside of the spit regards Rodney
  12. G'day guys, about to start my 1st model in 9 months after a break. Going to add ultracast and eduard parts. Deciding weather to give the eduard flaps a crack. Here goes nothing Cheers Crossy
  13. Thanks guys for the advice, Just though it could add a little interest to the model Rodney
  14. Hey guys i was just wandering if anyone has had any experience with fitting these flaps??? As i'm deciding weather its worth given em a crack for my up and coming project. Any advice or pointers would be appreciated. Regards Rodney
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