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  1. Is this approximately the same as current USAF Gunship Gray?
  2. What would be involved in converting this kit into a current Saudi AH-6i?
  3. In the USAF anyway, the BDU-50 is the Mk-82 practice munition. Externally identical except for the lack of charging well between the lugs, and has no nose or tail fuze well either. The nose well only has enough threads to engage a Paveway LGB fuzebolt.
  4. Is there a reasonably close FS color match to the gray on these MiG-31's?: http://eng.mil.ru/en/multimedia/photo/gallery.htm?id=26936@cmsPhotoGallery
  5. Looking at some of the included weapons, they would be right at home in 1985. AIM-7F? I would think that some Python AAM's would be appropriate alongside the AMRAAMs.
  6. Does this kit include very many munitions options?
  7. How does this kit stack up with regard to overall fit and accuracy?
  8. I recently acquired the Italeri 1/48 F-16C "Barak". I understand that it's basically a Kinetic reboxing with a few extra parts thrown in, though. Italeri's older F-16's have the wings and horizontal stabs molded as part of the fuselage. Any other manufacturers follow that configuration?
  9. How is it for overall fit and accuracy?
  10. This kit is probably 20 years old by now, but can still be found on EBay and other sites. I've heard that it's not very accurate for a "C" and makes a better "A" version. Opinions?
  11. Between Kinetic and Hasegawa, is one more accurate and/or desirable than the other?
  12. This is the kit that was released in the mid-1980's. For those that have built this one, did it come with the German MW-1 dispenser or the British JP-233 weapon?
  13. A bit off topic, but for those interested in the history of this mission, I recommend the fllowing site: http://www.dod.mil/pubs/foi/iran_hostage/ There's a metric ton of declassified documents there, from Confidential all the way up to Top Secret. And a detailed look at the helos (maintenance, history, BuNo's, etc.)
  14. Looking at the pictures towards the bottom of this page, one of the helos appears to be sporting a national insignia. Or is that some other marking?: http://www.helis.com/featured/eagle_claw.php
  15. I have one of Revell's 1/48 HH-53's on order, and I'm thinking of rendering it as one of the Navy RH-53D's used in the abortive 1980 Iranian hostage rescue attempt. The intakes (I'm told) would need to be modified somewhat. Anyone know what shade of brown (or tan) those helos were painted? From looking at old pictures, it looks kind of like the brown used in USAF Southeast Asia camo.
  16. I've got one of these on order from Squadron. How accurate is it for an out-of-the-box build?
  17. Anyone know if there are 1/48 decals available of the VNAF "checkerboard" fuselage-banded A-1's?
  18. Anyone know if there are 1/48 decals available of the VNAF "checkerboard" A-1's?
  19. Just bought this kit (always thought the Draken looked years ahead of it's time). Anyone got any decent color references/suggestions for the Swedish green/blue camo colors? Are any FS colors a close match?
  20. I was going through my box of old patches and a bunch are helo-related. These are mostly promo-type items and I doubt that any are/were worn by aircrew, but some look pretty cool:
  21. I didn't see the "UNITED STATES ARMY" fuselage markings on that sheet. Is this particular marking omitted from some MH-60's?
  22. Don - I'm probably going to use them but if I don't I'll let you know.
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