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    Hi people, i know that the italeri f16c barak block 40 is the kinetic kit reboxed, but can anyone tell me if the italeri f16dg kit is also the kinetic one reboxed. Also is the cockpit of an f16f block 60 different to that of the everyday f16d? and what changes would be needed to use a resin sufa cockpit in a kinetic desert falcon? or are the sufa and desert falcon offices the same? Thanks Deano.
  2. Hi this is the first time i've posted for a while and it's all changed, how do you get to my assistant , my last posts. Anyway i want to know if the f16am block 15 nato viper has reinforcment plates on fuselage because kinetic dont mention this in the kit, but you do get them in the kinetic f16a mlu tiger meet kit 2009, if the nato version has the plates, which ones and would the tamiya plate set work. So do all f16am's have reinforcement plates. And am i right in thinking that the f16am block 20 isn't a f16mlu but a totally new jet made arround the same time has the midlife updates. thanks.
  3. kia

    f 16xl

    HI thanks but no looks like i'll have to do alot more research and measureing. to make an accurate f 16xl.
  4. kia

    f 16xl

    Hi the rear fuselage plug on the f16xl raises up 3% does this also raise the exhust nozzle and rear fin so that they arn't level, or is the nozzle and fin cut at a certain angle to compomsate for the lift making it all lok level when veiwed from the side. I hope you understand what i'm trying to say. I've got the 72 scale monagram f16xl and was thinking of raising the third plug, any advice would be most welcome. ov i'm going to put an aries f16 a cockpit and pratt & whtny nozzle on so i want to do it the best i can.
  5. kia


    Hi thanks for all your help, Tornado the fuji camera you suggest looks good but as i can see isn't it only x3 digital zoom, and as you said optical zoom is better than digital, its a shame because the review looks good. I want to be able to show, in detail the work i do in the cockpits and wheel bays of my models.
  6. kia


    Hi i'm looking to buy a camera so i can take detail shots of my models and post on here i don't know alot about them, but i'm wanting to spend no more than £70. Ive found one in argos with, x5 optical zoom, digital antiblur, 12 megapixals and lillum battery or whatever it's called and that's £69.99. I had a look at the argos guide to cameras and come to the conclusion that i should be looking for one with optical zoom instead of digital zoom, the higher the mega pixals the better and one that doesn't take AA/AAA battery's as they eat loads of power and would go through loads, and the lill a
  7. kia


    Hi i've tried the new formula to klear and it's no way near as good for canopy dipping and it doesn't give as much shine as the old stuff. Is thier an alternative to johnsons klear that can be applied by brush for glossing and weathering protection for enamel paint, or does anyone know where i can get a bottle of the old formula from? :) thanks deano.
  8. Hi thanks for the advice, i was wanting to reproduce the coloured seals arround canopy's. On a canopy you have the frame colour, then still on the out side of the canopy you have a thin black or white strip between the glazing and the frame. it's this wich i find hard to mask and paint. I think it's some kind of seal, i hope this has cleared it up a bit more. I thought you might of been able to buy sheets of white and black decal wich i could of just cut into thin strips and used as needed. about A4 size.
  9. Hi i'm wanting to use white and black decal strips to make the canopy frame seals on my models, but i can't find anywhere in the uk that sell coloured decal paper. Can i use normal white decal paper, if i just cut it into stips, if so how can i get the black stips. thank you.
  10. kia

    YF 16

    Hi thanks for that i didn't know the difference was not just the nose, i don't think it would really be possibe to fix all that on a model, i'm going to get the hasgawa Yf 16 ccv, one and just do the lights and easy mods i think.
  11. kia

    YF 16

    HI thanks for all your advice, i've just seen a picture of the YF 16 and the landing lights weren't on the main gear legs like on the F 16 A/B's and the early C/D variants, but it had two round landing/taxi lights, one on each of the main gear door not on the legs themselves. Do you think this might of been an exception or the normal, i can't seem to find any good pic of the YF undercarrige.
  12. kia

    YF 16

    Hi it's kia here is the undercarrige front wheel door different on the YF 16 prototypes as on all other F 16's, it looks like there are two doors, one either side of the nose wheel bay. and where are the lading/taxi lights located. and wich have canards.
  13. kia


    HI i never got a reply but my tamiya f 16C/N instructions say that the f 16N has the GE exhaust but the small intake, is this wrong, i thought all f16's with GE exhaust have wide mouth itakes.
  14. Hi i bought the f 16c/n aggressor and have made the f 16 block 30 with the black and white cow camo scheme. i still have the markings for the f 16 Block 32 aggressor scheme the green, green, brown 3 tone camo the comander one. The painting and marking guide on the tamiya instructions say's that this scheme is for the block 32, could i put these markings on a f 16 block 30, or does a certain part of the markings specificly designate it to a block 32, like a certain code or number. and of course does the light green , dark green over brown camo even appear on a block 30. You see i have all the p
  15. HI i'm building the attic F 16xl conversion and i want a resin seamless intake, where will i get one does anyone know? I know that cutting edge and the meteor production company use to make a white resin seamless intake, one for the small mouth and one for the big mouth intake but i think these have gone out of buisiness, is their another company that make them. ps sorry for my spelling.
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