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  1. Hi All, hope everybody staying safe and sane during these times... I am looking for any of the 1/32 F-16 RSAF decals. Either the Zotz 32008 Vivacious Viper # 2 set Siam Scale AFV - F-16D kit decals postage to Singapore. Any help wld be appreciated.
  2. Hi Hoops, thanks for your input. Am not that much of a rivet Counter and seeing there is no aftermarket Decals out there that I cld find, will be happy for any of the whole Hasegawas or the revell Sheet. Preference Wld be for the Hase anniversary markings though. Cheers, Andre
  3. Anyone willing to part with their revell or Hasegawa German navy P-3C Decals?
  4. Anybody will to part with the Revell or Hasegawa decal sheet for the German Navy P-3C?
  5. actually bought the AIM 747-300 with the -400 upgrades they had at that time (abt 5yrs back)... winglets/wingroot fairing and the resin engines from their VC-25 release that year which are nice. The 747-400D definitely possible without any scratch building once these are back in production.
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