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  1. Seems like you've got more of the Revell kit, than the Italeri. Nice work on the FrankenGrowler.
  2. As said, go with aftermarket. Less headache. I gave up on corporate customer service after writing them about kits that were missing parts (or short shot). No replies...
  3. IAI ELL-8212/22 Self Protection Jamming Pod https://www.deagel.com/photo/m02012020900003
  4. Nice work! I've had one of these in works for a few years. Like you, I've added bits from a modern Sea King. We desperately need a new CH/HH-3 kit
  5. 2nd Try. A couple of model projects completed under the COVID lock-down. Egg-17 in retro C-47 D-Day livery And just this weekend, a Meng Tank Toons Panther in Normandy
  6. I have always wondered about the Airfix CH/HH-53 kits. I'll watch and see how your's comes out and base my decision on that. Early Airfix were rough. Great project.
  7. Cool project. The lighting will really make it stand out. A thought for a future project. In flight, the engine exhaust stacks would give off a slight blue flame as they fired. And at night this was often how aircraft were ID'd. Night fighters... I wonder if there is a way to "pulse" the lights using a mini circuit board to give that effect.
  8. LOL, I was thinking the same thing. Great idea for a short service life aircraft. Definitely good for historical reasons. Looking forward to seeing this one continue.
  9. And I've done that. Ordered some items that after 3 months, hadnt shown up. The vendor refunded me the money. Another month went by and the package arrived. So I sent the money back and honored my part. I'm not unreasonable or dishonest.
  10. Thanks douche. Yeah, I purposely go out of my way to order something and expect a refund. I'm the reason businesses fail. I had already withdrawn my Paypal request. I'll wait it out.
  11. Its only a Ukraine Post tracking number. Nothing really useful.
  12. Made a large order direct from them for MH-53 Pavelow detail parts in the first of May. The company said they had the items in stock and process and ship within 1-3 days. Over a week later I finally get a shipping prep document. So after several weeks, I'm still without what I paid for and they wont answer emails. Luckily I used Paypal and am pursuing a refund. In hind site, probably best to go through Hannants. Even with the up charge, at least its reputable. -Jeff
  13. Outstanding work! Love the extra details and accuracies.
  14. Love the work you've put into your Trop. The fade and weathering looks great. -Jeff
  15. Too big, to allow to lose. Too many political fingers in, as well. If it fails at something, make that something go away. Not actually fix the problem. Pretty much sums up America right now.
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