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  1. Go the full missile truck idea Boeing sold to the Air Force. Add Wing Stations 1/9 for another four AIM-120,so 2x AIM-9X,18X Slammers maybe a Legion Pod on the centreline. End result one bad Eagle.
  2. Any chance of a reprint of your Lakenheath 493d Grim Reapers sheet in 1/48,think there maybe some demand for their decals this year as they go out of the Eagle business in May 2022 and start the transition the the F-35 along with the newly reactivated 495th Valkyries Theres also 86-0172 with its new tail markings to consider.
  3. Dammit Dutch you're gonna make me order aset or two of these and try and hunt down the decals. Knew I should have just reached out to the gentleman in Japan weeks ago when I first stumbled across his page. So which B-52G/H units were trained to drop the AGM-142. cheers, Gary
  4. Not sure if Monokio ever did them,but I did stumble across these afew weeks ago when researching possible loadouts for the GWH B-52G. https://mindustry.base.shop/items/45914896 I have no idea if they are any good,but I'm very tempted to contact them and order a set. cheers, Gary
  5. Anyone got this one in the stash gathering dust they no longer want/need. After the Eglin Test 'ET' F-15D so if you've bought the sheet for the Aggressor jet maybe we could do a deal. Cheers, Gary
  6. Would be nice to have one available in the usual scale
  7. Atleast wait and see what badges and crew names get applied to the 'OT' jet 20-0002 in the next few weeks . No doubt someone else will jump on the EX decal bandwagon at some point and redo these jets and whatever they end up with markings wise at Kalmath Falls and Portland IAP once the Oregon Guard start receiving jets Need to crack on with my 1/48 family build and lay some coin down with Arnaud.
  8. I like Dutch's idea of a addendum sheet of the Qatari roll out jet and maybe a little extra for 20-0001 now she got her crew assigned and full color unit badges.
  9. That jet is already on the 1/48 sheet, I don't see why Kursad would remove it from any proposed 1/72 sheet
  10. Lovely details but the set could really do with the centreline pylon done to the same standard as the wing pylons.
  11. Most units have already been done by others aftermarket in 1/48. Late Sioux City markings has only been done poorly in the Hobbyboss 1/48 A-7K kit South Carolina ANG have never been done being short time users before getting F-16A's. Me I'd love to see all four Arizona ANG 1981 Camouflage trials jets on sheet,got a bunch of ref's if you want them. Maybe if you add Active duty Jets in the mix,maybe one of the overall Gunship Grey A-7D camouflage trials by the 355TFW in 1974 Or if you want colorful maybe Edwards AFB.
  12. Yeah LAU - 115,dunno where I got ADU from.. dyslexic fat fingers. Yeah I remembered the Hasegawa weapons set after I posted but don't have that set E and am struggling to find it here in the UK or anywhere else for that matter. Is this something you'll be adding to your line up eventually Dave? Not in any rush as I tend to plan projects 3-6 months in advance to give me time to source any extra aftermarket I don't already have.
  13. Anyone know of a in production source for 1/48 LAU-115/ADU-127 Launcher & Adaptors for the Hornet family? Wolfpack and Attack Squadron sets seem to be impossible to find right now Need 2 sets if anyone has any leads on where I can find them. Cheers, Gary
  14. I'll just leave these here but if you do the Wolfpack Wingking Scat heritage jet,then consider the Pantons & Headhunters heritage jets too...not much out there image wise yet but I'm sure someone could get them for you.
  15. Following this build with interest,need to suck it up and buy the Bam models set and the Phase stuff
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