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  1. Nice work so far. I especially like the paint job. Did you freehand that? Bryan
  2. Wow, those look fantastic! The stripes had to be difficult to make them look to scale. The homemade decals look great, what film did you print them on? Bryan
  3. You make the greatest videos sir. Thanks for taking the time to do those as they are always helpful. It really looks like you put a lot of effort into these. Great job, Bryan
  4. Hello fellow modelers, I'm looking for the tank decals from the 32nd scale Academy "A" version Hornet. I built a "C" model kit and converted it to an "A" using the Maw decal sheet. The Maw sheet doesn't have the tank decals. I would gladly pay for any shipping charges and any reasonable price. Please let me know if you have this kit and are not using the decals. Thanks!!! Bryan
  5. I'm having the same problem, never happened before
  6. I know you are playing a trick saying it's 72nd scale! It has to be 48th, it just has to be! All kidding aside, that has got to be one of the best 72nd scale models I have seen. Great work... Bryan
  7. I have the following kits and aftermarket items for sale. Price doesn’t include shipping. I will only charge the actual shipping so please ask me for a quote from 80222. It seems like it shipping costs have gone up but I will try to keep that at a minimum while making sure everything is packed well. I can work a bit on prices if several items are purchased. I can’t promise a big discount but I will see what I can do. I would much rather keep everything but my current circumstances dictate the sale. I’m not looking to trade much but I would consider a 1/32 Trumpeter F-14 if I have something you would like. I usually ship within 3 days of the sale and I accept PayPal. I will be adding for stuff as I get it together. Thanks for looking fellas and have a nice day. Bryan 1/32 Kits Academy F/A-18C Operation Iraqi Freedom #12102 (Sealed) (Lots of aftermarket below) $80Pending Academy F-16 CG/CJ #12101 (Complete sealed bags) $70 Sold Hasegawa F-16A #1202 (Complete but has box wear) $40 Trumpeter P-47D #02264 (Sealed) $48 Trumpeter F-105D #02201 (Lots of aftermarket stuff below) $75 Trumpeter F-105G #02202 (Lots of aftermarket stuff below) (Sealed) $75 Sold Trumpeter F/A-18F #03205 (See below) (Sealed bags) (Lots of aftermarket below) $90Sold (Decal for VFA-102 has a slight tear in the snake head. I will include one of the following sheets: Afterburner Super Bug Cags “East Coast” #32-003Sold Furball Airwing All Stars Pt 1 #32001Sold 1/48 Kits Academy ROKAF T-50 #12231 (Sealed) $22 Academy TBM-3 “USS Bunker Hill” #12285 (Sealed) $22 Hasegawa F-16F (Blk60) PT44 (Sealed) $38 (3) Revell F-15E #85-5511 (Complete but boxes a bit worn) $18 or $40 for all 1/35 Academy AH-60L DAP Blackhawk #2217 (Sealed in bags) $33 1/32 F-105 Aftermarket (Make offer if purchased with kit) Aires “G” cockpit for TRP #2163 (sealed) $40Sold Aires “D” cockpit for TRP #2045 (open complete) $33 Aires wheelbays for TRP #2076 (sealed) $25 Avionix “D” cockpit for TRP #32014 (sealed) $30 GT Resin Correction set (Tail, Nose Ventral fin) $30 (2) AMS Resin Fod covers #32007 (sealed) $7 for both Quickboost Correct Ventral Fin #32-064 (sealed) $5Sold Quickboost Air Scoops 32-068 (sealed) $3Sold Eduard PE “D” Exterior #32113 (sealed) $20 Eduard National insignia masks #XL524 $2 Zotz F-105 in Vietnam Wild Weasels at war decals 32-055 $22Sold 1/32 F/A-18 Hornet aftermarket: (Make offer if purchased with kit) Aires E/F opened nozzles #2177 (sealed) $27 Aires E/F closed nozzles #2279 (sealed) $27Sold Avionix “D” cockpit #32034 (sealed) $22 Blackbox “D” cockpit #32031 (open but complete) $22 Blackbox “A” cockpit #32011 (sealed) $28 Legend SJU-17 seats no belts #3212 (sealed) $15 Rhino E/F seamless intakes #32006 (sealed) $22Sold Eduard PE hornet Placards #32508 (sealed) $7Sold Eduard PE C/D Armament #32107 (sealed) $10 Eduard PE E/F Armament #32279 (sealed) $10 Eduard PE E Exterior #32272 (sealed) $20 Eduard PE G Growler Exterior #32288 (sealed) $22Sold Quickboost E correct control lever #32104 (sealed) $3Sold Quickboost E/F early ECS vents #32-131 (sealed) $5 Quickboost E/F late ECS vents #32-130 (sealed) $5Sold 1/32 F-16 Aftermarket Aires Exhaust nozzle for Tamiya #2095 $25 Aires Exhaust nozzle for Tamiya #2095 $25 Aires C/J Cockpit for Tamiya #2066 $28 Aires C/J Cockpit for Tamiya #2066 $28 Aires C Cockpit for Academy #2040 $28 Aires Wheelbays for Academy #2056 $22 Avionix Cockpit Blk30/32 for Tamiya #32030 $18 Wheeliant Weighted Late Wheels for Tamiya #132-002 8 Wheeliant Weighted Late Wheels for Tamiya #132-002 8 Wheeliant Weighted Late Wheels for Academy #132-005 8 Wheeliant Weighted Late Wheels for Academy Sufa #132-006 8 Quickboost Aces Seat #32-002 $6 1/32 F-14 Tomcat Aftermarket Aires “D” Cockpit for TRP #2174 $48 Sold Aires B/D Exhaust for TRP #2117 $40 Sold Eduard “D” Exterior for TRP #32269 $20Sold Wheeliant “A” Wheels #132-004 $9 Steel Beach red FOD covers #32001 $4 Sold Other 1/32 Aftermarket F-4J Avionix Cockpit for Tamiya 32-001 $25 F-4 Eduard Placards 32-062 $5 F-100 Zacto nose/intake correction for TRP $6 Sold F-100D Eduard Slats 32-186 for TRP $10 F-100D Eduard Exterior 32-181 TRP $10 F-100 Quickboost Type A refueling probe TRP #32-048 $5 A-4m Skyhawk Avionix Cockpit 32-058 $18 A-4 AMS Resin enlarged intakes w/scoop #32-062 $12 F4U-1 Quickboost corsair engine 32-036 $12 1/48 Aftermarket F-16C Aires Wheel bay for Haseagawa 4194 $14 F-16C Aires Cockpit Blk25/32 for Tamiya #4364 $14 F-16C Brassin early wheels 648-005 $3 F-16C Brassin late wheels 648-007 $3 F-16C Wheeliant late wheels 148-010 $3 F-16C Eduard Cockpit Blk 25 self-adhesive for Tamiya FE419 $4 F/A-18E Blackbox cockpit for Italeri 48-048 $8 F/A-18F Eduard cockpit for Hasegawa FE334 $5 B-1B Lancer Eduard PE 48-325 $15 Pending B-1B Lancer Eduard exhaust 48-499 $17 1/32 Decals F-15C Caracal Oregon ANG Part 32005 $10 F/A-18D Maw Double-D VMFA 224/533 32-001 $15 F/A-18C Syhart Nato Tigermeet 2011 32-069 $13 F/A-18C/D Twobobs Thunderbolts & Vikings 32-021 $12 F/A-18B Twobobs Casper and his Bandit Ghosts 32-059 $10 F/A-18D Flying Leathernecks Deltas part 1 32-001 $7 F/A-18D Flying Leathernecks Deltas part 1 32-001 $7 F-16C Afterburner OIF Black Widows 31-001 $7 F-16C Afterburner OIF Black Widows 31-001 $7 F-16N Superscale USN VF-43/45 32-132 $3 F-16N Navy VF-45 ”Roots” 32-133 $3
  8. I'm looking to trade my perfect condition Afterburner F-15 Aggressors sheet 48-081 for Afterburner Superbug CAGs and Special Schemes Part 3 48-077. Anyone willing to do that? Thanks, Bryan *** Got some already...
  9. Killer work as usual Andy! Always nice to see your builds... Bryan
  10. That is really something else! I really like the way you weathered with the BMF. Was is difficult to use the wash after using the flat coat? Really great work... Bryan
  11. I don't claim to know everything but I'll tell you what has and hasn't worked for me. I used decanted Krylon and it has worked very well. I did however, spray it on too thick and crazed the plastic (completely my fault). I started using Mr Color gloss black because I don't like decanting especially for small parts. It has worked great too and I don't notice any difference from the Krylon. I did try the Alclad gloss black a few times and it worked nice but it would lift with the slightest touch. I did try the future thing and it worked great too but I still have trouble trying to get a good smooth finish with it. I want to try Alclad's black micro filler/primer since I recently tried their gray stuff and it went on like butter. I was worried about using it after the black base fiasco but a buddy raved about it so I gave it a shot, I'm glad I did. I use Mr color since I can't see the difference myself and it's a lot easier for me than decanting Krylon. Hope that helps you a bit. Bryan
  12. Just incredible! You have completely nailed this. I have so many questions. I looked at your WIP pics and I'm in awe. How did the Aires pit fit? Is that the ACS IP from Steel Beach? How did you paint the exhaust? Any help would be appreciated... Bryan
  13. Okay, I'm building a Has "D" Hornet right now and I'm going to throw it away! I don't know how I could even come close, you have ruined it for me ha-ha! All kidding aside, this is one of the best hornet builds I have seen. It really is fantastic all the way around. Would you be willing to explain how you did the carrier deck? I'm looking to do one myself one day but I'm not sure how to tackle it. Any help would be greatly appreciated... Bryan
  14. Now that is a hornets nest! You are a man after my own heart, I love the hornet. I think what you have done with this build is really cool, I would have never thought of it. Great build and an A+ for creativity... Bryan
  15. Amazing, I don't know what else to say. Words cant describe that! Bryan