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  1. In the 30 or so images i've found online and saved for reference purposes of Ugandan Su-30's they are all unarmed apart from this one single image...not much help but there it is.
  2. Awesome to see Shaw 507ACW and 21st FS markings...if there had been a 55th FS it would have been perfect..
  3. That Lobos jet has just gone on the must buy/build list
  4. Now Neeko the F-15 Geek in me ask's...did you happen to take any pictures that show the crew names on both sides of the nose? Been wanting to do the 35th Wing flagship for a number of years
  5. Reminds me of that Boneyard 747 video clip Edit:this one
  6. Going by the early test shot sprues at Telford this weekend i think they got you covered.
  7. Haha, I was being facetious with the JR comment....most over hyped Sqn ever
  8. If your gonna use the BMDR stuff,watch yourself the guy who owns it had quite a bad rep on here acouple of years ago,there was a bad trader thread were he'd ripped folks off and those who did get their stuff the standard of the resin was very poor... Things may have changed for the good,I'm giving you a heads up as a friend of mine was one of those who got stiffed.
  9. No Jolly Roger option
  10. Well atleast the tailboom is a separate part going by the link i guess a resin corrected APU boom will be along before too long...still would have been better if HB had got it right from the start given the price of the kit..
  11. gonna get these!
  12. I agree... would love to see some 48th FBW F-86F-35's regular jets rather than the Skyblazer Demo jets.
  13. Nice work,glad to see the images i posted above provided some inspiration for the final subjects
  14. VMFA-312...Just sayin' Or maybe VC-7 for something alittle different
  15. Didn't know this GB was planned...But i'll play..6 month GB huh.. Got a busy month ahead but I'll say i'm in with a 1/72 B-17...maybe one of the new Airfix kits(i have 3 on preorder) assuming Airfix don't push the release date back too far. Cheers, Gary