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  1. Sorry in case I misunderstood your question and focused too much on the Su-30MKK and J-11 issue, since they are indeed different. However - like @foxmulder_ms noted - the PLAAF operates indeed a few original Su-30MKK, which were updated a bit in recent years and not to forget the PLAN NA operated also a few Su-30MK2 dedicated to maritime attack but they have been handed over to the PLAAF just recently. Here a typical MKK ... briefly a few were even painted in green/tan or sand/tan ... and here the naval variant MK2 ... jus
  2. Well ... depending the own modelling skills! In fact it would be beyond mine ... but why converting a Su-30MKK with a lot of work, when there is a J-16 already available. At least for my taste the modifications would be too many - and my skills too limited - so I would rather go directly to the J-16 kit or maybe do a kit-bash.
  3. Well ... both are totally different Flanker-family members. The Su-30MKK (lower image) is a twin-seater striker/multirole fighter with - just in short - several changes on the landing gears, rear section and especially its tails, whereas the original J-11 and J-11A (top image) is a single-seater fighter based on the Su-27SK.
  4. Really? Is there a link available or even images???? PS: Just found: Chinese J-20S 'Mighty Dragon', DreamModel DM720023 (2023) (scalemates.com) From my understanding, the J-20 has not received an official NATO/ASCC name but most often the name "Firefang" is mentioned
  5. Well ... but IMO that makes not that much sense! IMO either only the J-20B is ready and then it will enter service first with the proven WS-10C which will be replaced later by the WS-15 or the J-20B is ready with the WS-15 already, but then there won't be a continued production of the J-20A. IMO the B-model is the one optimised for the WS-15 as such I rate it unlikely that the J-20A will get yet a third engine and remain in production.
  6. If they want to make a current production J-20A - and that's how the CAD looks like-, then it should have WS-10C nozzles but unfortunately I don't know if there is any aftermarket product available. As for the WS-15, this is the so far best image we know showing one WS-15 on a prototype:
  7. PS ... One issue I see however is, if this kit indeed includes the WS-15 nozzles, than it should be more likely the new J-20B with the new radome and revised spine and not the regular airframe.
  8. Really? is there already an image or anything else known? By the way, I think it is not yet official, but the J-20 is rumoured to be the Firefang as per the ASCC code. PS: I found a bit https://www.themodellingnews.com/2023/04/mengs-148th-scale-j-20-veyron-in.html
  9. Well ... in fact I like the latest low visibility markings - esp. on the PLAN NA Su-30MK2 with the eagle on the tail - very much!
  10. Does anyone have more info on this one? Seems as if GWH has released a 30th anniversary Chinese SU-27SK set!? But even more important, will there be a J-11B/BH/BS/BSH/BG and BHG??
  11. But besides the prototype 554 (and eventually 555) and the first J-15T demonstrator no J-15 has WS-10s fitted.
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