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  1. Interesting how the tail stabs are left in the full up position, while the aircraft are shut down on deck.
  2. Hi Nick, Here are some links for the ASPI sets you may consider. They are for the Academy kit, but gives you a starting point. https://www.aviationmegastore.com/ah-64d-apache-aspi-exhaust-block-iii-conversion-academy-ac72027-armycast-ac72027-aircraft-modelling-conversion/product/?action=prodinfo&art=119286 https://www.armycast.cz/gb/5-172-resin-sets -Jeff
  3. @GW8345 I know the things I listed dont relate to poor airmanship, I was generalizing the US Airline issues. However, I've got friends in the sim training centers who have shared stories of pilots who cant fly without autopilots. Fly a routine approach or departure procedures.
  4. I fly twice a month, if not more. Customer Service and airmanship is very poor. Landings are typically hard, flights delayed more than on time, in-flight service is garbage and minimal. Overcrowded airplanes. The 737 Max issues just highlight the lack of training on the airline's half of this.
  5. Hahahaha. Using the DCS Mustang for reference shots. Nice touch. I too love the F-51 in Korea. Interesting adaption late in life. Still have wanted to WHIF a F-47N in Korea markings, but only a dream.
  6. The plaque he removed the sunglasses from says Test Pilot. Could explain the pressure suit bit. You guys continue to tear it apart. I'll sit back and wait for your own movies to be released.
  7. Why we cant get a new CH-3 after all these years, just stuns me.
  8. ST0RM

    AIM-9X on F-15E

    Look again. The fins are there on the AIM-9X. The angle and sun make them blend with the background, but on the larger image, you can see them.
  9. P-51A, in what was known as the "Dazzle" scheme Here are a couple of different angles.
  10. Snagged an Academy 1/72 F-4J and a pair of A-37s. I was going to grab a 1/48 UH-1C, but I need a F or P to build a 20th SOS Vietnam bird. Completely different engine exhaust, in the least.
  11. Do turtle have rivets in their shell?
  12. Unless its really current, the 34th jets show up with blank fin caps. The 4th have their tails painted though. They often deploy with a mix of jets, not only their own. Could you have seen that, possibly?
  13. That's gorgeous. The training orange over aluminum is a great combo. Well done on this build. -Jeff
  14. Another great looking project Giovanni. I'm sure interest will be very high. By the self made decals, this will be another winner. -Jeff
  15. Great work Whitey. Whats the story on the "Combat Talon" noseart? I ask, because that is associated with the USAF's MC-130E/H, not much else. Could that have been a zap that was just kept? Or were the DCs working alongside the MCs on ops?
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