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  1. Been very busy putting warheads on foreheads if those mission tallies are anything to go by.... Thanks for sharing with us Gary
  2. I predict a bunch of B-52 builds appearing with this it the AMT/Italeri kit or that new tool kit we are all waiting for. For me...the only way the sheet could have been improved was if a 49TES 'OT' option of 60-0049 was included...I'm a sucker for test jets...actually the main reason i picked up the Caracal Bone sheet was for the 'OT' option.... Nevermind maybe on a follow up sheet....cough,cough...
  3. Really looking forward to this sheet...Good BUFF sheets are hard to find thesedays unless you strike it lucky on Ebay. Hopefully it'll sell well enough for Kursad to give us another sheet or two of 1980's vintage G/H models plus Desert Storm options(yes these have been done before but they all seem to be OOP,plus the transitional period from SAC to ACC with the then new tailcodes. I may never have the space for a dozen or so B-52's but awesome new decals would be a great start.
  4. Me too!
  5. Damned if you do,damned if you don't....the ongoing struggle of a decal manufacturer trying to please everyone...its never gonna happen. Builders/decal collectors just need to suck it up and diversify if its subject you really want,I'm still a committed 1/48-1/32 guy at heart but find myself buying more & more 1/72 and even 1/144 stuff simply because of the subject matter is only available in that scale from that manufacturer...Wolfpak Decals have done so many subjects in 1/72 that i would love to see in larger scale,but given the choice of downscaling or missing out completely...its a no brainer.
  6. Glad to see VF-45 options and i hope the images of the jets i gave you guys were of some use...Will defo pick the 1/48 sheets up when funds allow....still hope oneday you guys will do both the Tiger VF-45 jets in 1/32 cheers, Gary
  7. Old 60's kit
  8. Awesome news about the C-5 kits,Still not even picked up the Starlifter yet...was kinda disappointed by the reviews,some of the soft cockpit etc.. But if we're getting Galaxy's I'm gonna have to get a 141 too.
  9. As the title says looking for TwoBobs 48-063 Ebony Talons It the sheet with the Beale/Holloman/Whiteman jets. Cheers, Gary
  10. In the 30 or so images i've found online and saved for reference purposes of Ugandan Su-30's they are all unarmed apart from this one single image...not much help but there it is.
  11. Awesome to see Shaw 507ACW and 21st FS markings...if there had been a 55th FS it would have been perfect..
  12. That Lobos jet has just gone on the must buy/build list
  13. Now Neeko the F-15 Geek in me ask's...did you happen to take any pictures that show the crew names on both sides of the nose? Been wanting to do the 35th Wing flagship for a number of years
  14. Reminds me of that Boneyard 747 video clip Edit:this one
  15. Going by the early test shot sprues at Telford this weekend i think they got you covered.