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  1. Another great What-If project! I enjoy reading how it all came together. Thanks for sharing. -Jeff
  2. Just for sh*ts and grins, I checked the price of this kit. Best I found was $127, plus shipping. I dont want one that bad. That's even above Tamiya's excellent Tomcat/Phantom lot prices and not close to the quality. And same deal for Super Hobby. Only saw the 1/72.
  3. I've known Larry for several years and have always had confidence when buying from him. The A-4M I just bought, was at a great price and arrived fast. -Jeff
  4. Having not seen any announcement for a new F-16D, I'm hoping this goes well. It's not part of the F-16C kit, is it? Yes, its a fast test build, so there will be gaps and minor fit issues. Given that Tamiya has given up on their F-16 line and the Hasegawa being ancient and far OOP, this provides something to fill the void. -Jeff
  5. The Blues are performing in town today though Sunday. I saw their Supers for the first time, yesterday. Including the Foxtrot as it filled in as #5. Looking forward to seeing your build.
  6. Looks like I'll be adding this book to my library. I was too young for the first go, but remember it well from the news. The op in 2011, provided me with my own experience with Libya. Bravo Jim.
  7. Unbelievable amount of detail! The Leading and Trailing flaps are stunning. Plus the open AAR slipdoors. Great work!
  8. Catching up. Great work still! Interesting note on the camera ports.
  9. Really good restoration project! I too remember building this kit as a kid. Didn'y know any better, but seeing how bad the fit it is, I'm surprised mine stayed together. Thanks for sharing your adventure!
  10. Got my Airfix kit in yesterday. Decals look trashed, so now to source a fresh example.
  11. Logistically, new H-60s would have been the smarter buy. The AF already has the supply chain available and at a cheaper cost. I'm reading this MH-139 cost between $17.5-25mil per, where as a new Mike Blackhawk is also $25mil. So why dirty up the chain, unnecessarily? As said, even retired G-models would be a simpler solution.
  12. F-16CM also covers the Blk40/42 jets, since they too went through CCIP. Thats the photo you've used as you're example, btw. See the wide HUD and lack of IFF blades in front of the canopy? But yes, you can build what you're asking. Does the Tamiya Blk50/52 kit come with the left hand HTS?
  13. Its getting there! Nice work so far.
  14. https://www.f-16.net/g3/f-16-photos/album38/album68/82-1001
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