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  1. Gang, A very generous modeler gave me a Lone Star Models 1/48 XP-61E conversion that he originally thought was the LSM 1/48 F-15 Reporter (more extensive) conversion. I really want to build a Reporter, not an XP-61E. Anyone out there willing to trade their LSM F-15 Reporter conversion for the XP-61E and some $$$? Please contact me at umtutsut@comcast.net Mucho thanx! Les (The Voice of Authority -- www.voiceofauthority.net)
  2. I admit math and I have never been friends, but if you print a 1/96 model at 50 percent you'd get a 1/192 model according to my calculation. To get 67 percent, I simply divided 96 by 144 to get a percentage. At least that's the way I've always figured upscales/downscales*. * (An old Britsih scale modeling show? :rolleyes:/>/> ) :coolio:/>/> Les (The Voice of Authority)
  3. That's easy: Just print the parts at 67 percent to get 1/144. Les (The Voice of Authority)
  4. Why not take a shot at card modeling? A 1/96 Energia-Buran is available here for FREE (as well as other great models) http://www.cardmodels-r.narod.ru/index-e.htm I have no connection with Leo. Just a highly satisfied modeler! ;)/> Les (The Voice of Authority)
  5. Maybe I'm just dense...but I don't see those listed on the AMP site. All I see is submarine stuff. Are they still available? Les (The Voice of Authority)
  6. Gang, Here's the result of my last couple months' modeling endeavors: a 1/6 model of Ed White during his Gemini IV EVA in June 1965. Basic kit was the Revell Astronaut with MMU figure, tricked out with some resin replacement parts I bought on EBay a couple years ago. Added scratchbuilt stuff, even made decals for his EMU (chest pack). Note: The "mission emblem" on the base wasn't worn by the crew, but it appeared in at least a couple crew pix before NASA nixed it for the mission. Comments welcome. Enjoy! Les (The Voice of Authority)
  7. It's not, at least in the boxing I have. It's the launch pad/Gantry for earlier-model Ariane versions. The Ariane 4 launch pad is entirely different. An excellent card model version of the 4 pad is available somewhere. I'll have to find the site. :coolio:/> Les (The Voice of Authority)
  8. If you can wait for awhile, Dragon/DML is supposed to have their own, presumably new-tool, 1/144 version. Not sure I've heard a release date. Les (The Voice of Authority -- www.voiceofauthority.net)
  9. I think I can help. Let's take the questions one-by-one. 1.What are those blackish lines sticking up on this picture on the white parts, and are they accurate to the Revell 1/24th model? Are they dark colored ? Is that shadow? A. Yes, they belong there. In fact, there should be more of them. See this pic of Gemini 7 (I think): http://gemini.eklapper.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/Gemini_6_7.jpg 4. Any close up pics of the Gemini 4 parts? A. If you mean the interior, Google is your friend. For example: http://www.nasm.si.edu/imagedetail.cfm?imageID=993 Just enter "Gemini 4" or "Gemini IV"
  10. I recommend you join the papermodelers.com site. In the "Paper Aeronautics and Space Administration" group, you'll find several builds: Pioneer 10: http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/pasa-paper-aeronautical-space-administration/10798-pioneer-10-1-24-a.html Juno: http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/pasa-paper-aeronautical-space-administration/15661-juno-space-probe-1-48-a.html There are also dozens of other most excellent builds, as well as much useful info. Les (Friendly Airplane Asylum & ex-NASA flack)
  11. I'll just add my kudos: This build article is invaluable to me! I have the kit in my stash, with the basic body work complete. I've downloaded every pic to help in finishing this guy off. Just seeing the way you made the hose connectors is fabulous. I may stick with the earlier suit version, maybe as Pete Conrad? Thanx again! Les (Friendly Airplane Asylum & ex-NASA flack)
  12. I still have some of these guys hanging around for various projects. Since their suits will be white anyway, I'd try putting a thick coat of white paint where the pack pack goes -- i.e., filling the holes -- and then stick the PLSS on the figure. I haven't tried this, but I think the paint would act as a pretty good adhesive. B) Les (Friendly Airplane Asylum & ex-NASA flack)
  13. And for anyone who wants their very own model of a Bigelow module: http://www.papermodelers.com/forum/downloads.php?do=file&id=386 You may have to join the forum to download, but well worth it, IMO! Les (Friendly Airplane Asylum & ex-NASA flack)
  14. Why not build it as Enterprise during the Approach and Landing Test program? You'll just need to make a nose boom and sand down or fill the main engine bells. Les (Friendly Airplane Asylum & ex-NASA flack)
  15. Or...you could try to trade it for the 1/72 stack. That thing will be seriously expensive to ship to someone though, assuming you can find a big enough box. Les (Friendly Airplane Asylum & ex-NASA flack)
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