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  1. Where to start? The overall build is outstanding. But what really stood out was the work you put into the engine metal areas. Very lifelike. Well done!
  2. Hey Brent, I might have the ZM F-4E (Early) at the house. I'll check tonight and PM you! -Jeff
  3. LOL. Yeah, masking stinks. Nice to see your 707 back from doom.
  4. Sadly, its not restricted to just their wheel well sets. Bought their resin cockpit for the 1/48 Italeri Hawk Mk.1 and its trash. Detail is nice, but it requires so much removal of resin to force a fit. Now, it's thrown off the rear of the cockpit deck. So it too lands on the shelf of doom. I hope you find your mojo on your Tomcat, again. But we've all been there.
  5. Is there a US source for the IsraDecal Texans? SprueBrothers isn't carrying them.
  6. Cool project! I really like the HG paint on the LM F-35. I'll have to source some. And the Draken is timeless. Beautiful jet! The intake covers are a great touch. -Jeff
  7. Dug out the 1/72 Italeri F4U-5N Corsair, as a time killer between parts drying. Read that the fuselage was the incorrect length and that RDR had a resin plug for it. Since I was unable to find them anywhere, did anyone acquire their masters? Or iare they still around under another brand? Otherwise, I'm going to start sawing on this thing and add my own. I also read that their F4U-7 kit has the correct fuselage, but hate having to buy another kit. Thanks, Jeff
  8. ST0RM


    Here ya go, buddy. https://www.alamy.com/a-35th-fighter-squadron-f-16-fighting-falcon-takes-off-during-max-image62096486.html?imageid=CE7F7EEF-E9EB-4AA6-93FF-2F6CCD7C7703&p=180783&pn=1&searchId=434c803240b71cee66ef43c4654affd6&searchtype=0 https://www.alamy.com/a-35th-fighter-squadron-f-16-fighting-falcon-takes-off-during-max-image62096495.html?imageid=6B9B36ED-B6D5-4443-868D-E51603A5248D&p=180783&pn=1&searchId=434c803240b71cee66ef43c4654affd6&searchtype=0 See first and last photo in article https://www.keymilitary.com/article/hol
  9. ST0RM


    Neils, see my reply above yours. The 35th "Pantons" also have the SEAD mission. So the 36th isn't the only.
  10. Wow, cool thesis paper! And right here, at UT. I can also confirm, 2008. When all the KC-135 assets were consolidated to Al Udeid, I saw that the Bones were carrying the Sniper pods.
  11. ST0RM


    Kunsan has two Blk 40 Viper squadrons. IIRC, the 35th have a SEAD mission and are often seen with SNIPER/LITENING pods in conjunction with HTS.
  12. ST0RM

    Current MQ-9 Reaper?

    Thank you. I'll go hunting for it and see what I can find. -Jeff
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