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  1. Cool project!! I literally just saw this in action about 6 weeks ago. We had a fire outside of Pigeon Forge and our local Tn NG Blackhawks were doing tanker ops. Saw and photographed them running the buckets. Looking forward to seeing your results. -Jeff
  2. Great shots and observations, Gary. I was out at Hill AFB in Utah last week. Noticed the same thing about many of their F-35s. The lack of Luneburg Lenses on the jets. Some did still have them, but more than most did not.
  3. I ordered a set of decals from a company in Iran, back in Feb. They never arrived, so I'm assuming the post office or customs confiscated them.
  4. The bit about cutting the B-58s in favor of retaining older B-52s and ultimately losing them as well, is even present in today's Air Force. Cutting Here to save There and in the end, still losing overall. Great article!
  5. Night and day. The HB has far less detail. Panel lines are not as precise or crisp with riveting all over where there shouldnt be. For a beginner or budget builder, the HB kit would be ok. But for a more serious and detailed build, the FM kit excels.
  6. I've set aside a lot of 58 kits. Pretty much all 1/72, aside from a couple 1/144. A couple are builders specials, the rest unstarted. Some sealed. 3 in bags. (1/48 Huey Hog, 1/72 Mirage F1 and Mirage 2000) I'm pricing them at $5-ish apiece. Selling as a lot for $275 plus shipping. I'm located in East Tennessee if someone was close and wanted to pick up. Thanks for looking. -Jeff
  7. I've only seen the US ones in the SEA scheme or the later overall Gunship Grey. Not ADC grey.
  8. Great job. And for a first airliner, even better. I enjoyed the personal attachment to the airline.
  9. Wow. That got busy, fast. Impressive conversion. The level of detail is amazing. Love seeing 3D parts. We've really grown as a hobby. -Jeff
  10. Maybe an old Revellogram or Testors kit, decals? They tended to not have much detail and IIRC, use decals.
  11. The decals I ordered for this, still haven't arrived. So my plan may be scratched.
  12. Incredible! For quick and dirty, that's really impressive. I'd love to see what a long detailed build looks like, LOL. -Jeff
  13. Very impressive Harrier. The photos and detail make it appear, a much larger scale. The demo scheme is beautiful. -Jeff
  14. Most aircraft have a MEL or Minimum Equipment Listing. I know mil aircraft do, so. But I googled about GA aircraft and came up with this: https://www.aviationpros.com/home/article/10383380/do-i-need-to-have-an-mel
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