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  1. Well ... in fact I like the latest low visibility markings - esp. on the PLAN NA Su-30MK2 with the eagle on the tail - very much!
  2. Does anyone have more info on this one? Seems as if GWH has released a 30th anniversary Chinese SU-27SK set!? But even more important, will there be a J-11B/BH/BS/BSH/BG and BHG??
  3. But besides the prototype 554 (and eventually 555) and the first J-15T demonstrator no J-15 has WS-10s fitted.
  4. Well, there is another surprise ... the J-15S has finally entered PLAN service
  5. I know, ... but the most limiting factor is not money but my most limited modelling capabilities. 😔
  6. Wow ... but anyway; I want a J-16 and a J-16D! Even if I'm aware that they are structurally vastly different alone due to the lack of canards.
  7. Really? But I wasn't able to find them on this site... (1) MINIBASE SU-33 build group | Facebook Anyway this is even more interesting, since the first catapult-capable serial aircraft has been spotted this week:
  8. Any plans for a Chinese J-15? They are already building it within Batch 04 and as it seems the CATOBAR capable next variant is also already in production ... ☺️ Even more since there are now more J-15s in service than Su-33 ever have been built.
  9. thanks! That's interesting, so they got 2-digit numbers when being delivered, received 3-digit serials later in the 1990s before getting the new number scheme in yellow serials even later (2005 ? if I'm not mistaken), which was changed again in 2016/17 to the brigade pattern. by the way, will there be a dedicated J-11A at a later date ... and also the J-11B and BG?
  10. Especially interesting are those of the 2nd batch to the PLAAF 2nd Air Division, since they also had briefly 3-digit numbers. And another option would be those from the famous 1st Air Division at Anshan with the Tiger head badge:
  11. This may help at least for the start ... The J-16 has no pitot, a grey or even light grey radome, twin wheel front landing gears and an IFR-probe. https://twitter.com/RupprechtDeino/status/1239116401899646976
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