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  1. Hi Steve, this was happening to mine browser too... and the tip above worked out properly, everything is ok now. Regards. JM
  2. LOL 😂 👻 Almost ruined my pants laughing out loud LOL
  3. Very nice and clean Jolly Rogers bird. Tomcats are always awesome, and you did a great job depicting this marvelous plane. Congrats
  4. Top notch jet!!! Tomcats are awesome, and you nailed it Congrats.
  5. Tomcats are my favorite bird! And you did a very stunning one, congrats!
  6. Great wheatering skills!!!! great job
  7. Great build. This marvelous in flight display surely catches some eyes on it. Congrats
  8. Superb work, Early USN jets were awesome with all those hi viz colors. Your Skyhawk captured that look with excelence! Superb - the best word to describe it
  9. Gorgeous, IAF birds are awesome, allways. Simply stunning The wheatering looks so amazing, top notch!
  10. Jose Maria


    Beaultifully done dude, simply perfect
  11. Great skill's on converting this beast Masterpiece!
  12. All that rigging creeps me out Great job, superb, masterpiece for sure
  13. Hello dude. Thank you for providing us with these nice pieces. Trumpy's rubber pieces are freak, I have three kits on my stash, and everyone suffered some kind of melting, releasing a large amount of greasy oils. I've just ordered 2 sets for swept wings and 1 set for extended wings. Sent you by e-mail for shipping cost savings. As soon as I receive your answer I'll send to you by paypal. Thanks a lot and congrats for your great job. José Maria.
  14. Hi Chuck! Museum quality your build. One of the most impressive and stunning models I've ever saw. Congrats for your shiny model. Cheers from Brazil. JM
  15. Just a simply outstanding job on this model. Looking foward to see the it ready, it will be a show stopper for sure. Cheers JM
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