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  1. Looks great Brad. Now load her up like a missile truck šŸ¤¤
  2. The secret is what was said earlier, misting thin coats. I probably did hit some areas of my F-15E (Tamiya) too hard with the MRP. I just find the Tamiya Acrylic with MLT to be much more forgiving. Anyway, I'm going to give the MRP another try.
  3. Looks great. I have used it before but it seems a bit "hot". I since switched to Tamiya Clear using Mr. Leveling Thinner....works great and is durable. You my friend have mastered the MRP Clear.
  4. Very nice progress so far. Can I ask what you use for a glosscoat?
  5. I hope we do not lose the forums. There is much information on here, especially on build topics with photos et.al
  6. Man, you fellas are going through a lot of work to make an already excellent 1/48 P-47 series better to your own eyes. I would never have the patience to rip kits up to modify....especially a Tamiya.
  7. I hear you Curt. ICM, Reskit, Metallic Details, many smaller operations too, are hunkered down or helping in the war effort individually. We still do not know the impact of sanctions on Russia and the loss of most favored trade status. That will no doubt lead to delays in shipping (like we haven't had enough because of COVID) as well as potential tariff action. I would think if you see something you want for projects, buy now as we might not see them for a while. Pray for Ukraine. Slava Ukraini!
  8. I don't believe we will see any Miniart or Dora Wings releases for a while. The employees are hunkered down back in Kyiv or Dnipro. Slava Ukraini!
  9. I think there is a run on any Ukrainian markings in just about any scale currently.
  10. Which company is doing a 1/32 F-35C? First I've heard of it. I did hear something about Italeri? doing a new 1/48 F-35B...but this is new to me. I agree, prices are going to continue to increase, and it will be tough for many who do not have the means to afford the latest, greatest out there.
  11. I would like a comparison as well.
  12. More like unbelievable the poor guy is working so many hours.
  13. I remember the backlash from that as well. Saddam played the videos of the "Bomb Shelter" and civilian casualties and CNN et.al. made it prime time.
  14. For a Desert Storm load out, no F-111F build would be complete without the Bunker Buster. Me personally, I would probably use a GBU-15 for the mission to knock out the oil refinery line dumping crude into the Persian Gulf. That mission was freaking insane and the result shut it down.
  15. I could have sworn I heard that there will be a late slatted in the F-4E. They also said an F-4F as well as the F-4G. I'm waiting for each of those as well as their 1/32 P-51B/C.
  16. Thanks, now I can focus entirely on the Football games today. Jennings is "the man".
  17. I am surprised that the only replacement available is a 2 piece resin replacement. Two seams (in resin) to fit correctly with cyano and sanding. I might just stick with the plastic. Also, I received my kit from Ukraine Thursday of this past week. I was surprised that it included the ground crew because I thought my order was solely for the aircraft kit only. In any case $79 shipped for the kit w/ground crew was a reasonable deal.
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