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  1. ST0RM

    F-16 Blk 70/72

    Considering its a promotional image, the rail probably doesnt exist in an official designation yet. Or at least outside of LM.
  2. ST0RM

    Bandai T-65 X Wing...Rogue One?

    Nice job on recovering the chipping. I've never been a fan of liquid masks, so maybe try the water/salt technique.
  3. I've got one enroute from Canada, courtesy of CFHornet. If it goes MIA, I'll get back with you. Thank you for wanting to assist. -Jeff
  4. I dont have the part numbers/sprue number, so I'm unsure of the actual #.
  5. ST0RM

    T-45C Conversion from Revell Kit

    Great to see this project back on track. Such an interesting subject and scale. Keep up the great work.
  6. If anyone has the nose section from the 1/72 ESCI RF-5A kit, that wont be using it, can I request it? I can buy or pay for postage. Thanks, Jeff
  7. ST0RM

    RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    Seems new douchey Base COs and dumb cops are becoming more common. Last December I was out at Luke AFB photographing from outside the fence on public property. I had a security forces vehicle approach and stop. The kid got out and told me I had to stop photographing the aircraft and to leave. At first, I asked if the base had extended their property line. He replied no, but the base commander doesnt want the jets photographed. WTF?? At that point, my friendliness ended and I told him that he and the CO had no jurisdiction outside of the gate. I wasnt doing anything unlawful nor trespassing on base land. I didnt even explain I'm a retired E7 and know better. He said something on his radio as I walked away from that spot and continued about my business. But that is not an isolated incident. Its happening more frequently.
  8. ST0RM

    RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    Gary, No issues, as I was quickly shooting from under the nose of our jet. But yes, they were surprisingly light in color. Bummer your attempt for the RF transit was spoiled by weather. That shot of the WB-57 928 in 2007. I think I caught it that same year, but at a dustier location ;) Just a transit stop on it's way toward you. We were taxiing out for a mission and I was scrambling for my camera.
  9. ST0RM

    RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    @gary1701 Here are those Polish Vipers, after we parked at the 'Hall. Feb 3 2007 Cheers! Jeff P.S. Looks like I missed some dust spots. Oh well...
  10. Well, then I'll have to wait and see. Maybe in the interim, see if I can score a C-130J shorty and do one of the scabby RAF birds I used to see at the 'Deid. Thanks Kursad
  11. @Slartibartfast Fixed my sig. Thanks ;) Looks like Caracal have an upcoming release with Guard Herks. I'll wait and see what is on that one. Any source for resin engines for the J?
  12. Bumping an old thread, I know, but are there any aftermarket decals for the C-130J-30? I'd like to do a MAFFS bird to break up the boring grey, but my searches came up dry on pretty much any option.
  13. ST0RM

    RAF Mildenhall photo thread

    During that same Feb 2007 morning, I was flying in on the McConnell KC-135 that landed that morning. We were inbound for another deployment and I caught the Polish Vipers as we taxied past. -Jeff
  14. ST0RM

    Kurnass 2000

    Since IAI did the upgrade of the Turkish F-4Es, could you use photos of the 2020 cockpit? I'm no expert, but since Israel is very controlling of photos of sensitive equipment, this idea came to mind.