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  1. < devils_advocate > So if I take the time to put together a blog about a build... or put together a sequential photo album full of comments about a build... and then post the link here so that interested parties can get some help on a similar subject... I will get blasted for posting a link? If I took the time to write & post something in one place, I'll be damned if I am going to re-write it in a dozen different forums. For those who like to stay in only one place... like ARC... for all their information & entertainment, the only person losing out is YO
  2. I would like to build 1/72 NB-52B "Balls Eight" mothership with an HL-10 (lifting body) under the wing. Here are the kits that I plan to use: Italeri #1378: 1/72 B-52G Stratofortress Anigrand Craftswork #7214: 1/72 Northrop HL-10 Lifting Body Are there any threads that deal with the mods to convert a B-52G to the NB-52B mothership? Any conversion sets? And is there a pre-made mounting pylon available (for mounting the HL-10 on the B-52), or halfway decent plans available? I am not looking to uber-detail the B-52; as long as it fairly
  3. Hi Jari, The loadout I am planning is "the usual" with 12x SBC (30-lb IB) + 4000-lb cookie. So scratchbuilding all that would be very time consuming. I created the plans to make the 30-lb IB in 1:72 scale. Was hoping that maybe someone would create a new set of SBC with 30-lb installed... I'd buy that fer shur! 30-lb_IB_design.pdf
  4. To follow up... does anyone offer 1/72 SBC (regular size) with 30lb IB ? I can get SBC with 4lb incendiary from Belcher Bits & Airfix resupply set... but that's not what I am looking for. Even separate 30lb IB would be okay... though I would need a lot of them! :D
  5. Jari, thank you VERY much for this information... it is exactly what I needed. With best regards, Glenn
  6. I am looking for pictures that show an SBC with the 30lb incendiaries installed... what did each bomb look like, dimensions, etc. Need to see how 30lb'ers were side-by-side, how many front-to-back, etc Sources say that an SBC carried 24x 30lb incendiaries... is that correct? I have the Belcher Bits SBC set but they have the thin 4lb incendiaries installed (15 per row, 6 deep)... but I need to convert these to have 30lb bombs instead.
  7. In the HK Models 1/32 Mosquito (B Mk.IV) kit, they include decals for No.627 Sqn. DZ637 / AZ-X However, the instructions indicate that this plane had bulged bomb bay doors (for a cookie). The paint scheme of this plane also shows invasion strips on the bottom. If 627 sqn was a pathfinder squadron, would it really have had: a) bulged bomb bay B) invasion strips ?
  8. Thank you very much, Mike! :D This helps a lot...
  9. I am starting a "blitz build" tomorrow (15-July-2016) on a 1:48 CF-100 Mk. IV (Hobbyboss kit) and decals from Canuck Models (023-48) I will build it as a 445 sq. RCAF in NMF (natural metal finish) but the instructions are lacking about most colours. So... I need to know what colours to use for the following: INSIDE: Cockpit, seats Landing gear Wheel wells OUTSIDE: What colours to use for NMF, on what parts? (I am likely to use Alclad.) Sorry for the short notice... but I need to know today/tomorrow (14/15).
  10. I asked Eduard what PE sets would work with the Academy #12107, but apparently they do not have anything to match, nor are planning to make anything. Does anyone have ideas what detail sets would work on this kit?
  11. I plan to build a 1/32 CF-188 that was involved in Operation Mobile (Libya 2011). The base kit is Academy #12107 USMC F/A-18A+, along with Wolfpack upgrade set, and Canuck Models decals. I would like to find out the following for CF-188 aircraft used in OM: serial number (for decaling) pilot name & callsign (for decaling) weapons loadout w/ station number (for accuracy)... would like a loadout that includes the Sniper XR targeting pod on the fuselage station (because it's cool). I have already asked DND for this information, but they will not give that information "for reaso
  12. Thanks for the help, Floyd! I only get information from doing Google searches on the interweb thingy. However, if anyone has access to detailed schematics, specs, and dimensions... or access to a real M230 chaingun... PLEASE provide the information to Master (and let us know here).
  13. May we again start asking Master to create some M230 chaingun barrels in different scale (incl. 1/48). They had them on schedule in 2014, then without explanation they cancelled. These will be forgotten about by everyone unless we keep asking... so please ask!
  14. I am seeking 1/32 scale nuclear weapons carried by CF-104 Starfighters : BDU-8/B practice bomb B43 B57 B28EX B28RE (and pylons, too, if possible) I have already inquired with Belcher Bits about a 1/32 set (similar to their 1/48 set BB14) but they do not offer that (nor do they plan to make it).
  15. Thank you, everyone, SO MUCH!!! :D Does anyone know of available decals for 627 sq. pathfinder Mosquitoes, in 1/72, 1/48, and 1/32 scale?
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