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  1. Greetings, There are some variations within the Typhoon-Akula class. The basic colors are surprisingly simple. The pictures I have seen of the later version like in the above drawings are bright flat red below the mid point of the hull, black above, silver for the sonar dome, bright brass for the sickle shaped propellers, and white for the waterline marks. I'll see if I can find the pictures but no promises. Simply Googling Typhoon Submarine should find quite a bit. The upper hull had differences in fittings as well. Good Luck, Bob
  2. Steelwolf, It looks like a couple Maus turrets on the corners. Most everything will be scratch made otherwise. As a side note there were plans at one time to put twin 15" turrets on Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. Did you post anything on www. in their axis discussion site? Sorry I can't be of more help. Good Luck, Bob
  3. As a piece of trivia, According to Guard members Monogram actually came down to Peoria, Illinois and measured some of the OA-37B planes in the squadron. Seems a shame that they weren't rewarded by Monogram for their help with kit decals for a Peoria plane. When I got a tour the planes were gunship gray and dark green with either a red, white, or blue tip on the top of tail. The kit was not out yet but it was close. Happy modelling, Bob
  4. Forgive me for this but it looks like Pandamonium has broken out. ;)
  5. Thank you PM received! Bobster
  6. Greetings all, Back in February I asked for info about Scotland. Thanks to all who helped. Edinburgh, Inverness, Nairn, and London Gatwick area are on the schedule. God and the volcano in Iceland willing I will get there this month! I believe I have a back up plan if I can only fly as far as London. If my "in country (UK)" flights are canceled what are the odds of the trains having room for a couple more people on them? I believe (my backup plan) Gatwick to Victoria Station to Kings Cross Station would be the answer and still be in Scotland before dark. Am I correct? How long does it take to clear customs on a Saturday morning in Gatwick? I also need names of places to eat at reasonable prices at the above listed towns or close by. I suppose I don't even know what a reasonable price would be in the UK. How about hobby shops in any of these locations? Hobby shops with N scale trains would be OK too. I may not have much time in London so it would have to be near Gatwick. Hannant's is a hope but uncertain, I hope to cruise Loch Ness. Kyle of Lochaish uncertain as of now. Any chance of seeing the Aurora Borealis while I'm there? My thanks to JulienUK, Kalashnikov-47, Scotsman, Tornado64, Falkirk1298, and BAM'n'IVM from February. I've asked plenty of question trusting you for more good responses, Bob
  7. Ian, www.trains.com has model railroad discussion forums as does www.atlasrr.com. I am into N scale myself. Primarily the midwest in the early 50's but the time frame can be pushed to the 70's. I lean towards passenger trains and can field only one train on my current layout at a time. Rock Island, Santa Fe, and the Wabash Cannon Ball are represented. A lot has changed over the years and you will find an incredible variety of items to round out what you still need. Before you start investing a lot of money I would suggest you pick a certain era in railroading (steam, transition, diesel) and a certain area of the country where your railroad will exist. Will you go around in circles or would you like to switch cars at various track side industries? Prevent overspending by having a plan, I didn't do this quickly enough. I could go on much longer about planning but most here may not be interested. If you want more info contact me off line. If hope this helps, Bob Lipka
  8. Greetings all, Just curious what this kit is worth and how much shipping will be in the lower 48? Are decals available other than American Airlines? The box appears to be in good shape all parts appear to be there. Any painting recommendations? Thanks, Bob
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