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  1. ST0RM

    934th AW D-Day Herk?

    Yesterday, I photographed C-130H 92-3284 in the pattern at Sioux City. The invasion stripes and buzz numbers were impressive on a large aircraft. This led me to do a search for 1/144 Flying Vikings markings, which came back blank. Is this in any future plans? Here's a link of a photo. Unfortunately not my own. https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9080338 Thanks! Jeff
  2. ST0RM

    HH-53 Super Jolly green Giant

    The flooring was black non-skid. Walls were grey, as Don said. Even later on the Pavelow, the walls were grey with black non-skid over aluminum.
  3. ST0RM

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    Why, because I'm not a fan of Jennings and his BS? The snotty, condescending attitude in his posts or replies? Sorry, but ARC used to be a helpful place that differed from Hyperscale. And 11Bee's "irony here is rich" comment. Smh... And you all wonder why people have drifted off.
  4. ST0RM

    Park Patriot 2018

    Love the concept they put into place. Way better than some overgrown grass field. The aircraft look to be well kept and on proper display. Thanks for all the pics.
  5. ST0RM

    Proposal for Steve Bamford.........

    Jennings was a blow hard and his info was often incorrect or outdated. Personally, I'm glad he's gone.
  6. I'll take the 72012 F-18C VFA-87 Email inbound
  7. I'm looking for the VA-106 portion of this decal sheet. I'll gladly pay for it. Thanks, Jeff
  8. Only took 2 years... Another 3 before the aircraft are delivered. Boeing standard.
  9. Why, yes they are. 🤣 And as an added bonus, I wore a Jolly Rogers T-shirt while sitting on the couches, watching The Final Countdown and Executive Decision.
  10. ST0RM

    Question about F-5E Aggressors' wheel wells

    That kind of works in your benefit. Without any concrete evidence of colors in the areas you want, you can take a general approach. By the use of "Aggressor", I'm taking it you're doing a Navy Tiger. From what I've seen, silverish main wheel wells/doors, with white gear appear to be prominent. The right side nose gear door appears in white. Hope that helps.
  11. ST0RM

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed them. Photography is a great fair weather distraction during my work travels. Your conversion looks spot on for the older jet you intended. Interesting how they have made subtle changes. The tiger head, the 09 on upper tail vs CO, 4 stripes now, instead of 5 and of course the mouth. Cant wait for more progress!
  12. ST0RM

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Here ya go. Fresh from last Tuesday.
  13. Not anymore off topic than several items being sold here now. BTW, this was a joke post.
  14. Come from an aviation themed home. Non smoking. Oh and I sat on them to watch aviation shows. Pics and price upon request.
  15. ST0RM

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Just saw and photographed that jet, last week at Key Field.