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  1. Ken, Great pics as always. As for watermarks, try IrfanView. I just watermarked 44ea. 6MB photos in 37 seconds, in Batch Mode, of course. The help file will have you up and running in about 20 minutes. Just remember to change the 'output' directory of the watermarked photos or IrfanView will complain that it cannot overwrite the 'open' (in-process) file, but not tell you why. HTH. Cheers
  2. http://bit.ly/K5mLab or http://www.ebay.com/itm/Accurate-Miniatures-Yakovlev-Yak-1-1-48-soviet-air-force-fighter-model-kit-NEW-/190675310796?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2c652258cc Has been opened but everything is in the box all still sealed in the plastic - comes with instructions and decals for the model. Kit Review Here Inspiration here Cheers & happy bidding.
  3. I tried finding HobbyTown, but no dice. Anything else out here?
  4. Howdy all, long time no see. I'll be brief since I'm at work: Wasn't there a guy/group a couple of years back that was taking donated kits & see to it that they reached the troops in the far flung recesess of the War on Terror? He/They still operating? Anyone have contact info if he/they are? Cheers, Bill
  5. I cannot more vehemently disagree. I think this is how freedoms (the 4th Amendment oddly enough comes immediately to mind) are lost and a police state is begun. IMHO, to embrace such intrusive tactics is to "outsource" one's personal safety to the State and relinquishing personally responsibility for convenience. Not exactly, 'manning up', IMHO. But if we want ultimate safety, I've long proposed that everyone flies naked and gets a TASER in the magazine pocket with instructions on handling and operation right after the part where one is instructed on how to fasten one's seatbelt. My $0.02 wo
  6. Bummer. What about going to the hardware configuration manager and deleting your CDR then rebooting. Hopefully Windoze will find your CDR on boot-up and automagically try to reinstall the correct driver.
  7. I never thought the thread would go, let alone so far, so I'll throw in my $0.02USD. Although the SIG doesn't have a safety (it has the traditional SIG decocker) that shouldn't put you off - unless you feel more comfortable with the safety. My wife likes the idea of safeties, I'm good w/ the DA on the first shot. As for the SIG vs. the FN? 6 of one, half a dozen of another - either is a quality machine and likely to be as reliable as any machine made by man (which is to say, test the heck out of it before giving it your full confidence.) On a personal note, I don't like plastic, but if I eve
  8. Oddest thing. In another forum (General, IIRC) the editor worked perfectly. Still wonky here though.
  9. No, no, no. This is the Super Hornet vs. Super Tomcat 21 flame war site. You might have better luck @ The Highroad or The Firing Line.
  10. Well, I'm using a different computer & OS (Kubuntu 9.04) and I seem to have some of the same problems (previously I was using Vista Enterprise). I still can't see or reposition the cursor but at least I can now delete. Anyone know if the editor uses Flash or Shockwave? I'm pretty sure those are either disabled or somehow restricted at work and I'm not sure how good the support is for Linux. Seems to be the only common variable so far. Since I can't reposition I'll add that this computer is using FireFox 3.6.8.
  11. Is it just me or is the editor all dorked up in Firefox? Symptoms (for me) include: no cursor no delete can't reposition the cursor can't CR/LF Everything seems OK in Internet Extortion 8.0.
  12. "If Dave Nash wrote a bumper sticker, it would say, "My wife said it was her or the model planes; I'm sure gonna miss her." Reminds me of one of my favorite bumper stickers: "I got a .357 Mag for my wife. Best deal I've ever made!"
  13. Interesting story, great pics. Clicky on the picy.
  14. Nope. These are the future adults who will be spitting in your cheeseburger, angry at the social injustice that prevents them from driving home in a Bently. The kids who would be our future leaders either found a way to cheat, bribe the teacher, get someone smarter to take the test they got credit for, or found a way to avoid the test altogether. Not that I'm cynical or anything ...
  15. I know the feeling. I haven't cracked a box since '08 and I'm not real interested right now either. The wife has threatened to throw out my "collection", but that's a no-go. After I get over the motorcycle and riflery bugs I'll get back to it - eventually ...
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