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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_terminal_attack_controller
  2. What is Naturalization to you and who gives Naturalization to those who are not Us Citizens This directed at Graham and McCain? just trying to understand this part, since I never brought up the term enemy combatant.What I did bring up before is this. Keep in mind volzj, Holder made that statement when speaking of a us citizen. By no means did the our system work in this case. He was never tried as a terrorist. The conviction you write of only counted for 8 people out of the 168? he killed. Never mind all the others who did not die. That is a working system, for such matters?
  3. I was writing of that specific day/night with the on scene coverage.
  4. All in all, I think they did a good job, specially with how chaotic it was, Not like they could zone in on certain police etc, since there was so many of them, added to that, the shut down/lock down of the areas. To a degree, what I could see as an embarrassment is the lack of Dogs finding him so close to the scene that he ran from specially with blood and must have been powder on him. To put a little humour to it, if he ran down south, the hounds would have found him in as many minutes as it took them to walk to the boat. All day I was yelling, where the heck are the dogs. Did not take
  5. Holder made a statement awhile ago that terrorist do not have constitutional rights. The President when he came on called the act terrorism. I personally hope he is not giving the right to have rights. Luckily "at-least" to this point he has not been giving miranda rights. On a personal level, if he is giving rights, I would consider it a Kick to the face with his age, "depending" on the circumstances. I am a Natural Born Citizen of England and America. What this means and meant to America is. "As a child" I had the right of both citizenship's when it comes to American law, "Till Adult
  6. Did they ever go through with the upgrades for things like JDAMs being used internally? Knew it was in test and development, tho not sure if it made it to the field.
  7. My two cents tho it is a generic statement. Our system needs to define what terrorism is and or define what they mean by political when it comes to things like domestic terror and these type of things "if" domestic, should the terrorist still have certain rights in the criminal system. Other statement,, When it comes to a mass of people, I really wish those who are supposed to deal with safety would actually think of safety and reaction time. Things like construction scaffolding and wooden picket fence snow/sand barriers are not exactly safety/reaction time friendly.
  8. There technically is no 2013 Budget, Yes they have figures which they ask, need. The Budget which the USAF asked for, was 5 percent lower then the Budget they got, since the Budget that was asked for never made it through congress. Another words, For half the year the USAF had 5 percent more then they expected to get. Sequestration=s a cut that "Includes that 5 percent" By your own figure, For this half of the year, the actual cut would be 3 percent from the Budget the USAF wrote they needed. If one wanted to factor in the Budget they got to the end of the year, For the entire year they s
  9. http://www.af.mil/information/factsheets/factsheet.asp?id=130
  10. Times the bold by 7.5, that would be close to cost for the CV-22B.
  11. When it comes to flight hours, one has to look at the cost per aircraft type etc. A C-17 cost less per hour then those small VIP birds do, believe it or not. Can almost get 2 hours out of an F-16 for the price of one hour for a F-15. F-16 cost per hour is close to the Cost per hour of an C-17. That little stint with those two B-2s that flew to South Korea ate up a lot of cost for flight hours, they are the most expensive aircraft per flight hour. Interesting thought wile on the subject, Cost per flight hour for an Osprey is more then an F-22. Would have to put thought into this, My
  12. We have a system that can be implemented to lesson the strength of the evil ones against the USA. Open up trade and sell as much fast fattening food "cheap cheap" to said countries. They need a bag of rice, give them 20,000Lbs of 8000 calorie burgers.
  13. To be honest bud, I am way more worried about the weather these days then getting nuked by a vast missile system and or subs sitting off our coast.
  14. My thoughts tell me, They will provide Close Air Support with assets who are to be deployed, "NOT" with assets that "just came back from deployment" or assets "that will not deploy anytime soon".
  15. You will get a kick out of this one Holmes. My wife's thing is, Purses. Here is one of her "Operation Covert Sale" ones. It is one of them flip color deals to boot. In sunlight etc. It looks gold. If one looks, can see the gold tint from the camera flash. mine
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