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  1. So this appear on my F/B feed today. Anyone know anything about it, had no idea GWH were even thinking about a 1/144 BUFF
  2. Dunno about the new K models...I'd just be happy for a CH-53B/C/D etc that wasn't a 40 year old tooling
  3. Sad news, talked to Mark a number of times via email about new subjects for future sheets in his range. He will be missed but many. Also just read over on the LSP forums that Bill Koster also passed this weekend and legend in our community lost.
  4. There was a bunch of Desert painted Herks that used to shuttle between Little Rock, Ark and Germany as Koen said. There was a grey example too with the 317TAW 64-0504,very simple markings. If you're taking requests Kursad. 23WG at Pope AFB..save me buying a Academy reboxed Italeri kit just for the decals.
  5. Aviano 100%, not sure if there's enough room for the 480th to join the 31stFW. Would be surprised if they replace one of the current Blk40s Sqn with the Blk50s and take on the SEAD role freeing up a bunch of Blk40's for the ANG to use.
  6. A small stencil version of weasel artwork used on the 50th Anniversary jet
  7. Shaw AFB has atleast 2 jets,Allied Force MiG killer 91-0353 longtime 77th Fighter Sqn Flagship got the HG5paint with grey codes And sister Gamblers jet 91-0377 also has it with the black codes.
  8. Any 20th SOS Helo's from the J-Catch program or the Caribbean Anti Drugs Det's on this sheet Kursad?
  9. Lovely F-51 scheme, always preferred post war Guard/Active Duty Mustangs to the endless repeats of the usual done to death Ww2 units
  10. Didn't Kinetic announce on their FB page they had cancelled the C-17 project
  11. Most of the remaining P-47M's were scrapped wholesale post war at Boxted,England in the summer of '45..a 'handful' ie 3 or 4 airframes got transferred to other units, the 4th FG @ Debden and the 479th @ Wattisham IIEC who were expecting to move to the Pacific and continue the fight against the Japanese flying P-47N's to give Mustang jocks some early Jug seat time but they dropped the A-bombs before deployments could be carried out
  12. Same guy or just some poor soul with the same name? Wasn't interested in his decals but the name started alrm bells ringing.
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