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  1. Yes, what he said!! I too have this kit up in the loft. And would love to do a ADC international orange marked Tennessee ANG F-86D. Alas, no markings so I might have to get some custom printed.
  2. Looks fantastic!! I've only seen it on person once. And strangely enough, it was at Al Deid during deployment. -Jeff O/T, We just had a Constant Phoenix WC-135 through TYS doing some practice approaches. 64-14831
  3. @aircommando130 Wow Ron, that is crazy. I remember when they were trying the hose/drogue off the centerline of the Talon IIs and it swirled all over from the air behind the fuselage. Great insight. -Jeff
  4. I was thinking that direction. The gains just weren't there. Thanks!
  5. We had KC-130J stop through TYS earlier this week. My co-worker, who is not an airplane guy, noted how stubby it was. That got me thinking as to why the longer stretched Herk wasn't looked at for the tanker role. Maybe the extra fuel via an internal Benson Tank, plus wing and internals isnt worth the effort over a standard? Just thinking out loud. -Jeff
  6. Love seeing the Pavelow in the mix. I'm curious on the MH-53E in the far back right corner, with the red test markings. Any more of it? -Jeff
  7. The H-6 is a license-built version of the Tupolev Tu-16 BADGER, albeit modified.
  8. Holding my final comments until the completed display. But, DAMN!!!!!
  9. Cruddy set back, Fred. But nice recovery. We've all been there, dropping a project so close to the finish. Glad you are moving forward. -Jeff
  10. Black Sheep. They kept it simple. Some updates to the listing: VFA-97 - HAWK VFA-154 - KNIGHT VFA-192 - JURY VFC-12 - AMBUSH VX-30 - HOUND VAQ-131 - TEMPEST VAQ-136 - CLAW VAQ-209 - VADER VMA-223 - STONE VMFA-211 - WAKE VMFA-225 - VIKING
  11. I went to order that book, but dang, shipping was over half the cost.
  12. I knew Ron, wouldn't take long to chime in. That's a great looking Rescue Herk. The grey scheme just isnt modelled much. I think this is the second time ever seeing one. Well done!
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