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  1. Hey I'm a patient man but this B. S has rolled on for years. The fact I know of two other aftermarket decal guys who were interested in doing these jets but canned the idea as Diego kept promising his release was imminent. Yet 7 years later what do we have nothing but broken promises and missed opportunities for others.
  2. This popped up on one of the Facebook F-15 Group pages. The front cockpit of the first EX at Eglin.
  3. Kursad, Any chance of adding some generic Qatari insignia & fin flash for the F-15QA option?. I know none of the jets currently under test aren't wearing insignia but planning ahead....plus you already have the artwork drawn on your Rafale sheet.
  4. Not my model but maybe some inspiration...
  5. Well that's another one on the buy it ASAP list. And since us modelers are never fully satisfied please please Academy can we have a 1/144 B-2 Spirit too! Yes we have the Revell and AMP kits but both have issues.
  6. Hey Tony Not my photo's sadly. You need to send Neil in this thread a message it was his Dad who was in Nicosia...I know his Dad sadly passed away afew years ago now but he may still be able to help you.
  7. Awesome that right there is what i was hoping to see,rather than waste a bunch of $$ on the Academy rebox of the Italeri kit just for a decal sheet I can buy yours and put the rest to yet another Zvezda Herk
  8. https://www.blackbirdmodels.co.uk/air-war-over-vietnam-pt2-72-2122-p.asp
  9. mungo1974


    Yep Eagles Talon did a sheet cover the Bell X-1 and B-29 Mother/Drop ship...don't recall Fertile Myrtle ever being done. Academy did once hint at a P2B-1S Fertile Myrtle boxing of their 1/72 B-29 kit but it never happened...guess they needed a 1/72 D-558-II Skyrocket to complete the boxing.
  10. Blackbird Models in the UK is of his international distributers I'm in no way connected with them just passing the info on. https://www.blackbirdmodels.co.uk/modeller-decals-544-c.asp
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