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  1. mungo1974


    Yep Eagles Talon did a sheet cover the Bell X-1 and B-29 Mother/Drop ship...don't recall Fertile Myrtle ever being done. Academy did once hint at a P2B-1S Fertile Myrtle boxing of their 1/72 B-29 kit but it never happened...guess they needed a 1/72 D-558-II Skyrocket to complete the boxing.
  2. Blackbird Models in the UK is of his international distributers I'm in no way connected with them just passing the info on. https://www.blackbirdmodels.co.uk/modeller-decals-544-c.asp
  3. Even more because I have a ton of saved C-47 stuff and I'm bored😜
  4. So many choices outthere for the C-47
  5. He put up a image of the sheet maybe 3 years ago now, it covered 6 or 7 of the Heritage scheme jets.
  6. Really need someone to do a QF-4 conversion set to make the decals worth while. Twobobs did 3 sheets,Jake Melampy drew up artwork for another which hasn't been released yet...
  7. I'd just be happy with a reprint of the last OV-10 decals you did. Sheets I kept thinking I'll pick them up, but never did for some reason then they were OOP everywhere.
  8. I believe the Vac Form "Comms" hump that Flightpath produced is still available if you want the JC-130B. Just looking forward to seeing what options are on the USAF sheet,the fact you've said there will be a follow up sheet covering USN/USMC/USCG means I'll have to stock up for sure.
  9. Any updates on this one Kursad? Eager to know how many Herks i need to add to the stash
  10. Hind Deja vue...very disapointing,had high hopes for this one.
  11. Did anyone actually get to buy anything from them?,apart from a select few people at acouple of Nats shows everything always seemed to be OOP.
  12. Any chance of some late Eagle's with the tailcodes? I know Repliscale did a sheet with a 'TC' 318th option but they weren't the best quaility even back in the early 90's when new. And the late 48th FIS at Langley with 'LY' codes have never been done before.
  13. Just happy to finally see some Bentwaters/Woodbridge 81st TFW Hawgs printed to modern standards
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