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  1. Nah, she doesn't get a VF-19. She only had a VF-1J, VF-17 and VF-22S in the show.
  2. That's a Korean site, not a Japanese one. And most of them are in their original schemes.
  3. Pity about the selection of kits of the aircraft. Either you got a tiny, ridiculously overpriced Bandai kit or have a fun time locating the Platz 1/72 kits. Hey, Fine Molds. How about a 1/48 representation of the Super Slyph in injection plastic! AI HABU CONTORU!
  4. Just curious, but are those Unification War helmets in the male set, fourth from the right?
  5. Somehow, I completely forgot all about the car that gave birth to this idea. Now considering an overall black (or maybe a very dark grey) with silver and turquoise accents as well because I do want to use the stencil decals included in the kit (they are meant to go on a dark surface, not a light one). It will be finished in matte, of course. Maybe I'll have one of the pilots waving a leek too.
  6. I didn't like the breakdown of the kit as it wasn't very modeler friendly. This is especially true of the forward area of the aircraft. The transformation gimmick leaves rather huge gaps in fighter mode. Especially in the pieces in the fuselage above the intakes. The decals were rather stubborn in going into the panel lines, even with large amounts of Mr Mark Softener being used. Sorry for the poor pictures.
  7. Finished this kit a while back and thought I would show it here. I am keeping the plane in fighter mode as I think it looks the best out of the three modes and the battroid is just too aneroxic for my taste and needs the Armoured pack to bulk up nicely.
  8. Not really a big fan of NMF schemes to be honest, especially on modern aircraft. Perhaps an overall white with the red/magenta edges, keeping the main colour light, in a sense?
  9. Hi, guys. Long time lurker, first time poster. This seems like an interesting groupbuild to join in. Recently came into possession of these fine Hatsune Miku decals, by Goodsmile Company (run by Max Watanabe), from my LHS, as well as the 1/18 sticker set. Have been trying to find a use for them until I stumbled upon this thread. I intend to combine these decals together with my Hasegawa 1/48 F-2B, in the spirit of itasha (painful cars), but in this case, itaki, literally, painful aircraft. Any advice on a good colour scheme for the plane? The dark blues of the original scheme is too dark and I was thinking of using an overall bluish purple with white along the leading edges of the flight control surfaces and nose. A leek green scheme will not be considered. Heh. Looking forward to starting this build.
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