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  1. Sorry Jake, but when I took this photo in 2008, these were A-models. I confirmed it with the pilots and our DoD serial database.
  2. Great work! The Reaper always looks impressive loaded up.
  3. The 81st FS out of Spang, flew combat missions over Afghanistan in their A-10A+s. They never converted to the C before being shut down.
  4. Sorry for your loss. I love my buddies, as you do. I'll be sure to give Ranger and Duke, some extra love today for Coby.
  5. A bit more of note. Their jets have the older style IFF antennas on the nose, like what the F-16 ADF had. And that is an CAP-9P on the wingtip. Seems like they get really old tech all around.
  6. Quite impressive work you've put into this. Especially like the paint job and the fade.
  7. Great choice in markings on your fine build. Just enough weathering and wear to set it off nicely. Well done!
  8. Goodness, that's impressive. From the UAV to the deck piece. Amazing work and detail.
  9. Beautiful Orange Phantom! Very well done!
  10. What a way to cap the year. Fantastic Hornet! Outstanding paint work and weathering. I like the "Double Ugly" asymmetrical config as well.
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty pessimistic about it also.
  12. That's beautiful! Love the action pose and conversion you did.
  13. Wow. You really nailed the weathered paint of the German F-4s. Great work!
  14. Fantastic work. The level of interior detail is beautiful that matches the exterior. Well done!
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