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  1. My Friend you have a bigger pair than me, if I had opened a kit that looked like this in the beginning it would have ended up in the trash, yet you have taken it and turned it into a master piece, truly a stunning build especially in this scale. G
  2. Stunning work there, been following these on the quiet, one of my most favorite jets, love what you have done with them, as to your Questions. Why not fade the one and open its air brakes and leave the other all crispy new, then you have the best of both worlds. Just an option. Cheers G
  3. Hi Guys Appologies for the lack or responces but the world has been upside down for the last while, I have made some progress on this one, I just hope that it will be completed in time, Cheers
  4. Very nice , came out just right. Now what is next
  5. Here we go again,a fair bit of progress, got the Fuselage halves together, a bit of fiddling but it went together OK. Also scribed the main wings and put them together got the engines fitted as well, although I had to add spacers between the engine halves to get the fit right, scribed them as well. THen disaster while fiddling with the main screen it split down the middle, glued it back together but still looks crap I will add a center split to the screen that might just hide the crack, I will however still finnish this build. Next I will be tackling the main landing gear and see what I
  6. Stunning work M8, I love the look of this plane, seems like it has a massive wingspan.
  7. Yip we were warned were we not, but as they say those that dont want to listen need to feel the pain. Going slowly at the moment, below is a pic of the 2 Fus halves, that i have re-scribed , I also removed the rudder to try and improve the kit a small bit Thanks for looking
  8. Hi guys I am back with something new again, I needed something that I wanted to do quick and easy, OOB. Nice dream hey, Stunning looking box until i opened it up, well the sprues said it all as they say, what a frigging disaster. For the life of me i cannot understand how a company like Airfix who is doing some great work at the moment could dream of putting a kit like this out there. The problems are endless and enough has been written about it else where. Above is the box-art Very neat. The sprues above, you can see where I have drawn on the fuselage to scribe some panel lines that
  9. My I please, with a Widgeon, that glorious, disasterous little kit.
  10. Think I might join with one of these beauties as well. LOL
  11. Great looking Tiger, it is coming along just great, I am glad to see that Attack has sorted out their Zim Issues, I had to really cop and fit to get mine to fit, keep building, will be watching closely.
  12. Oh wow, way cool, stunning work you have done with his one,
  13. Your build is looking good, I think you made the correct choice on the color, looks much better than the 2 tone red and white. Keep it going.
  14. OOOOH i like what is happening here. looking really good, keep it building.
  15. Stunning paint work you have done here. looks very good.
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