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  1. Missed this the first go. I too used to attend the show in Pensacola. I looked forward to it every year, as the venue in the museum was top notch. And John's Models. Great memories. Hopefully, you've made progress or will return to this project.
  2. Cool project. It looks really good. Keep it up.
  3. They're backlogged on orders, so they said sending me an invoice might take a bit. So I might continue to try and source one elsewhere. Thanks again. -Jeff
  4. @jwest21Sorry, no. But thanks for the offer. @Helmsman Thanks! I'll order one. Hopefully they're reputable
  5. Went through my OIF/OEF in flight combat photos, hoping I'd have one of -115. Sadly not. But happy to see the project back on the bench.
  6. Sorry, was viewing my phone and the tiny print caused me to miss it. Thanks
  7. Love when an OLD kit, get some TLC. Great bit of scratch-building there. Looking forward to seeing your progress. -Jeff
  8. Are these sized for the Academy or Tamiya B-model Phantoms? Thank you. -Jeff
  9. Very impressive little Phantom and MiG. Love the bases as well. Bravo! -Jeff
  10. Sure. A bit large for me, but a new tool H-3 is needed. -Jeff
  11. CH/HH-3 Jolly Green Giant? 1/48 or 1/72
  12. @ChernayaAkula Wow, enjoy being a dick much? He's expressing his point of view and asking a logical question. The truth is that growth of the hobby is not happening at the pace it used to. Kit prices and electronic games have taken up the place a model kit used to. Nostalgia is keeping us older people involved. We knew what growing up was like without all the tech devices. It became a habit. Try reading what you post before hitting submit. Unless you truly enjoy showing off your closed mind.
  13. Thats outstanding. You dont see the EB-66 often, so this was a great sight. Inspirational!
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