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  1. hey pete you simply know what you're doing...:) wonderful work.
  2. hey pete what can i say ? the canopy looks great. although i believe the canopy frame is a bit widder then it should be at the back. other then that the viper looks amazing. great job.
  3. those colors are the actual colors used for painting the real f-16s here in israel. i got them during my service in the IAF. thanks evryone
  4. the spice is from Isracast. what is the Derby?? thanks evryone ...realy appreciate it
  5. Man you should be a plastic surgeon great nose job :)
  6. hey Some of you probably already know my f-16 Sufa 1/32. the work on that model still not done but for now i'd like to show my other two finished f-16s 1/32. the first one is the Tamiya f-16c block 40 from the Skulls squadron. the other one is Hasegawa f-16a block 10 (not sure) from the Red / Dragon squadron. i hope in the future to have a much bigger models collection of this amazing aircraft.......and a nicer corner to take pics of them
  7. i'm speechless ... thank you all for those kind words. about the canopy request - i wish i could, realy. i'm flattered you asked me that but i'm sooooo pressured in time right now that i wouldn't wanna promise something i won't be able to keep. Bekim !!! wow man thats something you don't see evry day ...i don't know what to say. you can be sure i already put the link to this amazing piece of work on the israeli models building forum. i loved it ..i know they will too. sure i'd like to see it finished, when do you think it's gonna be done?
  8. can't wait to see this one finished
  9. amazing work on this tomcat first time i see someone using salt on a model but it tuned out realy good.
  10. hey pete it's nice to see you're back on track..i actually use to take a glance evry once in a while at this wonderful converting job of yours. i'm working right now on a similar conversion for an israeli f-16i 1/32 Sufa and i know what you've been through to get to that fine result. i'll keep my eye on this topic...so far i enjoyed evry update of yours.
  11. thanks guys well the news is i almost done with the Sufa model, still have to make a new canopy for it and few more tiny things to finish. here some more new pics i took today ..hope you like it.
  12. I used some Future to cote the model sorry for the mess ,i don't have a cleaning lady. usualy i clean the desk i'm working on evry time i take pics for a new update but since i just wanna finish it as soon as possible , i decide to leave the desk as it is. and then started laying decals on it. as you can see the plane is from the Negev squadron, tail no' 430. don't mind the intake cover it doesn't belong nor fits this model. i took it out from another f-16 1/32 Nets by hasegawa. i'm gonna put the plane on it's back now and add some more decals to it's lower part.
  13. hi guys a little progress on the Sufa. hoping to finish it soon so far i've been working on this model for over a year. can anyone tell me what this part in the front of the nose is called and what is it for? after three years of being an f-16 mechanic i have no idea...well... i never asked :) i guess it got something to do with the radar right? painted: Delilah and the Python ..just started working on them.
  14. hey steph i don't know what to say .amazing job can you pass it on to Moshe ??? i'll keep my eye on that one and maybe i'll lern a thing or two from this guy.
  15. thanks. i don't know if it's good or a bad thing... sure it takes some time to color all the details of the gear bay but it's only a matter of patience and the right color.
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