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  1. Hello, He does plan to be at the Nats in Vegas. I will be sharing one of his three tables. I know he is working on new things, he showed them off at a show in San Diego in June. David Muroc Models
  2. Hello, The T-2 was used by the United States Army Air Service in the first non-stop Coast to coast flight across America. The flight occurred in 1923, from New York to San Diego. The Army converted a Fokker F. IV airliner into the T-2 to carry out long distance flights. Additional fuel tanks and a second pilot’s station were added. The Liberty engine was offset to the right, as the open cockpit was just to the left of the engine. The T-2 is part of the Smithsonian collection. The Smithsonian NASM site has panoramic views of cockpit and of the cabin.
  3. Muroc Models continues to to come out with new kits without telling anyone about them. That way I can spend more time working on new projects and less time casting old projects. The latest kit is a 1/144th NC-4/NC-3, first aircraft to sucessfully complete a flight between North America and Europe. I am nearly done with a 1/144th Fokker T-2. I continue to work on a couple of 1/72 projects related to the B-24 and the YB-49. When I complete the T-2, I can start some 1/48th projects. You can follow these projects on the "Muroc Models" Facebook page. David
  4. Hello, I finally finished the second test build for the C-87. Took some photos this morning with the Mojave Desert as the background. The C-87 has a metal finish using Tamiya spray and Alclad. There are many B&W photos of this aircraft, as it was featured in a Life photo essay. The rudders may have been some color other than olive drab. The national insignia have a darker blue outline. The cargo doors have been cut out and a floor and bulkheads scratch-built. To make sure it would not be a tail sitter, I added lots of shot to the nose and a scale tripod under the cargo d
  5. Hello, Here is a conversion of the Academy/Minicraft 1/144 B-24J into an early C-87. The C-87 was a cargo/troop version of the B-24D. It had a rather poor reputation, in part due to numerous crashes while flying “the Hump”. The nose art is “Hump Happy”. The decals are ALPS printed. The olive drab/neutral gray paint is Mr. Color lacquer. The conversion required modifying the nose to a shorter solid piece and adding many side windows. The small windows were done with Kristal Klear and decal film. The gun turrets are gone. The tail has been modified and corrected.
  6. Hello All, I recently finished an Anigrand XB-46. This is the first Anigrand kit I have built. Here are a couple of photos of the model at the Century Circle of the AFFTC Museum (Edwards AFB).. The kit appears accurate in shape. The larger parts were slightly distorted (think banana). This was overcome by gluing in sections. The nose glass is too small. The fuselage needed lots of putty above the wing, as this was indented, and should be flat. The model was donated to the the "First Flights Wall" at the Edwards AFB Museum. Several of the Museum's Century Fighters show up i
  7. Hello, They built two, and they will soon restart flight testing on the second one. The first one made flights with a normal wing, but crashed on take off when flexible wings were installed. David
  8. Hello, Here is a scratch-built X-56A MUTT. The X-56A is a small unmanned Flying Wing which was built to test ways to overcome wing flutter. This model was built to be part of the First Flights Wall display at the AFFTC Museum at Edwards AFB. The model was carved from sheet polystyrene and the decals are ALPS printed. The paints are Testors and Tamiya. David Muroc Models
  9. No problems, just hope everyone enjoys the YRB. I tried to shot a taped together YB-49 next to a B-17, but I did not like the photos. I will post more photos at some point. David
  10. Hello, The XB-35/YB-49 are the same wing span as a B-2. They are 30 feet greater in wingspan than a B-29 and 60 feet less than a B-36. The model went to the museum shortly after I finished it. It will be a few months before I can get to the Museum for more photos. Thanks to everyone for looking. David
  11. Hello, I finally finished the YRB-49A for the Museum at Edwards AFB. It is a large model with a 2 1/2 foot span. It will be displayed on the "First Flights Wall", which is a 1/72 collection intended to include everything which made its first flight at Edwards. These are all built with blue painted canopies and gear up. The kit started out as a YB-49 by AMT. The conversion replaces the intakes, exhausts, canopy and other parts, while adding the engine pods. The resin set (with decals and vacuformed clear parts) is available for $59 plus postage. The decals are ALPS printed. P
  12. Hello, Muroc models can be purchased from me directly. You can email me at "newmanispwest" at "yahoo.com". Thank You, David Muroc Models
  13. Hello, The HS-2L is ready for sell. The kit is $79 plus postage. Here is a photo of the HS-2L with the HS-1L. The HS-1L is available separately from Muroc Models. I have added a Davis gun to the nose of the HS-2L. The HS-2L was used to test the Davis gun, but the makings are incorrect for a HS-2L with this weapon. Thank You, David Muroc Models
  14. Hello, Muroc Models has just finished a 1/72 scale kit of the Curtis HS-1L. This was a submarine patrol flying boat used in America and France during 1918. The completed model has a 10 inch wingspan and a length of 6 inches. ALPS-printed decals shown in the test build are included with the kit. The kit is $76 plus postage. A kit of the HS-2L will follow before much longer. The aircraft was powered by a V-12 Liberty engine. Roden was kind enough to supply me with a number of trees for the Liberty engine from their injected H-16 kit. A sp
  15. Hallo David,

    I noticed in your 1/72 line-up the JF-104, was this the NASA designation for the NF-104 of which three were built, one crashing at the hands of chuck Yeager?

    If so I'll buy one conversion.

    Roberto Rambelli

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