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  1. mungo1974

    CD144005- 1/144 B-52H Stratofortress

    Awesome...but does anyone do all the parts to do a current-ish B-52H? I do have a couple of the Revell 144th BUFFS both G&H boxing's but am out of the loop on any aftermarket for them
  2. mungo1974

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    If you throw a 31 line jet on there circa '94 then you've got another customer!!
  3. mungo1974

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Not even that much of a Tomcat guy,but even I'm looking forward to this. Hopefully we'll see some new decals,although I struggle to think of anything that's not already been done sized for older kits. Would love to see some new VF-31 Felix decals circa 1994 when they were on the USS Carl Vinson for no other reason then the only time this Brit ever got up close to a F-14D it was from this time frame.
  4. Longshot I know, But has anyone got Yellowhammer Decals 48002 gathering dust somewhere? After the VF-31 jet option. Can send payment via Paypal. Cheers, Gary
  5. So guys thinking of building another Intruder in 1/48. Last one was many years ago using the Revell kit,but this time looking at either the Hobbyboss or Kinetic kits just for the engraved panel lines option more than anything. Anyone had any experience with either kit pro's/con's etc Any help most welcome.
  6. mungo1974

    1/48 Tamiya F-14D

    Well held off on the original boxing but if this one does end up being a F-14B(A+)/D combo I'll be up for atleast acouple. Been wanting to build a Desert Storm VF-74/103 A+ Combo using the Fightertown/Afterburner sheets in my stash for ages...maybe that time is finally here.
  7. Maybe this question has been ask before but the search function didn't throw up much.. Are there any conversions sets out there to convert the various Italeri 1/48 Blackhawk kits to the Japanese Mitsubishi built cousins?? Looked the Hasegawa 1/72 kits but they are alot of cash for a 80's kit with alittle PE/Resin and new decals...plus ideally I would like to build in 1/48 Just getting into Helos as a change of pace so don't really know whats outthere... Also how on earth in 2018 do we not have a decent AH-1F/S 1/48 model other than to old Monogram kit Thanks in advance.
  8. Saw a USAF image yesterday of one of the F-15E StrikeEagle of the 492EFS returning home @ RAF Lakenheath after their 6 month tour flying combat operations over Syria,proudly wearing a green kill star for the shootdown of the Iranian made UAV over Syria back in June. This got me thinking are UAV's classed as legitimate kills nowdays?...I mean the classic shootdowns of Vietnam/Desert Storm/Balkans are pretty much a thing of the past now unless your some poor Syrian Fitter pilot who picked the wrong piece of airspace to be flying through. And i don't recall other Drone shootdown getting kill markings...maybe in this occasion it was just because it was the Sqn Commanding Officer who got the credit. Anyone have any thoughts on this without getting political and taking sides... And for the sake of the discussion F-15E 97-0219 492EFS Credit USAF.
  9. mungo1974


    Buy the Eduard rebox of the P-40N,it can be built as a P-40M too P-40K....good luck...kinda got my fingers crossed Eduard will rebox the K too
  10. mungo1974

    Roden 1/144 C-5

    Had planned on getting one of these to go with my Roden C-141 and Revell C-17 as soon as possible after release....i think i may just wait awhile now and see how much various online stores start to discount them...when they don't sell at full retail
  11. mungo1974

    1/144 C-5 Galaxy decals

    Looking forward to what Kursad has in the works for the C-5... Hope Roden adds a bit more detail this time,as their Starlifter was alittle underwelming..but I bought one anyway as i doubt anyone else will do one. Don't suppose anyones done a cockpit for the Roden C-141 have they???
  12. Good luck with that...I'm 99.9% sure it never got printed. Teaser profiles were posted,but Afterburner Decals imploded before it ever when to print. Geoff has since done one or two VF-142 Cat's in his Furball range.
  13. For me maybe acouple of Vietnam era helo's Post Vietnam boxing with the later mods....well Air Cav Maybe one of these... Or maybe USAF... God help me...if Kittyhawk decide to give us a new UH-1N down the road
  14. mungo1974

    Combat F-16's in 32nd scale

    Badly want to do sharkmouth Spang Blk30A in 1/32 Oh and some nice SEAD hunter/killer combo's F-4E/G, F-4G/F-16C...Love the first 1/32 F-4E/G sheet you did,just wish you'd give us some long nose Phantom love with the classic South East Asia scheme or the later wrapaound SEA. Cheers, Gary
  15. mungo1974

    1/32 Tamiya announcement ?

    Well Marcus Nichols just posted this on Facebook...guess we are getting a 1/32 F4U-1D/FG-1D.