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  1. Had hoped it would be here by now it's been almost 2 years since the P-51H... I guess the delay is another victim of Covid
  2. Yep the timing sucks... Hopefully the sheet will sell well enough to warrant a pt 2, there's a bunch of SG's with tail art that could be done plus what ever the Kalmath Falls Oregon ANG EX's will look like as they start receiving them.
  3. Don't forget F-111's use the same drop tank as the A-10 May open up afew more search options for you.
  4. Ugly scheme... Looks like the folks at Fort Wayne have been at the crack pipe too..
  5. Wartime ASR B-17H were a mix of new build B-17G modified at depot level and war weary G's that were converted in the field using kits. Paragon Designs did a conversion set in 1/72 & 1/48 but they are OOP,another company called i think 299 models did a set 30 odd years ago and Academy did a SB-17G boxing of its 1/72 kit although its quite difficult to find now. War Weary ex-457th BG "The Duchess" in service with the 5th Emergency Rescue Squadron (ERS) Boxted Suffolk,still fully armed minus ball turret The "Donna J III" 5 ERS Boxted with unusual radome fairing.
  6. WW2 B-17's didn't use shoulder harnesses
  7. Hey I'm a patient man but this B. S has rolled on for years. The fact I know of two other aftermarket decal guys who were interested in doing these jets but canned the idea as Diego kept promising his release was imminent. Yet 7 years later what do we have nothing but broken promises and missed opportunities for others.
  8. This popped up on one of the Facebook F-15 Group pages. The front cockpit of the first EX at Eglin.
  9. Kursad, Any chance of adding some generic Qatari insignia & fin flash for the F-15QA option?. I know none of the jets currently under test aren't wearing insignia but planning ahead....plus you already have the artwork drawn on your Rafale sheet.
  10. Not my model but maybe some inspiration...
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