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  1. WOW! Another amazing bit of scratchbuilding on an old kit. I too have a soft spot for the QFs.
  2. I like it. It looks the part. Nice subtle weathering.
  3. Looks like one of those wooden desktop models, quality wise. Great job!
  4. Another excellent build up and detailing of an old kit. Great work! The scratchbuilt details are impressive. -Jeff
  5. Um.... WOW!! Really impressive bit of scratchbuilding to improve on the the basic kit. And I like the subject choice. Just enough color to break up a very dirty grey Phantom. Looking forward to more progress. -Jeff
  6. Pretty good summary Fred. I've read similar reviews, with the same words. Sprue Brothers has had them on sale before, but I held off. The reasons you mentioned just cant justify the expense. -Jeff
  7. Judging from your past projects, this will be fun to watch.
  8. Super Eagle? Ultra Eagle? Eagle II, meh. Sums up the current USAF leadership's imagination.
  9. I'm away from home this week, but I think I have one from the Hasegawa kit. Unless you find one sooner, I'll check back.
  10. You've truly made a silk purse. The components remind me of the HH-3 kit. Parts break down and general look. I might have missed a comparison comment, but I see the struggles I had with mine. Keep up the great work.
  11. Nice seeing a unique subject. Well done. Thanks for sharing.
  12. I'll never finish mine. But, all part of the hobby. I've greatly downsized, but still more than I'll get to. Too many other distractions/hobbies.
  13. With 16Gig RAM, you'll struggle in DCS if using the multiplayer servers. But the others, you should be fine.
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