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  1. You can count me in with a Tamiya RB6 and Fujimi's F2012.
  2. BAH, Worked like a champ. The decals settled down just fine with Micro-Sol, then I lightly brushed some MM Flat Clear to knock the sheen off of the decal. Thanks for the tip. Shooter
  3. BAH, How long did it take for your RB6s to show up? HLJ says mine shipped on Dec 5th, but still no joy. Just curious...I haven't contacted HLJ yet. Cheers, Shooter
  4. Would anyone be willing share how you prepare, decal, seal, etc rubber tires? Do the tires need to be cleaned first? I learned the hard way on my first car build to insert the wheels BEFORE putting the decals on the tire (decals flaked right off as the tire flexed to accept the wheels). Once the decals are on, what do you use, if anything, to seal the decals? How about any weathering to the tires if you want the car to look like it has gone a lap or two? Thanks for any advice.
  5. Vince, that looks great! Quick question...what paint did you use for the brass-gold-ish color on your suspension? Thanks.
  6. My first car build. I learned a ton, and liked it so much I bought a second kit to get it right. As you can see, I goofed up the decals for the tires, but Revell has been kind enough to ship a replacement decal sheet at no cost! I also lost the right-side airfoil/mirror assembly...I've heard of the carpet monster, but the garage floor? At any rate, this one was a lot of fun and a good break from jets.
  7. Thanks! I was admiring your build earlier this week...great inspiration for my build. I went ahead and pre-ordered the Tamiya Red Bull, so I may just have to get the Fujimi as well and do my own comparison. If I get brave enough, I may just go ahead and do an in-progress thread.
  8. Recently saw that Fujimi will release Ferrari's 2012 Malaysia GP car in December. Since I haven't built any car kits yet (just started working on Revells 1/24 F10), can anyone give me their impression of Fujimi's 1/20 kits versus Tamiya's kits? Thanks. BTW, just saw where Tamiya is releasing the 2010 Red Bull F1 car in November...pre-orders on HobbyLink Japan.
  9. I'd like to enter with Revell's 1/24 Ferrari F10. It will be my first car build, so not promising anything in terms of quality, but looking forward to it.
  10. Looking forward to seeing this completed. I had the privelege of flying her on my first mission qualification sortie at Eglin in Dec 1997. Later, she was my assigned jet here in Alaska in 2005-2008. She was the last F-15C assigned in Alaska when the 19th Fighter Squadron deactivated in 2010. (The 19th reactivated in 2011 at Hickam AFB, HI as the Active Duty component of the Hawaiian ANG flying F-22s.) Enjoy the build!
  11. Thanks! I plan to decant Tamiya Red for this build, along with decanted Krylon Fusion for the gloss white. If this build goes well, I know I'll want to do more F1, and then I'll give the Zero paints a go. Once I get some decent pics, I'll post under the group build. Thanks again for the advice.
  12. I'm a fairly experienced airplane modeller, but have never built a car or any other model with a gloss finish. Any techniques you have would be greatly appreciated. I'm fairly confident in the general build up of the kit (starting with Revell's F10) but I would really like to focus on the finish. Tips for what paint to use, surface prep, airbrush settings, sanding/polishing, gloss coat, etc. Thanks for any help...I'll post pics once I get started.
  13. Aren't you missing one Waco? I'll make you a deal, I send the one you are waiting for, and you can post the other pics! Have fun at NATS!
  14. PM sent for 1/48 Academy SU-27 Russian Knights and 1/12 Tamiya RC-211V Repsol.
  15. Bump. Still looking for the 1/32 F-15C external tanks for the Tamiya kit as well as a clear parts set for the kit. I've called and e-mailed Tamiya USA multiple times over the past few months to order the parts to no avail. Any help advice will be greatly appreciated.
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